Can i get plan b at cvs pharmacy?

Are you in a panic mode right now wondering if it is possible to get the morning-after pill, also commonly known as Plan B, at your nearest CVS pharmacy? Fear not because I’ve got your back. In this article, we’ll take a step by step approach to help answer that question.

Understanding What Plan B Is

Before diving headfirst into whether or not you can get plan b at CVS Pharmacy, let’s talk about what exactly it is. Plan B, also known as emergency contraception or the morning-after pill is a form of birth control used after having unprotected sex.

It contains levonorgestrel which works by delaying or preventing ovulation and inhibiting fertilization of the egg. It’s important to note that Plan B does not terminate an existing pregnancy but instead prevents one from occurring.

Now that we have established what plan b is all about let’s explore whether you can purchase it over-the-counter (OTC) at CVS Pharmacy stores across America.

Are You Able to Buy The Morning After Pill Over-The-Counter At A Local CVS Store?

The simple answer? Yes! You are able to buy the morning-after pill without needing any sort of prescription from a Doctor when purchasing from CVS pharmacies nationwide.

But there are certain age limits and requirements that apply when looking for EC like PlanB; for instance:

● As long as you’re 17 years old and above then no permission slip from an adult will be needed.

● If however, you’re aged 16 years and below then permission will become necessary according to federal classified drug policies on controlled substances – Federal Schedule III medications require parental consent while schedule V substances do not.

Things To Have In Mind When Purchasing PlanB From Your Nearest Cvs

It’s imperative we cover things surrounding purchasing protocols so please grab some snacks and pay close attention to these points;

  • You will need to purchase it from the self-service aisles: please note that Plan B is only stocked on shelves and not behind a pharmacy counter in most instances, meaning you can grab them yourself as they’ll be openly available within store.

  • Proper Identification: Make sure you have government issued identification like driver’s license or state ID card handy before heading out to CVS Pharmacy – this may include passport if no other form of govt issued ID cannot be found by someone over 18 years old.

It’s important we take precautions especially when purchasing something delicate as planb, let’s move onto how much Plan b costs at your nearest CVS Pharmacy Store.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy The Morning After Pill?

This is another question commonly asked; so how much does one single dose cost? A box containing a single pill usually goes for around $50-$60 dollars according to our findings (CVS confirmed).But wait! Some cost-saving strategies are still available;

  1. Use In-store coupons when checking out.
  2. Check online stores such as Amazon which sells generic versions at a lower price.

For those seeking further financial aid there’re programs offering reduced-cost emergency contraceptives through reproductive health organizations like Planned Parenthood Clinic among others – now that wasn’t Herculean after all was it?

Other Options For Emergency Contraceptives

Has anyone ever told about other EC options apart from taking part in Pharmacists recommended morning-after pills? If not here are quick insights ;

There’re alternative methods & meds on standby designed purposefully during such situations ;for examples:

1) Copper IUD – Inserting copper IUD helps protect against fertilization upto 5days after unprotected sex however,it needs an appointment with OB/GYN

2) Progestin-only pill/Method(P-oP): Can help delay ovulation-time making chances of fertilization slim. Provided one knows the drill before unprotected sex happens.


Well, that’s everything you ever wanted to know about obtaining Plan B from your nearest CVS Pharmacy! It doesn’t have to be a big deal – simply walk in and purchase or visit their online store and get it delivered, whichever works for you. Just remember there’re sometimes cost-saving alternatives so it’s best to always hunt around for the perfect deal!!

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