Can i get my iud removed at planned parenthood?

If you’re experiencing discomfort, pain, or just generally want to get your IUD (intrauterine device) removed, there is hope. You may be wondering if you can get your IUD removed at a Planned Parenthood clinic near you? The answer is YES! Now let’s dive deeper into what the process looks like and what to expect.

What is an IUD?

Before we discuss getting an IUD removed, let’s establish what it actually is. An Intrauterine Device (IUD) is a small, T-shaped contraceptive inserted into the uterus as a birth control method. It works by preventing fertilization of the egg or implantation of any fertilized eggs in the uterus.

Why Would Someone Want Their IUD Removed?

If things don’t feel right after getting your IUD inserted or just simply want it out for whatever reason; here are some reasons why:

  • Painful sex
  • A distorted shape
  • Constant spotting between periods
  • Discomfort during exercise
  • Depression and/or anxiety
  • If planning on becoming pregnant

Should You Remove Your Own IUD (Don’t)

This cannot be stated enough: do not attempt to remove your own intrauterine device (I’m serious about this one folks) . This could lead to tearing tissue and cause damage that would need medical attention right away.

Let’s move forward with how to go about removing an Intrauterine Device (do NOT try this yourself).

Steps in Removing an Intrauterine Device

  1. Schedule an appointment at a healthcare facility nearest you.
  2. Check with them before attending whether they offer such services(PP does).
  3. Ensure that when booking said appointment – this will determine which kind of removal procedure will suit each individual accordingly.(e.g local anaesthetic)
  4. The healthcare professional will carry out a visual examination of the inner vagina and cervix.
  5. They’ll likely use forceps to gently extract the strings attached to your IUD (it is not uncommon for you to feel cramping sensations). Remember to breathe through it!)
  6. That’s IT!

What Types Of IUD Removal Are There?

There are a few different removal methods that may be offered:

Pill Based Method

This method involves taking some pills over the course of several weeks leading up to your appointment time. These pills soften the cervix, making for an easier removal procedure.

Local Anesthesia Method

If having any anxiety or if they just want something local; this might be for them. This associated with less pain during removal.
It works by numbing up small areas in and around where the device was inserted which reduces discomfort felt.(this is more effective after giving birth)

During local anesthesia, medication usually injected(like lidocaine) unlike spinal/epidurals that numb areas below navel region.

IV Sedation/Anesthesia

IV sedation/anesthesia aims at reducing consciousness allowing someone have mild awareness during procedure(might even forget)
Medication administered intravenously through vein causes relaxed state – then breathing kept under using additional oxygen supply

Does Insurance Cover IUD Removal Surgery?

Mostly yes but due diligence done beforehand.Its best advised planning this ahead,familiarising yourself with existing insurance policy i.e what kind of services are covered.Learn about deductible & co-payments regarding Planned Parenthood organisations as well.

Some tips include calling their customer service line directly or looking online based on plans.If one has any concerns seek help from patient advocates before attendance.

Can’t You Just Remove It Yourself Instead Of Visiting A Hospital?

Nope.While we all like DIY projects,this isn’t encouraged when it comes down it.This could lead injury occurrence, causing potentially dangerous health complications therefore not recommended.

What Happens After The IUD Removal Procedure?

After all is said and done, the healthcare physician will give you an idea of what to expect – this might include spotting, mild cramps, & discomfort for a small time period (depending on individual).

If any further concerns arise following the procedure remember to reach out to your healthcare provider ASAP.

So Is A Planned Parenthood Clinic A Good Option For Getting An IUD Removed?

Absolutely! PP offers removal services at their locations throughout the U.S.
Remember: seeking someone’s help could do wonders and prevent causalities.Nothing is worth putting one’s health in danger so contact them for safe outcomes.


Getting an Intrauterine Device removed can be daunting but with readiness or pre-planning in advance;it doesn’t have to be as troublesome.
Bear in mind when booking appointments ; it’s ideal to discuss various alternative methods that may reduce associated pain during extraction.
Also note we have just scratched surfaces on several options available for IUD removals like Pill-based method or IV sedation/anesthesia.Discuss extensively with clinic providers beforehand which works best use case scenarios.

So plan ahead now,get necessary documents before visiting nearest Planned Parenthood facility … Your health and well-being are important!

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