Can i get my appendix removed voluntarily?

Have you ever wondered about getting your appendix removed just because? Maybe you have heard horror stories of a ruptured appendix, or maybe you’re just looking for a new hobby. Whatever the reason might be, this humorous article will answer some common questions people may have about voluntarily removing their appendix.

What is the Appendix and Why is it There in the First Place?

Before diving into the possibility of having our appendix removed, let’s first discuss what it actually is. The Appendix is a small organ located between the small and large intestines on the right side of your abdomen. It looks like an underdeveloped worm with no known purpose… until recently! Doctors have now discovered that it plays a role in regulating gut bacteria by managing your immune system.

Are You Serious About Wanting It Removed?

Alright, so here we are – considering voluntary appendectomy. Before going too far down this rabbit hole, let’s take pause to ask ourselves: “Do we really want to go through with this?”


  • Possible improved Gut Microbiome
  • No fear of Appendicitis


  • Complications can arise
  • Surgery comes with bigger risks than keeping it
  • A portion goes to researchers before disposal
    > That’s right folks!
    By federal law any tissue removed during surgery (including organs) becomes property of doctors then given up for medical research purposes after processing.

The decision to remove one’s own personal holiday decoration must warrant deep thought and disregard our giggles contemplating its removal at leisurely whimsy.

Reasonings Behind Removing “Normal” Looking Organs

This topic alone should denote confusion as removing something only strictly visible under certain circumstances seems ludicrous but apparently studies indicate another benefit:

“…undergoing appendectomy was associated with lifespan expansion among Ashkenazi Jews older than 75 years compared to those who retained their appendix.”

In other words, there are indications that those over 75 who had healthy looking organ(s) removed experienced increased longevity. Of course, correlation doesn’t equal causation any more than the statement of “Ninety-five percent of homicides happen within a certain radius of home!” but still, it’s worth mentioning.

Finding An Approved Doctor

If you think doctors would dismiss your request with laughter you’re dead wrong (no pun intended!); Providing Surgeon Credentials, requesting referrals from trusted peers and utilizing online rating systems can help assure honorable care during a requested procedure.

Cost Involved?

But let’s talk about everybody’s favorite topic: money. It will most likely fall under elective surgery criteria and get handed off to insurance so expect these expenses:

  • Surgeons fee
  • Facility fee
  • Anesthesia fee.

Keep in mind insurers sometimes deny claims for “nonessential” procedures ahem removing appendices near perfect health

“…insurers may not cover this type of operation if symptoms are not present.”

Risks Involved?

Now on to the scary stuff: risks involved. Any surgery comes with complications Mr./Mrs./x-Candidate Eager Beaver such as

  1. Bleeding
  2. Infection
  3. Damage to surrounding organs etc.
    > From one surgeon I asked:

    “We must always bring up chance they’d need an incision larger than expected which could prolong recovery or worse result in extended stay in hospital’

Furthermore its existence contributes greatly towards diagnosing gastrointestinal issues; Removal could render interpretation fuzzy leaving physicians asking questions riddled with conjecture instead providing accurate diagnosis based on cold hard evidence.


Despite being considered a minor operation, all patients should approach this procedure with the attention given to any medical procedure.

“It is recommended that individuals stop taking aspirin two weeks prior to their scheduled surgery as it slows down blood clotting. Other medications may be paused at the discretion of your doctor.”

For a more holistic approach or those desiring natural remedies allowed by doctors shouldn’t fret! Consultation with one’s medic and trusted herbalist

  • “recommended avoidance of fried or spicy foods”

from 24-hours out up until said operation.

Morality Quandary

Though some choose to undergo voluntary elective surgeries purely for convenience, both the surgeon and patient must weigh ethical issues concerning surgical removal of healthy organs.

Studies involving ‘volunteer organs tissue’ from researchers shows physicians lying about need which begs question – Do we really have completely informed consent? What about leaving it alone like mothers nature’s beautiful designs intended? Please consider all factors before proceeding with it being lonely on Saturday nights even after appointment made!


Merely curious college roommate once laid upon me an anecdote before her appendix was removed:
“I woke up in lota pain but figured oh well this will just pass… I am still convinced staying in bed being lazy would’ve served me better!”

This along with other humorous examples show that most people end up feeling similarly after going through such procedures. However, if you are seriously considering having your appendix removed voluntarily, make sure you consult multiple doctors first and ensure that you fully comprehend everything involved in this complex process!

I’ll leave one last thought: as humans’ we discover new ways every day explaining our strange little quirks of existence including The Appendix. Sometimes they remain mysteries — let’s keep them around for now — just for good luck; who knows when we’ll need ’em anyway!

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