Can i get medicare and medicaid?

Welcome to the exciting world of healthcare! Whether you’re a greenhorn or an old hand, navigating your way through the labyrinthine corridors of insurance can be confusing. Fear not, dear reader, for we are here to provide you with all the information you need to answer that age-old question: can I get Medicare and Medicaid? So grab a cuppa tea and buckle up!

What Is Medicare?

First things first – let’s take a look at what Medicare actually is. At its core, Medicare is health insurance provided by the federal government for people aged 65 or over (as well as certain younger people with disabilities). It comes in four flavors:

Medicare Part A

This provides coverage for hospital services such as inpatient care, skilled nursing facility stays (up to 100 days), hospice care, and home health care.

Medicare Part B

This covers medical expenses outside of hospitalization – typically covering things like doctor visits (both in-person and telehealth), lab tests, X-rays, preventive screenings etc.

Medicare Part C

Also known as “Medicare Advantage”, this is administered by private companies approved by Medicare themselves. Patients will still pay their premium each month but they may have different costs than under original medicare e.g copays.

Part D

Finally we have our prescription drug plan – medications prescribed by doctors are covered here on either tiered or income based structure

We could go into more detail regarding each specific element of these parts BUT that would stray very quickly from our point so just know it exists.. That leads us onto..

What Is Medicaid?

Look out folks, because unbeknownst to many people there actually exists another program called Medicaid! Think of it like this – If my grandmother owns one shoe she’d probably want another; therefore… two shoes might be better suited than one. Keep that in mind and let’s continue.

Medicaid In General

Similar to Medicare, Medicaid is a health program run by the state for people with low income or limited resources.

Coverage varies based on your location but common services covered include doctor visits, prescriptions, hospitalization fees etc. It apparently covers 30 million Americans so it’s safe to say a lot of people use it!

Can I Get Both?

Now we’re asking the real question! In short: Yes you can get both Medicare and Medicaid!!!! But there are some more complicating factors..of course

So Maybe…

If you meet certain criteria regarding income or medical necessity then eligibility increases. These are called “Dual-eligible” individuals.

For example:
Low-income elderly person; receiving Social Security
Disabled individual >> Certain eligibility requirements need fulfilling
Also those spending large amounts of money via chronic illnesses may qualify too (SCO’s).

Dual-earners will usually have no premiums to pay for one Insurance because they essentially ‘overlap’. If coverage cost fall outside of this category then expect standard costs – which vary depending on what area/state you live in.

It gets even MORE fun i’m afraid:

Firstly, it all depends on what specific plans you can utilize within each separate service.


If someone does carry Late Enrollment Fees—Essentially penalties applied onto beneficiaries when an eligible applicant misses their window—there ARE ways Medicare Dual Eligibility members may avoid them by enrolling now instead> lead eventually up tp substantial savings..

Does being eligible mean that “I” am actually handed these programs? No especially if usage conflicts too heavily with other areas – should be considered carefully prior decision-making process commences.

Finally though…

Hopefully through looking at what medicare/medicaid entails as well as dual eligibility status plus how different sites offer varying loans most people benefit from BOTH allowing their personal healthcare to be as effective/cheaper as possible. Just make sure you check the specifics of your State!