Can i feel my liver from the outside?

Are you worried that you might be able to feel your liver from the outside? Well, worry no more! In this article, we’ll explore whether it’s possible to feel your liver from the outside, what are some of the indications that there could be something wrong with your liver and what lifestyle changes one can make to help maintain a healthy liver.

What is The Liver?

Let’s start off by discussing what exactly ‘the liver’ is. For starters, it’s not just another organ in our body; rather, it is the largest glandular organ located below our diaphragm on our right side.It plays an important role in maintaining different functions such as removal of toxins from blood, producing bile which aids digestion and performing metabolic processes related to glucose like storing sugar as glycogen or releasing glucose when needed.

The surface area of human adult livers ranges between 1.36 – 2.28 m² however its density makes it difficult for any sort of mass protrusion unless something life-threatening has happened within.

Can You Actually Feel Your Liver From The Outside?

If you’re feeling around for a large bump under your right rib cage…stop right there- because unfortunately…you won’t be able to find one (drumroll please)!

That’s correct folks—your liver cannot actually be felt through touch from outside. Of course (what did you expect)–that doesn’t mean that someone poking really hard may not hurt their organs so keep those hands down folks!

Livers have sturdier structures made up mostly of fibrous tissue than other abdominal organs perhaps preventing external tactile perception most times.Occasionally if infected or inflamed/with diseases showing enlargement they may become palpable but chances remain low even then.We suggest staying purely scientific instead ;).

So, why do people think they may be able to feel their liver from the outside? (Joke’s on us!)

Some common misconceptions include attributing mild hunger pangs or intestinal gas buildup in the abdomen region as pain originating from an enlarged liver. But,rest assured if you’re not experiencing any significant symptoms, then chances are, your liver is where it should be – hidden and hard at work.

Indications That One’s Liver Is Not A-Ok!

Since we can’t actually ‘spot’ our liver–how do we even know when something’s wrong with our life-sized glandus organus?

Well, there a few indications that there might be something going on behind-the-scenes:

1.Yellowing of Skin & Eyes

If one notices yellowing of skin and eyes,it could indicate jaundice.Jaundice manifests mainly 2 ways :Pre-hepatic(occuring before reaching liver), Intrahepatic( occuring within) , Post-hepatic (obstruction limiting excretion).Treatment depends upon diagnosis but can involve complex transplants if severe.Well..better safe than sorry folks! Let’s avoid those Hangovers!!

2.Digestive Issues Galore:

Sometimes liver disease may prevent bile from being secreted into the digestive tract which results in more serious disorders like Cirrhosis resulting in fluid retention,splenomegaly etc.May require lifestyle changes,balanced diet instead ..of chugging down that Beer-y goodness beyond moderation..

3.Feel Tired All The Time?

Another reflection of potential hepatic issues is feeling fatigued constantly.However lets check other reasons such as sleep,hormonal imbalances…may be its simply cause our doggo overtly insists early morning wake-up calls (not that I’m pointing fingers, Fluffy!).

To sum things up quickly: Other indicators hinting towards cirrhosis,fibrosis,fatty liver disease et al may include:-skin rash,abdominal pain & swelling(goodbye slim-fit tops), loss of appetite, and darker urine color— to name a few.

Prevention Is Key

So what can we do to keep our livers healthy? (That’s right folks…break out those green smoothies…) Here are some tips:

1. Stay Hydrated guessed it – Drinking a good amount of water every day aids liver health by allowing removal of harmful toxins from Liver through urine.Size matters-too much or too little (Eg.Consumption leading for example in Hepatorenal syndrome )can also cause more problems than expected- So GOLDILOCKS-zones it is!!

2. Limit Alcohol Consumption

We all love alcohol but let’s not forget that drinking half the time solely for its sedative effects could result in grave hardships like chronic hepatitis, fibrosis etc.Better prevention , easier said than cure !

3. Exercise Regularly

Exercising has benefits beyond just keeping your physique sharp- even when done moderately,it reduces oxidative stress occurring within us which can promote diseases such as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease .

Few points on Liver Supplements while you’re here…

There are myriad supplements claiming they aid in liver health but do they always help? Well…it varies- varying complements are most helpful if someone experiences hepatic acute challenges .Overconsumption though,might lead
to vitamin toxicity.So DO YOUR RESEARCH before jumping onboard the supplement train..

And thats that!

Despite popular misconceptions,you won’t be able feel your own abdomen for an enlarged/lumpy liver unless/until critical medical conditions arise.However late detection would risk long-drawn treatments,right?

Now that you guys have learned about the importance of this organ hopefully essential lifestyle changes might improve overall vitality! Take care!

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