Can i eat too many nuts?

Nuts are small, crunchy, and pack a punch of flavor. Whether you’re snacking on them or adding them to your meals, nuts can be addictive. But is it possible to eat too many? The answer is yes (gasp!), but don’t worry, we’ll explain why.

What Are Nuts And Why Do We Love Them So Much?

To understand whether eating too many nuts is possible or not we must first delve into what they are and why people love them so much. Nuts (Botanically speaking)are fruits with a hard shell that encloses an edible seed inside. People often use the term nuts for seeds where both the seed and its shell can be consumed by humans along with true nuts.

Nuts come in all shapes and sizes. There are tiny little sunflower seeds, massive coconut pieces (mmmmm…marvelous coconut Macaroons)and everything in between like almonds(slurpp..Almond butter smoothies ..yummy!!) , macadamias(not just great for cookies but also infused oils )cashews (wait cashew cheese exists! really?? Mind Blown!!!) , pecans(ohh nooo my favorite Pecan Pie), walnuts( Snack time = Apple slices + Walnuts…perfect combo ladies & gentlemen 😉 ), and pistachios which requires skill to navigate through their shells ( can’t resist those tiny little fingers turning pink after serious nut cracking efforts….Lol 😀 ) .

People love nuts because they make for convenient snacks that require no preparation — plus they’re nutritious! They’re high in fiber(which makes bowel movements way easier …sorry TMI ;)) protein(great meat alternative!!Woop woop veggie lovers out there!), healthy fats such as omega-3 fatty acids(the good type of fat people, and no it won’t make you gain weight yay!!) , vitamins(Not just tasty but also Healthy!), and minerals(that calls for a mic drop! )

How Much Is Too Much?

As with everything in life, moderation is key. We don’t want to eat too many nuts since they’re high in calories(Wait…what? I thought eating healthy meant having all the food we love without putting on pounds), so what might be “too much” may depend on your individual calorie needs. A handful of nuts can provide an excellent snack, while going overboard could lead to excess calories (Hello Fancy Gym Membership that never gets used)and potentially unwanted side effects.

But what are those side effects exactly? Well….

You Could Gain Weight

Nuts have many health benefits; however, if consumed excessively, they can lead to more consumption of carbohydrates along with fats leading one towards caloric abundance (Oops Avoiding LBS isn’t Easy !!). This would mean gaining weight instead of losing some. Just like anything else excessive nut consumption may cause more hurt than good.

It Might Lead To Gastrointestinal Issues

Consuming too many nuts which contain lots of fiber could potentially transform into gastrointestinal issues like gas or bloating — caused by the indigestible carbohydrate entering the large intestine.Fiber basically roots out our digestive system causing stomach cramps when eaten at quantity.Choosing other dietary sources that are easier on digestion,lakes fish,poultry,eggs will help.

Possible Nutrient Imbalance

If someone eats way too many nuts it means replacing meals full of proteins & vitamins etc where upto certain extent meal replacement is okay but again excessive leads imbalance & nutritional deficiencies which further exacerbates things.Therefore including variety avoiding maximalism helps better than trying mono diets.

The Bottom Line

We know this article has been quite nut-ty already 😛 .To answer the question – Can I eat too many nuts? The answer is yes, just like anything else nutrition isn’t fluid and what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for all,the same applies to nuts.

However moderation remains key.Eating small portions of nuts can keep our hunger pangs at bay with easy digestion helping us improve nutrient intake,but eating too much may lead to gaining weight,nutrient imbalance or even gastrointestinal issues. We suggest choosing a diversity in diet avoiding mono diest and that would help maintain two things: proper nutritional balance AND ensuring functionality when you don’t have to think twice before reaching out to grab another Ol’ bag o’nuts dipped into some nut butterdrool drool

Finish up folks , go grab your favorite package of assorted Nuts and enjoy your delicious snack packet but watch that quantity 🙂

P.S.The measure also be appropriate according to how active one’s lifestyle is.#Keep Snacking #Stay Healthy

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