Can i eat tacos after tooth extraction?

If you’re anything like me, the first thing you think about after a tooth extraction isn’t how to properly care for your healing wound or make sure that blood clots properly. No, no, my friends – it’s all about the food! And let’s be honest – tacos are delicious and can cure just about any ailment… but can they work their magic on your mouth while it heals from an extraction? Let’s dig in.

Understanding The Healing Process

Before we get into whether or not tacos are a good idea post-extraction, let’s take some time to understand what happens inside our mouths when we lose a tooth (besides panic-setting-in).

After an extraction, the remaining bone in our jaw (or socket) will begin to heal over with new tissue; this process typically takes around 1-2 weeks and is vital for proper oral health. During this time period before full healing has taken place, certain things should be avoided until external migration of clot happens as gum cannot grow back.
This means avoiding hard foods such as nuts, crunchy veggies (I’m lookin’ at YOU celery) and candies until the wounds have completely healed.

When eating softer foods including soups, broths , smoothies – use caution and take small bites or sips . Drinking out of straws post op may cause suction force that loosens up clotting leading to dry socket formation which delays recovery process – and no one wants THAT.
## But What About Tacos? Do They Number Among Soft Foods ?

Oh boy do I wish I could say yes without hesitation…but unfortunately tacos aren’t always considered soft enough / safe for consumption aftermathdental procedures Here’s why:

Tacos contain several tough ingredients: Carrots n’ lettuce Anyone?? If so.. swallow them WHOLE because biting down on hard veggies & fruits can cause damage to your healing gums.

Additionally, tortilla chips carry a significant risk of getting lodged in the wound and causing irritation or even infections. No one wants to deal with a painful dry socket because they were too busy shoving delicious crunchy chips into their mouths – trust me on this one.

I know what you’re thinking though… “But wait! What about those super soft tacos that are basically just slurpable mash in a shell??” While these might seem like a solid option, it’s important to remember that any food containing small seeds or chunks should be avoided as much as possible until our wounds have fully healed.
Ideally post-operative care instructions given by the practitioner must be followed – but if we want our favorite foods without compromising health (and hey aren’t willing to stick solely on broths) then let’s review some simple rules we can follow:

A Guide To Eating Tacos After Tooth Extraction

  1. Mash all taco ingredients together (meat, cheese etc) so there are no hard bits
  2. Eat the taco neatly and slowly using fork ensuring none of them get underneath your tongue/into the hole left by extracted tooth.
  3. Avoid tortillas/chips unless they’ve been made very soft before eating
  4. Be sure to sip water while eating to keep things moistened up which also helps prevent gum irritation

If you just HAVE TO go for crispy tacos – eat only The filling NOT THE SHELLS!

But here’s where I come across my first hiccup: who eats JUST ONE crispy taco?? That sounds like torture!
So here is an alternative solution: Soggy crisps.. not sweet maybe gross- sounding but definitely less risky than sharp-edged crisp splaying havoc inside sensitive oral cavity!

Simply take normal resistant corn/taco shells soak them completely submerged in warm broth/soup for around ten minutes then strain any extra fluid before filling it up with your taco fixings.

By doing this you’ll have a much easier time chewing and swallowing the food without irritating your gums or risking infection.


Can you eat tacos after tooth extraction? The short answer is yes, but there are some important rules to follow. Be sure to stick with softer tacos during the healing process, mash all ingredients together for safety’s sake, avoid crunchy foods like tortilla chips , add water/nutritious broths alongside consumption of experimental softening and maybe opt for just one crisp taco filler-vs-shell..
As always though – make sure to listen closely to what your dentist/doctor has advised because their advice will always supersede internet strangers trying hard not to sound too funny in explaining post op dietary choices.
Now go forth my friends, and enjoy those delicious tacos!

1-2 weeks dependent on surgery complexity & extractions site(s)

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