Can i apply hair removal cream on face?

Are you tired of constantly waxing or tweezing your facial hair? Do you wish there was an easier way to remove those pesky chin whiskers and upper lip fuzz? Well, look no further! In this article we will explore whether or not it is safe to use hair removal cream on your face.

What Is Hair Removal Cream?

First things first, let’s talk about what exactly hair removal cream is. Also known as depilatory cream, these products are formulated with chemicals that break down the protein structure of your hair shafts. This then allows the hairs to be wiped away from the skin’s surface.

Hair removal creams come in various forms such as gels, lotions, and sprays. They can be used on different areas of the body including legs, arms, underarms and yes – even faces!

Pros and Cons

Before we jump into discussing whether or not it is safe to apply these products onto our delicate facial skin (spoiler alert: it depends), let’s examine some pros and cons associated with using them.


  • Quick: Depilatory creams work quickly by dissolving the hair at its base.
  • Easy: These creams are relatively easy to apply compared to other methods.
  • Painless: Since no ripping or pulling is involved (unlike waxing), depilatory creams do not cause significant pain/discomfort.


  • Chemical ingredients: The active ingredients found in these creams may cause irritation or allergic reactions for some people.
  • Messy: Applying thick cream all over one’s face can easily become a messy process!
  • Temporary results: Depilatory creams only provide temporary results. You will need repeat applications every few weeks if you want long-lasting effects.

Now that we have weighed up some basic pros and cons related generally with using depilating/depilatory/hair removal creams, let’s focus more in-depth about the frequently asked question, whether or not it is possible and safe to use them on faces.

Can I Really Use It On My Face?

The short answer is yes, you can apply depilatory cream on your face. However as with any chemical solution we would advise exercising caution when doing so;

Factors to Consider

  • Sensitivity: Our facial skin is different than our arm/leg/skin. Its extra fragile nature may result in irritation / allergic reactions compared to other areas of our bodies.
  • Ingredients: Always have a basic information regarding what exactly are inside these products then they tend often contain harsh chemicals that should be avoided if someone has sensitive skin.
  • Patch Test: Even it clearly states “facial hair remover” do patch test before applying it onto your pretty looking face! .

Based on above mentioned factors here are few tips you need consider while using depilating cremes:

1) Check the instructions carefully and follow the timing guidelines mentioned there.

2) Always test a small area of your face first (we simply cannot stress this enough!) -such as lower region of side burns.

3) Wash off After one Minute.( As Majority Depilation Creams contains Harmful Chemicals like Potassium hydroxide generally known as Lye)

4) Perform A Stroke Test Carefully , Do Not drag Towel over Skin after Applying Depliatory Cream

If you experience any redness, swelling or soreness discontinue usage immediately!


In conclusion,you can absolutely use hair removal cream on your face but must really take due care all time by having full product information followed by standard tests – An informed decision based upon deep analysis always favor good long term results!

Lastly don’t just trust my words do enough research onto knowing ingredients of materials and how these reacts onto different types skins.To advocate impartially we would like to add up that there is no particular solution for every individual but you can surely find personalized ways based upon your skin types and preferences.

So stay informed, stay safe and don’t forget to moisturize afterwards!