Can humans use zymox ear solution?

Not for use in humans. Zymox Ear Solution with 0.5% Hydrocortisone contains: Benzyl Alcohol, Dextrose, Glucose Oxidase, Glycerin, Hydrocortisone, Hydroxypropyl Cellulose, Lactoferrin, Lactoperoxidase, Lysozyme, Potassium Iodide, Propylene Glycol, Purified Water. For external use only.Customer Rating: Price: Sold By: 

Can you use zymox on your pet’s ears? ZYMOX® products from a veterinarian have a higher concentration of hydrocortisone in comparison to the over-the-counter ZYMOX® products found in stores and online. Can ZYMOX® Ear Solution be used to maintain healthy pet ears? ZYMOX® Ear Solution will clean out exudate, help relieve irritations, and keep the ear clean.

What are the ingredients in zymox ear solution? The active ingredients include Benzyl alcohol, dextrose, glucose oxidase, glycerin, hydroxypropyl cellulose, lactoperoxidase, lysozyme, Potassium Iodide, propylene glycol, purified water, and .5% hydrocortisone. The solution that is hydrocortisone-free contains all of the same ingredients, but obviously without the added hydrocortisone.

Are there any side effects to using zymox otic? Zymox Side Effects. No side effects have been reported with use of Zymox Otic and no allergic reactions to either version of Zymox Otic have been reported. There have been no reports of overdose when using Zymox Otic.

When to use zymox or oratene ear cleanser? The use of ZYMOX® Ear Cleanser is only recommended after using a full course of ZYMOX® Ear Solution to keep dirty ears clean. If ZYMOX® Ear Solution requires no pre-cleaning, then when would ZYMOX® Ear Cleanser be recommended?

What does zymox ear solution do for dogs?

What does zymox ear solution do for dogs? Zymox(®)Ear Solution is an antibacterial otic cleanser for dogs containing natural enzymes and 0.5% hydrocortisone (a type of corticosteroid) which helps to fight inflammation and itching.

Can you use zymox otic on a cocker spaniel? How to use Zymox Otic. Zymox Otic can be reused periodically to prevent any recurrence of chronic canine ear infections. Dogs with long floppy ears are particularly prone to ear infections. This is especially true for cocker spaniels, which suffer from ear infection more than any other breed.

Is it safe to use zymox on cats? The ZYMOX® LP3 Enzyme System is safe to use on cats. ZYMOX® is formulated without antibiotics, harsh chemicals and is non-toxic. It is ideal for dogs, cats of any age. Rabbits are don’t tolerate hydrocortisone so the HC free formula should be used. What if a pet parent doesn’t see improvement when using ZYMOX® Ear Solution?

How often should I give my Dog zymox? Repeat this process once a day for 7 days. If your dog has a severe or chronic infection, you might need to continue treatment for a further 7 days. A benefit of using Zymox is less stress to your pet because it only has be administered once daily and no pre-cleaning also means less touching of painful ears