Can hiatus hernia cause weight loss?

If you’ve been feeling like a featherweight recently, with the pounds just melting off of you faster than ice cream does in scorching weather, then perhaps it’s time to ask if your hidden medical condition is causing this rapid weight loss? Today we’ll take an amusing dive into the fascinating world of hiatus hernias and see if they’re responsible for your recent slimming down.

What is a Hiatus Hernia?

To explain what a hiatus hernia is (because let’s face it, only doctors and med students actually know what this truly means), we have to start by understanding that there are two sphincters or muscles at either end of our food tube; one near our throat called the upper esophageal sphincter and another at our stomach called the lower esophageal sphincter. The Food Tube (esophagus) meets with Soil Drainage System(stomach)at angles ,an area known as “gastric junction”. In normal people gastric juice doesnt flow up towards Esophagus through these angled portions because angle prevents backflow.

However, sometimes due to situations like hyperacidity or obesity which strains on the abdomens leading cause occurs i.e. when part of stomach protrudes upwards through diaphragm at Hole-in-diagraphm-area, making -voila!- a Hole-In-Diagram-Area-Hernia . This hole area between Chest cavity & Abdomen has no muscle support as compared abdomen or chest wall hence facilitating movement gastric juicesfrom stomach up higher in oesophyagous

In other words: A hiatus hernia happens when part of your stomach squeezes itself upward into your chest cavity, poking out through an opening in your diaphragm that shouldn’t be there. It can lead to heartburn[ref] Also known as Gastroesophageal reflux disease[/ref], chest pain, and uncomfortable swelling in your abdomen.

Can a Hiatus Hernia Cause Weight Loss?

Yes, it is possible. However, the only way to determine if your hiatus hernia is responsible for your recent malnourishment will involve contacting [Prof. Wanderlust] the doctor and probably undergo some tests[I bet you knew this was coming especially since Dr Google said so]

Your weirdly newly discovered condition could make eating more challenging than usual. Asides embarrassing areas like breathlessness on sitting erect after food which may need specific change of lifestyle management.The herniated part of the stomach may obstruct or affect normal passage of ingested meal through esophagus due to increased pressure caused by presence of trapped gastric juice from resulting heartburn/tendency towards acidity thereby making swallowing particularly crunchy foods challenging or downright impossible- leading to inadequate food intake ,giving rise to weight loss .

However,a majority times such direct relationship between hiatus hernia & weight loss is rareSince HIATUS HERNIA as stand alone diagnosis would be arrived at on patient having gasric symptoms first Few small studies[ref] India Journal Of Gastroenterology(Clinical profile correlates with endoscopic findings in patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease and Barrett’s epithelium[/ref][sup]

Hiatus Hernia

As such, an existing but infrequent symptom doesnt account for sudden radical changes in one’s BMI
Although There can still be indirect ways unexpected results happen , If one suffering from underlying chronic/high grade inflammation disorder or infection, it is possible to have decreased appetite due to the disease process but again all patients with Hiatus hernia cant be tarred as same .

Weight Loss Graph

What Treatments are Available?

The good news is that most people don’t need any treatment for hiatus hernias unless their symptoms become severe, you might get a prescription cushioning drugs or in more extreme cases surgeries right off suspension cables system. Surgery typically involves pulling your stomach back down into your abdomen and closing up the hole in your diaphragm that was responsible for the hernia.

For acid reflux Avoid high fat foods
Apparently thats like half of my favourite dishes gone , goodbye sweet soul food of fried chicken & cheese burgers.. Anything greasy tends to linger in our stomachs longer, which can exacerbate symptoms. That means cutting out super fatty joints of meat (farewell pork belly), reducing our consumption of creamy frozen desserts like ice cream,[ref] [/ref], cheeses and sodas[sup][Fashion Crying sound‘,K I’ll try to make this transition soon.] [/sup]

You want relief from acidity woes quick smart ? Try PINCHSODIUM BICARB(oney!). It’s an alkaline, meaning it has a pH higher than 7(basic.Forgot High school chemistry already?) – so when you swallow some mixed with water when feeling heartburn coming on) it neutralizes stomach acid[ref ]British Nutrition Foundation[/ref]. Just mix two teaspoonsful into about four ounces or whatever amount makes sense to you of water and swallow.

You’re welcome!


In summary, while it’s possible for a hiatus hernia to contribute to weight loss, the evidence points to this being rare. If you’ve been losing weight quickly and are concerned about your health as well as suspected abdomen problems then reaching out is likely the quickest route towards figuring out what could be causing these symptoms. Only hiding in denial or trying home remedies might only make matters worse overall – but don’t worry, life’s not over. Cut down on acidic foods,fat-laden goodies ,get proper medical advice & fasten seat belts (literally)!!

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