Can hemorrhoids interfere with bowel movements?

Have you ever had one of those uncomfortable moments where you’re sitting on the toilet, trying to do your business, and it feels like a fire ant colony has taken up residence in your bum? You know what I’m talking about – hemorrhoids. These pesky little buggers can cause all sorts of trouble, from severe itching and irritation to pain during bowel movements. But the question is: Can hemorrhoids interfere with bowel movements? In this article, we’ll explore this topic in detail.

What Are Hemorrhoids Anyways?

For those who are unfamiliar with them (lucky you), hemorrhoids are swollen veins in or around the anus and rectum. They’re caused by increased pressure on these blood vessels – usually due to straining during bowel movements or pregnancy. Symptoms include itching, burning, bleeding when passing stool or wiping after passing stool; lump(s) inside/outside anus area that feels like a small ball under skin; which may disappear spontaneously without any visible signs/scarring under proper management techniques such as medications/surgical interventions etc.

Different Types of Hemorrhoids

Did you know there are different types of hemorrhoids? It’s true! We’ve got:

Internal Hemorrhoid

These guys live just inside your rectum and usually don’t hurt too bad (keyword being “usually”). However they can certainly make doing number 2 pretty darn uncomfortable if they protrude outwards into anal canal.

External Hemorrhoid

External hemmies hang out beneath skin outside bottom opening not really causing harm until swelling/irritation ensues making it hard get through that deposit.

Thrombosed Hemorrhoi(b)-d(h)e-Taco(s)?

Thrombosed haemorrh(Spanish for bloody mess)is an external pile which has a blood clot in it. And trust me, you don’t want one of these puppies – they hurt like heck.

Can Hemorrhoids Affect Bowel Movements?

Now that we’ve covered our bases with regards to the different types (and made a few jokes along the way), let’s move on to the main question: can hemorrhoids interfere with bowel movements? The simple answer is yes.

When internal hemmies descend from their happy home up inside your butthole and start being jerks outside/in anal canal or sphincter muscles gets throttled ever so sweetly against them, this can be quite painful for people especially during pooping sessions. External piles might not obstruct but due to their presence or enlargement may cause itching/burning sensations turning something very unpleasant into downright miserable experience overall.

You may also find yourself straining more than usual when passing stool, as your body tries to work around those pesky hemorrhoids. This increases pressure within your colon and subsequently aggravates symptoms CAUSED BY an already over-pressurized pelvic floor region/plumbing-in-question type episodes nasty hazing ritual ;).

If you’re reading this article because you suspect you have hemorrhoids and are experiencing discomfort in any capacity, first off – we’ve all been there so no judgement here! Here are some things you can do:

Manage Your Diet

Eating right food is key make sure ur eating fruits/veggies favouring fibers and avoid heavy fatty foods such as fried meats/orange soda drinks etc.(sadly) Since constipation often exacerbates symptoms by causing increased straining while defecating/recruiting effort take care follow diet recommended doctors/dietitian tips easing transit time movement within digestive tract peristalsis/rhythmic contractions moving chyme through alimentary canal efficiently utilizing microbiome-benefitting oligosaccharide prebiotics microbiomes love (so will you)!


Hey, we know plopping down on the couch and binge-watching some Netflix is easy. But did you know that movement can actually help relieve hemorrhoid pain? Specifically, walking or light aerobic exercise may increase blood flow to your pelvis region promoting healthy bowel function/reducing down-active-clamp-downs.

Good Hygiene Habits Save(daytime soap operas)

This one should be a no-brainer: make sure you’re keeping everything clean down there! Avoid using harsh chemical wipes/soaps but instead try plain water soaked in pad applied gently after every bathroom usage; avoid scratching area if itching persists counterproductive causing secondary infection than relief helping overall situation!(worse than it sounds..promise). And while I don’t think this needs mentioning – please don’t share towels/clothing with someone who has an active outbreak of hemorrhoids. Got it? Good.

Don’t Ignore Your Body

Now listen up because THIS IS IMPORTANT. If your symptoms persist beyond a few days despite trying the above tips, then consult medical professional member team like gastroenterologist before writing co-paychecks away unnecessarily or assuming its nothing serious causing discomfort inconvenience as these folks specialize specifically in digestive tract(aka where “the poops” happen).

So, back to our original question – Can Hemorrhoids Interfere With Bowel Movements? The answer is yes – these pesky little buggers might reduce sphincter control impaired by physical obstruction/enlargement/irritation/thrombosis thus interfering how bowel movements are happening but only temporarily for most people with proper care/maintenance management making sure diet/hygiene/exercise enjoyed regularly within prescription limits rather lolol limited perspectives…next time u feel them ready live out my favorite theme song from sanford n sons “you big dummy” have article read 😉

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