Can hemorrhoids cause hard stool?

Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, can be a real pain. In fact, they are one of the most common causes of rectal bleeding and discomfort. But can hemorrhoids cause hard stool? The short answer is yes; let’s find out why.

What Are Hemorrhoids?

If you’re reading this article in a panicked state because your doctor just diagnosed you with hemorrhoids and you have no idea what they are: Relax! You’re not alone.

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins located in or around the anus and lower rectum that can cause mild to severe pain, bleeding during bowel movements, itching sensation around the anal area- basically everything unpleasant related to your rear end that we would rather avoid if humanly possible.

What Causes Hemorrhoid Flare-ups?

Your butt works harder than you might think – it helps eliminate all sorts of waste material from your body on a regular basis. Pressure on these veins for extended periods could lead to inflammation (swelling).

A few factors could stress out these blood vessels:

Straining During Defecation

We don’t usually appreciate the work our bowels do every day until something goes wrong – such as constipation. It’s pretty common knowledge that straining while pooping is not ideal for delicate tissues surrounding our anuses but did you know this practice could negatively affect our piles too?

When feces becomes compacted inside us due to slow transit time for various reasons (lack of fiber intake being a significant contributor); pushing through takes consistent exertion which builds pressure within internal organs’ compartment walls leading inevitably causing venous enlargement.

Sitting For Long Hours

Modern working conditions often require employees who sit glued to their chairs for eight hours or more each day continuously without getting up regularly risking developing health complications related to long-term sitting-this category potentially affecting sedentary folks like office staff.

Pregnancy & Childbirth

Let it be known, pregnancy isn’t for the faint-hearted; as a matter of fact, I’d call carrying a life within one’s body as one of the toughest endeavors. You must-do list while you’re pregnant either you like it or not nearly always requires gritty efforts from many aspects- including childbirth.

Women who go through labor could get hemorrhoids due to the physical strain they experience during these challenging moments that come with motherhood. These veins pressure can rise following such trauma where there is consistent straining involved.

Soothing these conditions will require improved bowel habits (respective to patients’ cases), lifestyle changes, and natural remedies – something we’ll dive into in subsequent segments subsequently in this guide.

Can Hemorrhoids Cause Hard Stool?

The issue at hand now refers specifically if piles cause hard poop? Unfortunately yes – this freaky phenomenon happens more often than most know, and some are wondering why they suffer such fate despite adequate water intake among other things:

Hard stools might put extra stress on your already sensitive rear end tissues since passing solids takes longer which leads to painful straining results exacerbating discomforts provided by hemorrhoids existing previously. Worse still would be large stool sizes- increasing chances for fissures developing on top of worsening bleeding situations due to additional tearing effects from hardened feces rubbing against irritated vessels lining up back when coming out slowly over time!

Symptoms Of Hard Stool

Some symptoms occur after prolonged straining periods trying to pass firm stool masses offering vital cues indicative when seeking help early during onset stages possible requiring medical attention:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Cramping
  • Discomfort or burning sensation in anal regions
  • Rectal bleeding
  • Vomiting

These signs appearing should act as fundamental warning signals needing checking promptly since refusing would deteriorate cases seriously becoming complicated beyond control requiring surgery intervention instead of receiving nonsurgical treatments initially.

Remedies For Hemorrhoids

Treatment options for hemorrhoid flare-ups depend on various factors; natural remedies offer gentle solutions, unlike harsh pharmaceutical intervention. Therefore it’s wise to opt-out non-medical alternatives first as long as constraints permit:

Increased Water Intake

There is no substitute for being well-hydrated when it comes to busting fecal logs easier comfortably through the digestive tract till exit stage – this practice allows reducing peristaltic muscle contractions required by trying to eliminate much harder stools naturally already painful enough causing other health complications like an anal fissure possibility increase.

Over-the-Counter Medication (OTC)

These types of products provide healing effects and have a mild reaction against most hemorrhoidal symptoms irrespective of severity in most cases making them handy for casual use without supervision from a doctor:

  • Topically applied creams like corticosteroids
  • Suppositories
  • Pain relieving gels or ointments containing lidocaine (Off the counter) can help soothe irritated tissues around rear ends located at targets pain relief areas fastly.

Please note: Always read medication administration leaflet instructions carefully if purchased off-counter avoiding overdose scenarios also limit safety usage duration intervals following respective dosages since some may contain ingredients that lead to dependence after prolonged intake periods if abused mistakenly! So better be safe than sorry when misusing substances initially!

Lifestyle Changes

Making lifestyle adjustments could save you lots of headaches on so many things generally related health conditions anywhere in your body system including how your bowels relate with you each day ensuring consistency regarding stool mass and texture during bowel movements contributing significantly towards curing piles thoroughly besides guaranteeing longer-lasting positive overall body impact just changing few little habits here there these points come-in strongly recommended considering adjusting momentarily continuously based circumstantial needs relevant goals aimed achieving:

  • Go easy while passing stool relaxing while exercising sphincter muscles.
  • Raise your legs by placing one foot on a stool while using the toilet; this helps straighten up your rectum.
  • Kegel exercises could strengthen pelvic floor muscles helping avoid prolapsed hemorrhoids from occurring during bowel movements where tissues can prolapse upon straining too much unexpectedly.

Dietary Additions

Consuming food choices rich in fiber mostly come-in handy increasing consistency whereby consuming it regularly ideally ensures easier elimination without setting off physical consequences due to irregularities:

Fiber-rich food options include:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Whole grains

Dietary supplements containing psyllium husk, methylcellulose (or salep powder) are some of the best natural sources providing lubrication effects enhancing regularity eliminating most chances for hard poop destined towards causing intolerable complications like inflammation or bloating alternating with diarrhea if consumed too frequently accidentally!


Hemorrhoids might not guarantee to make our day – what was initially contracted sounded entirely foreign and probably more than what you bargained for pre-getting affected. However, seeking solutions is imperative when these challenging moments arise precisely when hard stools prompt reactions raising alarm bells sending warning signals because early attention benefits alleviate results better compared leaving them deteriorate later that would cause more discomfort further down any line outcome-wise! But hey – nothing good ever came easy into life now did it? We hope that we have basically unraveled everything related to hemorrhoids and their potential effects concerning maladies like constipation creating huge embarrassments preventing enjoying fullest pleasures derived from simple everyday acts such as taking a dump.

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