Can gout raise psa levels?

As a man, there’s nothing more uncomfortable than discussing your prostate with someone. Well, except maybe telling that person about the time you accidentally walked into the women’s bathroom at Target. But talking about your prostate is definitely up there on the list of things no guy ever wants to do.

PSA tests are used to determine if there could be any concerning issues regarding one’s prostate. They’re like an MRI for your lunch meat – nobody really wants one but it’s important you get checked out if anything seems off.

However, some people believe gout may interfere with a PSA test by causing an elevation in levels which may lead to inaccurate results. Here are some interesting facts I discovered while exploring this topic:

What Is Gout And How Does It Develop?

Gout doesn’t only sound unpleasant – it is unpleasant! This pain can make grown men cry (or so my uncle told me). Gout occurs when uric acid crystals form inside joints resulting in severe pain and inflammation.

These acidic deposits usually collect around your big toe and extremely sore joints making them something we should all avoid – unless you’re into that sort of thing (No judgement here!)

Could My Gout Diagnosis Have An Impact On My Prostate Health Status Test Examining The Level Of The Happening Pertaining To The Currently Unidentified Antigen In Your Bloodstream?

This question sounds confusing as heck and coming up with heading titles isn’t my forte either… So moving on!

Many researchers hypothesized whether or not gout could affect PSA levels appearing in a normally conducted test aiming for early detection of potential signs of serious health problems such as cancerous growths present within the male gender-specific organ known as “the prostate”. Sorry ladies – still haven’t found ours yet.

While elevated PSA numbers can indicate possible risk factors or red flags for health issues such as swollen prostates, urinary tract infections, and even cancer or prostate disorders, it is still unknown whether gout could be as potential cause for false alarms.

So, If There Is Any Confusion – Could Gout Affect My PSA Levels Or Not?

Well folks, this topic is a bit of a gray area. See (Knew I had to put the star markers somewhere) when doing my research online (as any credible journalist would do) – some sources suggested that there have been some reported cases where individuals with gout were experiencing higher than average PSA levels.

However on contrary many others suggest this link has not yet been scientifically confirmed till now leaving room for anecdotal evidence only! Some medical professionals argue that high results are merely due to regular inflammation/Arthritis-like conditions caused by autoimmune diseases behind gouts will in most cases resolve giving your body just enough time to go back to its younger healthier alpha-self despite leading an unhealthy life style (Or so they say!)

The bottom line: You may want to ask your doctor about their professional opinions whether dealing with inflammatory joint condition like blistering painful bumpy uric acid deposits atop one’s sensitive tissue might impact testing for early detection of problems potentially associated with our good old pal “the prostate”.

Other Factors That May Cause Elevated PSA Levels

Before you start blaming everything under the sun on your recent diagnosis (or fear) of arthritis; it’s important we mention few other relatively mundane things can often lead to spikes inexplicable increases in Prostatic Specific Antigens.

They include:

  • Regular Intercourse
  • Recurrent Ejaculation Still walking solo? Keep reading!
  • Riding Bikes For Long Stretches – cycling fanatics watch out!
  • Overstimulating The Area Prior To Exam – best leave that sorta thing at home.
  • Urinary Tract Infections

Now if anyone asks why you’re engaging in dangerous automobile races rather than getting yourself pressured to do aforementioned stunts, you have a full list of ways to raise those levels! Keep it wholesome out there boys.


In conclusion (such an important sounding sentence) – we should always remember that our health is not something worth gambling with. One needs careful attention and step-by-step exploration before making any clinically based conclusion.

And while gout may or may not affect PSA levels, the ultimate solution still lies in working closely with your doctor as they are likely share plans on helping lead better healthier lives regardless of limitations or pre-dispositions including symptoms shared by both conditions.

So stay safe… get checked regularly Keep active… avoid excessive amounts of red meat (I know its tasty but learn how to control yourselves people!) … and use this article for at least 5 minutes of enjoyment before bed.

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