Can ginkgo biloba help tinnitus?

Tinnitus, otherwise known as ringing in the ears or annoying buzzing noise that seems to follow you everywhere. Nobody wants it and everybody’s afraid of it. However, what if we told you there is a possible cure out there? What if I also threw in some nerdiness, humor and sarcasm? No takebacks my friend, let’s stumble upon this together.


Let us begin by welcoming all fellow tinnitus sufferers suffering from Bells Palsy (Pardon anyone who thought that was something else; no judgment here- just pleasure) Parkinson Disease (PD), presbycusis (age-related hearing loss), Meniere’s disease seizures among others. According to a study, an estimate of 15% of U.S adults are experiencing the symptoms associtated with tinnutus at any given point in life. Now don’t go marking my words but if even one percent of them goes through this article and their quality of life improves even by .25%, typing these goofy anecdotes would have been completely worth it. Don’t believe me now? Just read on because –

Here Are Some Facts

Before we dive deeper into the topic – Let’s break down facts.
Ginkgo biloba has been found potentially useful for treating dementia.
There is insufficient evidence that supports it being effective against improving memory function in healthy people.

You still following?!

Ever got lucky – alone beholding silence when alas! suddenly something inside your ear turns up its own personal noughties mixtape club edition volume totally out-of-order ? The classic Tom Cruise meme from War Of The Worlds immediately strikes your mind like Nope definitely didn’t deserve such premium audio experience.


Now imagine someone regularly having fireworks party in your ears like it’s New Year’s Eve. Just to repeat awkward conversation span, continuously asking others ’what’ and the little tête-à-tête with yourself has become a part of daily routine.

Ginkgo Biloba: A Potential Lifesaver?

Ginkgo biloba is a fascinating tree species that has gained popularity around the world after reports of its medicinal properties surfaced because apparently people were bored finding medical miracles in fruits, vegetables and herbs alone.

Legend has it that ginkgo trees have been living on this planet for over 200 million years (Just rewind your reel again – yes much before humans came into the picture). They are basically ancient superheroes who just live for uprooting themselves from mother earth and engaging in human welfare activities by offering natural supplements derived from their leaves while being cool under cosmic circumstances such as wildfires or repetitive meteor bombardments way before Elon Musk laid his pocket change plan encapsulating mars debris.

To be fair though, let’s look at some more relatable facts listed below:
It contains flavonoids among other complex compounds.
It may improve blood flow (upwards towards head not downwards).

Tinnitus can happen due to an imbalance between free radicals within inner ear tissue responsible for oxidative stress (not our choice) which ultimately leads up to chronic inflammation interfering with auditory function causing hair cell damage resulting in nerve loss accompanied by ringing sounds changing frequencies left-way-right. Let us simplify with bullets:
– Free radicals → Oxidative Stress
– Chronic inflammation→ auditisⓇ dysfunction + hair cell damage <>nerve loss<> Ringing

Did you know that!
The buildup of ototoxic chemicals (that might as well be just bricks lodging inside your brain) causes further hearing damage worsening tinnitus — meanwhile adequate nutrition supplementations eg. Gingko-Bilobia is known for its therapeutic properties against reducing the effects of ototoxicity.

But Does Ginkgo Work?

There’s not much known about where exactly can be best adapted as an answer to this question, but it’s said that consuming Gingko Biloba might lessen tinnitus and improve cognitive ability.

According to another study, ginkgo Biloba treatment with 4 weeks’ usage produced a significant difference in terms of loudness or severity experienced by patients suffering from tinnitus persistently. That being said, honestly if someone as innocent as my grandmother starts taking gingko tea I will run towards another room instantly yelling the aliens are coming because seriously! Health risks accompany all treatments even natural ones.

Now let us cut away the sarcasm given you’ve read so far and add some real value too:

Based on what’s found until now, research is limited however promising for conscious use of natural treatments such as Gingko-Bilobia when struggling with tinnitus symptoms because it can supposedly help prevent cell damage responsible causing unwanted noise generators (simplest terms: ringing). Now let me pour cold water over your enthusiasm here – This does not mean complete cure; sometimes people face no changes even with the use of medicinal treatment drugs recommended by doctors included (High five fellow sufferers who went through years long waiting list just to get diagnosed ) (Fun Fact – this very article writer had her own audiogram at age 6).

In conclusion,
It has become evident that while several remedies have been proposed like having sufficient sleep patterns , reiki therapy sessions(booked months ahead) following diets consisting specialised nutrient content min/max intake levels etc there seems eminent benefit combined simple integrative approaches including daily consumption dietary supplements before jumping goals higher than our body allows.(Honey Bees and flowers are also out fighting their battles unabated yet coexisting mindlessly.). As we commemorate peace, we shall also extend the same towards our bodies too – taking care of it rather than loading extra baggage upon it, give flexibility as much possible and accepting sudden curve-balls life may throw at us vis-a-vis tinnitus in this context. Because there’s no way out but through since that’s what Hippocrates prescribed anyway!(Ok I made this up stop looking)

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