Can flonase and allegra be used together?

Are you one of those people who have tried every allergy medication under the sun to no avail? Do you constantly feel like your nose is a never-ending faucet, or like there’s a boulder sitting on your chest making it hard to breathe? Well, fear not my sniffling beauties because we may have found the ultimate combination for all of your pesky allergy problems – Flonase and Allegra!

What are Flonase and Allegra?

Before we delve deeper into this magical duo, let’s quickly go over what each medication does.


Flonase nasal spray contains fluticasone propionate, which is a corticosteroid that helps reduce inflammation in the nose. By doing so, it helps alleviate symptoms such as sneezing, congestion, itching and runny noses caused by allergies.


On the other hand, Allegra (fexofenadine) belongs to a group of drugs known as antihistamines. When allergens such as pollen enter our bodies they trigger cells called mast cells into releasing histamine. This leads to inflammation , itching/swelling which causes allergic reactions that make life very uncomfortable .Antihistamines bind themselves to these cells blocking their release of histamine thereby alleviating many common allergy symptoms such as headaches,sneezing,watery eyes etc .

Why Use Them Together?

Now that we know what each medicine does separately ,let us see why combining them can be somehow beneficial .
When combining various medications there’s always some concern about possible negative effects.Sometimes two different meds impact different parts/stages/actions in our affected system simultaneously..Thus if used together it amplifies their therapeutic benefits than using them separately.

In simple terms ,when combined,the unique characteristics of both medicines target those stubborn allergies even better. For instance, Flonase ought to focus on the inflammation and congestion inside your nasal passages .On the other hand because of its blocking action ,Allegra should help reduce sneezing and drainage for smoother breathing by stopping histamine’s action deliberately. Remember that histamines play a big part in allergy symptoms.

How Do You Use Them Together?

Now you’re probably thinking ,this duo sounds like a match made in heaven. But how do I take both things together without possible side effects ?
Well,you can safely use these two medicines together under prescription or advice of doctor .Only once he deems it safe for you.At times,some prefer taking their medication at different times throughout the day while others opt to take them at generally similar time.Below we give some directives on this .

Take Allegra In The Morning

Many prescriptions recommend taking Allegra first thing in the morning.Since antihistamines block histamine, which is highly active during daytime hours,it’s actually complementary if taken earlier.It would be more beneficial when working during maximum allergen exposure time..

Using Flonase

Flonase being a nasal spray won’t cause much worries as it doesn’t stimulate drowsiness.During application tilt head upward,left nostril-apply clean puff into facing left ear.Redo same procedure into right nostril just once daily ,using 2 sprays per each nostril .

I bet you thought combining medications was complicated.Maybe not huh?That process above seems pretty standard.Examples shown here are however examples only.Therefore,iTo stay completely informed consult respective doctors.

Possible Side Effects When Combined

Again! We need to reiterate, before using any combination of drugs its crucially important to discuss with your doctor so as arrive at proper medical care.Nevertheless,I know there are one or two super curious folks who want digs about potential drawbacks.Partake firstly with prescriptions,taking heed of each medication’s instruction I am about to give so as increase chances other appropriate actions .

If Having High Exposure To Allergens

If you will have high exposure it may be necessary for you to keep both medicines regularly active.When used together properly,these can improve overall control of allergy and its symptoms .This in complex allergen environments.

However ,unfortunately there are patients who show symptoms : Itchy throat/eyes or Nausea.A few also complain that their mouth feels dry or experience nosebleeds.Don’t wet your pants over this.These experiences could occur when using any medications independently.Remember everybody handles sickness and drugs differently .Just consult a doctor if they persist , worsen,become regular occurrences due to Combining Flonase And Allegra.

Long-Term Use

It is possible for those with chronic allergies needing supply every day ought to always limit Abrupt Combination therapy as possible adverse effects still exist.Such individuals might require just swapping one medicine for another periodically during certain parts or shift from these sprays towards liquid OTC allergy medication.


Here we’re! We’ve managed answering the controversial question “can flonase and allegra be used together?” by coming up with various solutions on how best, safely handle combining them.B ut let me reiterate once more: please discuss thoroughly first with a qualified doctor before trying this out..So go forth my fellow sniffers, breathe easy knowing that there is hope yet for all of us suffering from allergies!

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