Can drinking water thicken hair?

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘You are what you drink’? If this is true, then by drinking enough water, we must transform into a human-sized jellyfish. But jokes apart, one of the most common beauty myths out there claims that drinking water can thicken hair. Is it too good to be accurate? Or is our kitchen faucet all we need for luscious locks? Let’s take a closer look.

What makes our hair thin

Before analyzing if increasing hydration will improve hair health or not, let’s see what might potentially damage your strands in the first place. Our hair strands contain keratin protein and consist primarily of three layers: the medulla core (consists only of air bubbles), cortex (contains pigment granules), and cuticle outer layer (protects against damage). Hair loss occurs when either the production or growth cycle gets restricted—anytime anything stops any processes; good things usually do not happen.

One possible reason behind fragile hairs could be dryness. When your body experiences dehydration, essential minerals like iron and zinc slope! Since these minerals help with healthy cell reproduction, their dearth obstructs natural growth cycles resulting in weak follicles prone to breaking.

Other factors maybe:

  • Heredity conditions
  • Ageing
  • Illnesses/liabilities
  • Stress/Anxiety

It’s clear that dehydrated skin and scalp can make an impact on how hydrated our tresses look since they share natural oils – but now let’s figure out whether proper intake genuinely helps overcome potential weaknesses from within!

Does drinking more water lead to thicker hair?

As mentioned above – Hydration plays a crucial role in maintaining both internal organs & external tissues’ quality levels. Here are some ways hydrating yourselves more would affect your manes:

Make each strand stronger

Keeping ourselves hydrated offers us improved strength throughout every inch of an individual hair strand. Sufficient hydration is the crucial component that helps maintain water levels in hair fibers, eventually making them more resistant to breakage.

Enhance growth

For the best outcomes and sufficient blood flow reaching follicle roots, it’s essential to keep our bodies hydrated. Drinking enough plain water ensures your body can cleanse out toxins at a quicker rate than usual, increasing nutrient delivery channels for faster natural hair growth cycles.

Promotes overall wellbeing

Many effects of dehydration go beyond just external etiologies. It leads to several impairments such as dizziness, headaches or constipation etc., which indirectly inhibits healthy scalp development on account of reduced oxygen/intake liabilities. Here’s where H20 consumption reigns – Not only will keeping ourselves hydrated help terminate unwanted side effects of lackluster fluid intake; At last we remain productive and charged up from within!

How much does our body require?

While sipping ample glasses daily should be mandatory in every human schedule anyway – In terms of promoting shiny strands & health benefits: Finding an accurate amount that suits each person individually remains subjective (depends upon you evidently). Factors contributing towards determining this personal requirement alternates according between ages & lifestyle routines routinely!

So why bother performing linear calculations and fussing over how many liters fit under one type bottle’s nozzle with complete accuracy? Anyone would simply elect unconsciousness over concentration then!. Instead pay attention:

  • Seek advice from your doctor or nutritionist.
  • Realize when you experience thirst
  • Sealions consume wet fish approximately 55% – The rest can be easily deduced by common sense obviously.Not too much, not too less!

It might seem trivial but aiming for replenishing lost electrolytes won’t hurt either considering these are what primarily control bodily fluids volume in regulation forms per hour/day.

Are there any side-effects?

Before splashing into another gallon without thinking twice – hold your cups tight! Like any other stuff, excessive intake can lead to side effects such as:

  • Frequent Urination
  • Fatigue
  • Abdominal Pain

Anything unusual in your body’s routine should come with a stop sign. If you experience discomfort or suspicion regarding the effects overhydration is bringing – Paying visits to doctors for question rounds sounds pretty reasonable, no?

Alternatives if drinking water doesn’t help

Suppose all of this discussion on how hydration makes an impact on hair growth still leaves you wanting more substantial results. In that case, worry not: Other additional methods alter from perfectly natural potions made easily available at house base components – some frequented mass-produced shampoos alternatively. Here are some alternatives compiled coherently amidst wit & honesty:

Camellia Oil

Extracted from tea-like coastal shrubs (Camellia plants) seeds responsible for accomplishing versatile tasks with salon professional ease! Applying camellia oil to thinning areas and gently working it into roots increases blood flow while incorporating enough monounsaturated/transfats strengthens follicles damaging prone structures.

Rice Water treatments

Starch enthusiasts might feel content knowing that using strained rice water could pay off mighty eventually due to enriched minerals stored within them naturally!

Rinsing through locks helps improve elasticity levels; the amount of protein component present ultimately enhances each strand’s health quality leaving quite impressive outcomes.

Haircare products containing Biotin/Vitamin E Supplements

The two essential components highly required for healthy hair quality restoration include Vitamin E and biotin supplements frequently recommended by medical practitioners dealing with hair disorder resolution techniques globally!

Whether applied topically via spritzes/ointments or consumed orally – Guaranteed long term positive changes can be witnessed given they’re tailored towards fulfilling individual needs/kindly recommended explicitly!

Method Procedure
Apply Camelia oil Give gentle scalp massages directly before bedtime
Rice Water treatment Rinsing Through Strands after Shampooing
Topical Vitamin E/Biotin Supplements Dress Hair/scalp area routinely via in-take of prescribed doseage

Overall Verdict

Though one can’t completely rely either on drinking water or any alternative measure without a medical representative’s advice, making simple changes like having enough hydration present altogether leads to wholesome outcomes unseen! Inducing water into your lifestyle not only significantly affects hair growth factors but benefits complete internal functioning such as digestion rate improvements, and most importantly- showing off skin health upkeep.

By now you must have fully realized the wonders this transparent unflavored gift could bestow upon us in terms of gaining glowy skin & perfect tresses. Mark my words: Hiring yourself as a personal long-term beauty enhancing stylist isn’t too much to ask when it comes down to something so fundamental!

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