Can did patients change body chemistry?

Have you ever heard of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)? It’s the condition where a person has split personalities. While I don’t think it would be much fun to have multiple people living in my head, one thing that crossed my mind is whether or not these individuals’ body chemistry changes depending on who’s taking control? Today we are going to discuss this and see if we can get to the bottom of what happens when someone with DID shifts between personalities.

What Is Dissociative Identity Disorder (And Why Are They Hiding From My Brain)?

To better understand what happens with DID patients, let’s start by defining what dissociation is. Here goes nothing: “In psychology, dissociation refers to any of a wide array of experiences from mild detachment from immediate surroundings to more severe detachment from physical and emotional experience.” Basically, it means being disconnected from reality or parts of oneself.

Many times, those who suffer traumatic events will dissociate as a way for their minds to protect themselves. In extreme cases, this disassociation leads them into developing several different identities/personalities over time. Did you know that some hypothesize up 1% of populations may be affected!? That’s a lot!

People with DID often find ways these personas inside themselves hiding away for many years before manifesting apart consciously when memories come back flooding like shit after heavy rains! And sometimes they’re very discreet about coming out until one day everything comes crashing down!

How Do Medications Work When Someone Has DID?

Did you know that while there isn’t an actual medication for treating the disorder itself per se, there are treatments available focused on managing anxiety symptoms and other similar issues? Unfortunately though finding the right dose can take many attempts because certain medications may affect various parts differently/unequally!. Because everyone’s biology varies drastically due to genetics/personal choices in regards lifestyle/habitual behavior, so what one person needs to achieve balance may not work for the next.

What’s more, just like any other medication, there’s a chance of side effects which could end up inducing another personality to shift. That said given how all these factors vary individually it wouldn’t be accurate generalizing with terms like “none,” “some,” or “lots.” Rather base our discussion/theories on case studies and individual experiences that researchers have documented through the years.

Hormones Can Affect Our Thinking Processes Too!

For those who don’t know: hormones regulate physiologic functions including mood/mental states via an association with neurotransmitters such as serotonin! It is common knowledge that we tend to think differently given certain hormonal imbalances/depletion, which makes this aspect part crucial in talking about DID and its connection with body chemistry.

When hormone levels are off-balance violent outbursts/hyperactivity can result; something very influential in regardrsful personalities switching around since different personas might present varying reactions based on biological changes within their host bodies. Moreover SSRIs aimed at treating depression/anxiety actually manipulate Serotonin levels– therefore if if multiple personalities exist some of them might respond favorably/unfavorably to treatment depending on personal biochemistry influencing efficacy.

It seems highly plausible then for hormonally-induced shifts between various identities trough external influence means (e.g., medication) leading someone from one identity/personality type into others assuming they react positively/negatively towards specific chemicals/supplements.

Who Wins? Body Or Mind?

So technically speaking when experiencing dissociative identity disorder per se , no matter how many separate personas manifest you don’t develop completely distinct metabolisms/forms of physiology every time one steps forward into dominion over your consciousness/mind/body! Essentially even though numerous individuals inhabit one vessel each persona abides by the recent history/guidelines posted by previous occupants already thus ensuring bodily chemical makeup remains unchanged throughout each identity/personality shift.

The brain is in constant communication with the physical form and living environment no matter who’s at the controls so to say; everything happens through a central nervous system connecting every piece of essence in thee including thoughts/emotions across unlimited varied personalities. That means all these different entities still work within parameters established by genes inherited from ancestors, training/exposure– this part why DID patients retain cellular homogeneity regardless which persona expresses itself at any given moment!

What Science Says About This?

Many researchers have studied dissociative identity disorder over time but very few strictly tackled correlation between changes in body chemistry based on shifts between personas! One study conducted via a series trials presented evidence that multiple identities cause change when stress hormones like cortisol release due external factors like medication, exposure to stimuli/triggers/memories or other factors outside host control surface leading towards an increase/decrease for said hormone concentrations inside cells. [2]

Another research paper suggested evidence hinting towards how some drug treatments might affect Metabolites differently depending on whether they’re being administered before/after specific periods revolving around sleep suggesting levels obtained during distinct windows/scenarios will ultimately impact manifesting traits expressed by each individual personality further supporting possible split/divergence seen along metabolic pathways linked between multiple subsists of cellular makeup.[3]

Conclusion: No Two Minds Are The Same

Based on current knowledge one can safely assume without hyperbolic language hype , it is highly likely that someone suffering from dissociative identity disorder may experience changes whenever shifting between individual/personalities as many studies suggest chemical balance/modification through certain medications/effects neurotransmitters — However, there’s no firm consensus declaring clear-cut answers since everyone has unique genetic composition & lifestyle choices dictating what works best managing internal strife associated with such traumatic events involving frequent memory loss/gaps aka “lost time” often accompanying regular switch ups.

That being said scientists continue their search solutions –sometimes it takes years of study before novel answers spring up revealing truths about human conditions help identify treatments addressing underlying causes behind dissociation making groundbreaking discoveries such as correlation linking body chemistry and Dissociative Identity Disorder that may enlighten our understanding real dynamics existing permanently embedded within ourselves!

Even many people unaware caused because they think multiple personalities is something only occurrs in movies, this phenomenon undeniable a harsh reality experienced by millions across the globe presently, hopefully ongoing studies will lead to brand-new methods aimed at helping seeking alleviate symptoms causing damaged psyches further underline risk involved medication interference intervene with biochemical harmony rooted solidly deep inside one’s essence… or just maybe someone figured out how to leech memories like Hollywood after all!


[2] Lanius RA1, Vermetten E, Loewenstein RJ Brand B Schmahl R Bremner JD Spiegel D. “Exploring Dissociative Information Processing-style imagery: A preliminary correlational neurobiological investigation” Psychiatry; 165(5):618-625. doi: 10.1176/appi.AJP..2007-0080

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This content contains general information only and based exclusively upon publicly available declassified material which might not be factual correct always individuals diagnosed cite unique experience due post-traumatic developmental variation plus treatment preferences differ case-by-case basis actual chemical composition influenced per individual vastly affected by lifestyle choices genetic factors although all do share similar psychological trauma leading towards their dissociative tendencies. Reading this article should not be considered medical advice or replacement for direct professional consultation regarding your own personal circumstances.

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