Can diabetics eat corn on the cob?

Corn-on-the-cob, a quintessential American summer food representative of state fairs, barbecues and picnics. Corn is viewed as healthy because it’s a ‘vegetable’, yet for people with diabetes or prediabetes consuming this starchy vegetable can be dangerous.

Introducing Corn-on-the-Cob

The history of corn began in Mesoamerica 9000 years ago. Today there are more than 200 species of maize grown worldwide predominantly in North America followed by South America and Africa [1]. The word “corn” was applied first to these cereal crops thousands of years ago by indigenous Americans, but it wasn’t until Christopher Columbus stepped ashore the Caribbean that the term became commonplace.[2]

Fun Fact:
Did you know Ancient Mexicans would make popcorn treats where women would throw popcorn at men they fancied?

Understanding Diabetes

Diabetes amasses from high blood sugar (glucose) which can damage organs over time[3]. Insulin carries glucose from your bloodstream into cells that supply energy for everyday activity . In Type-2 diabetes, either the body does not use insulin properly(a primary hormone tasked with regulating blood sugar levels) known as resistance or doesn’t make sufficient insulin.Monitoring diet influences diabetes growth letting an individual determine what foods spike their blood sugars.This is essential since untreated elevated sugar levels affect vision , kidneys , nerves and could put individuals at higher risk for heart disease stroke infection among other conditions.

How Much Is Too Much?

Like all vegetables not all have equal effects when consumed. Essentially it’s important to consider how any carbohydrate intake will raise blood glucose naturally.The amount lets us decide how much carbohydrates we should be able to consume within controlled portions.

Some vegetables allow larger portion sizes while others only smaller quantities[5].

86 grams(oz)/half ear: Medium

173 oz/1 ear cooked: Large

As you can see, corn’s portion sizes are unrealistic compared to nutritionally preferred vegetables.

Fun Fact:
Did you know most people have over 6-8 ears of corn during an average barbecue?

Advantages and Disadvantages

Bands recommends consuming starches that give high-grade nutrients–like minerals, vitamins as well as fiber [7 ] Because of its deep yellow tinting which implies higher levels of anti-oxidants (lutein + zeaxanthin)corn has been ranked as a healthy choice.

However one drawback is it’s Higher Glycemic Load(GI/GL)[9]

Glycemic Load ranks carbohydrates based on how significantly ingesting them will elevate blood sugar[10]. Also known as a measure combining both quality and quantity.This index affects insulin production which in turn contributes to inflammation eventually leading up to Type 2 diabetes.

How Do We Control Portions?

Contemplating the visual benefits plus following meal planning guidelines assured waydiabetics could safely relish corn at their convenience.

Advisable steps consistof measuring out portions or familiarizing oneself with handout support/materials detailing the count when eating at home or restaurants.[11]

Alternatively ,examining your blood sugars prior post -meal helping assess carb sensitivity to observe if any adjustments are necessary/purported could be less problematic if need aris


Diabetes advocates carve practical seasonal recipes comprising detailed diabetic-friendly alterations like roastinginstead boiling/dousing with excessive butter/spices aiming for high-fiber versions.However consuming corn should only be done selectively while consulting a doctor since grain largely affects blood sugar control.Given this patients must closely monitor themselves on whether they can afford equivalent protein/fats/crabs in exchange for attainable weight goals.[12]
For those without diabetes they can still consume grilled cobs but minimizing toppings such indulgences by the tablespoon when fruits veggies whole grains are awesome served in innovative styles provides other healthy taste options.

Fun Fact:
Did you know Archibald Query of Framingham, Massachusetts invented canned corn?








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