Can bones swell up?

Are you feeling a bit swollen? Don’t worry, it’s not just that extra helping of lasagna from last night. You might actually be experiencing swelling in your bones! Yes, you read that right – bones can swell too!

What is bone swelling?

Bone swelling occurs when there is an increase in fluid or blood within the bone. This can lead to expansion and stretching of the bone tissue, which causes pain and discomfort. Believe us; it’s not a pleasant experience.

Why do bones swell?

Bones sometimes swell due to various reasons, such as injury or infection. Injuries like fractures or even minor cracks could cause your bones to start puffing up like marshmallows over a flame! Similarly, infections such as osteomyelitis (an infection of the bone) can sometimes cause inflammation and consequent swelling within the affected area how delightful!

Any other possible causes?

Oh absolutely! Sometimes if you’ve been diagnosed with underlying conditions such as leukemia or lymphoma – cancers that affect blood cells – this may disrupt normal circulation throughout the body resulting in abnormal accumulation of fluids causing painful swelling in-bone, lovely isn’t it?


We’re pretty sure nobody wants their bones ‘swollen’, so let’s talk about some symptoms associated with this condition:

  1. Pain –
  2. Discomfort around joints.
  3. Stiffness –
  4. Difficulty moving joint muscles.
  5. Reduced range of motion (ROM) –
  6. Flexibility becomes limited.

These are some common signs one experiences when those non-delectable moments strike!


So now what do we do? Simple answer: We run for diagnosis tests amazing isn’t it?. But first alert individuals would have observed when their symptoms started appearing; otherwise usually doctors diagnose by conducting these exams :

  • Physical examination:
    A qualified medical professional checks the affected area’s swelling, tenderness, and range of motion.
  • Imaging tests:
    X-rays or MRI scans could show abnormalities within the susceptible bone (Ghost in Carriers voice).


Now we can talk about treating those swollen bones. An essential aspect during this phase is to ensure one consults with a qualified medical professional before anything else just for added assurance.


Doctors may prescribe antibiotics if symptoms are due to infections. Pain relievers like ibuprofen and acetaminophen would be given alongside anti-inflammatory drugs treatment depending on severity.

Thermal treatments

Applying heat or ice packs on swollen-in boney areas helps reduce pain caused by compressing nerves within the sensitive space surrounding inflamed muscles.


In severe cases where diagnostic evaluation highlights irreversible damage surgery recommended – yikes!


Like they say- Prevention is better than cure… sometimes that’s not possible when it comes to some injuries/ diseases but minor steps from our end go a long way…

  1. Wear appropriate protective gear while playing sports!
    Better safe than sorry! Helmets, shin guards etc help buffer impact should injury occur!

  2. Calcium intake; as boring as it sounds works wonders!
    Strengthen your bones internally by taking calcium supplements and food sources rich in same like milk products which improve bone strength all-around body wellness

  3. Exercise regularly.
    Keep yourself active ; regular exercises facilitate blood flow hence ensuring enough oxygen reaching warm-up muscles surrounding bones thus lessening risk of inflammation developing

4.Try avoiding too much salt
Reducing sodiu-rich foods consumed lowers chances of contracting Osteoporosis: Just another great benefit

When dealing with any signs/sympoms do visit your local GP for prompt advice.

It seems like there isn’t much comedy material involved here; however, seeing some popular Medical series out there inspired us at Joksters Health to do the same keepingit light during this serious talk (Please note; all puns above are meant strictly for fun and should not supersede advised professional medical services).

Remember, our body is like a temple! It’s important we care for it because there’s only one of it!

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