Can birth control make you cry a lot?

Teenage girls who use birth control pills are more likely to cry, sleep too much and experience eating issues than their peers who don’t use oral contraceptives, according to a recent study published in the medical journal JAMA Psychiatry .

Can a birth control pill make you depressed? Since the introduction of the birth control pill, women have come out in droves complaining of depression and anxiety associated with the use of the pill.

What are the side effects of birth control pills? “Less estrogen can mean less weight gain, so lower-dose pills are helpful for patients experiencing weight gain.” 3. You’re having some pretty serious mood swings. Any time you introduce hormones into your body via birth control, it can cause mood changes.

Why do I get angry when I take birth control? Being bewilderingly angry isn’t something you should have to simply put up with. It’s likely a sign that your birth control doesn’t gel very well with how your brain naturally functions, and it’s just time for you to take a different route when it comes to preventing pregnancy.

How does hormonal birth control affect your mood? Hormonal birth control is having a big impact on our mood with feelings of anger and sadness reported by women using all forms of synthetic hormones. What’s even scarier is that more recent studies have shown that teenage girls starting the pill, the patch, and the IUD, were 80% more likely to develop depression.