Can being sick cause panic attack?

Have you ever found yourself in a frenzy of anxiety, shaking and sweating when feeling under the weather? No doubt it was not just the chills and fever that had you feeling edgy; your body’s natural response to such state can be overwhelming. In this hilarious, yet informative piece, we’ll dive deep into whether sickness has a direct bearing on panic attacks.

The Overlap Between Physical Symptoms and Anxiety

It’s easy to confuse poor health with anxiety symptoms; illnesses come with their fair share of stressors that could trigger feelings of tension or purely harbor unwelcome confusion about an upcoming medical visit. It’s no surprise then that many physical ailments are constantly mistaken as hidden drivers behind panic attacks. Think chest pain/pressure (like heartburn?), shortness of breath (could it be frequent burping?) or muscle weakness/fatigue (maybe because you’re hibernating all day). In fact, most common signs that indicate your immune system is taking a hit can leave anyone feeling fragile.

The truth is, while there may appear to exist some elements of overlap between what constitutes illness-related anxieties vis-a-vis generalized anxiety disorders /panic disorders- not much empirical data exists linking them together.

Sicknesses That Could Fuel Panic Attacks

While there are very few localizable mechanisms known for certain pathogens triggering substantial nervous responses within humans other than hyperventilation caused due smoking tobacco/cigarettes or if patient suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD) , multiple lines evidence suggest various respiratory viruses could amp up one’s stress levels in different ways:

1. Shingles

Shingles – essentially adult chickenpox – causes shingle-specific anxiety by attaching themselves specifically into nerve cells usually impacting immunity. While the ensuing painful blisters might explain why those who’ve experienced shingles were likely tense during its acute phase but any relation towards causing regular panic attacks in the future remains inconclusive.

2. Influenza

Perhaps no virus is as dreaded as influenza, what with its violently high fevers, chills and body aches running rampant like a drug-addled spider monkey within your respiratory system! The procuring of flu can lead to an overall sense of distress due to all that’s being thrown at the immune system simultaneously which could add some fuel to one’s anxiety.

This notwithstanding though- there are vaccines nowadays for most strains out there now- so getting yourself properly inoculated wouldn’t hurt.

3. Lyme disease

When you contract Lyme disease from abandoned ticks latching on over long hikes through tick country (like Maine or Vermont), it implies fearing life itself knowing how much work lies ahead trying fully recover especially if caught late followed by prolonged systemic symptoms such as arthritis-like joint pain malaise and fatigue could absolutely wear down anyone emotional state eventually making them feel sick both inside/outside.

Breaking Away From Sickness-Caused Anxiety

Being unwell can seriously take a toll not just physically but mentally too; however there exist here several techniques you might apply whenever feeling overwhelmed:

1) Adjustment/ management of diet(meal plans/patterns);

2) Regular exercising;

3) Certified therapy plus cognitive behavioral reprogramming strategies-training oneself towards learning self-soothing calming techniques in addition mindfulness meditation etcetera-all help confront unease one may have felt while suffering the illness initially

4) Level-headed analysis of your current situation highlighting temporal nature of sickness i.e stressing then realising when sitting shivering tend peak without lasting forever!

It’s vital ,though, never to forget everyone has unique needs regardless whether they’re troubled at present by ailments-related panic attacks causing detrimental effects for days weeks even months afterwards (chronic anxiety disorder). That said -it would be also worth seeing doctors/counsellors specially qualified to help identify and address aspects of mental/physical distress arising due the similarities between anxiety/panic attack-symptoms (examples being -heart palpitations associated symptoms which would typically require heart monitor examination just put them at ease!)

It’s a regrettable fact that getting sick affects more than just physical health, however- one should keep in mind panic attacks are separate from albeit often overlapping with actual sickness. What matters most is taking necessary steps towards regaining control whenever possible alongside one’s medical requirements so as not become overwhelmed by external factors but instead addressing any sources of unease head-on especially considering it’s temporarily related entirely to your own physiology.

As Sarah Ban Breathnach once quipped, “The world needs dreamers who do.” So let us dream big about our futures while also making sure we’re doing all we can now to get there!

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