Can azo stop a uti?

UTIs are the urinary tract infections that can cause all sorts of issues, from pain to burning sensations. If you’ve experienced such symptoms, then chances are you’d do just about anything to make them go away. One common and often sought-after solution is the use of AZO.

But can it stop a UTI in its tracks? In this article, we’ll delve into everything there is to know about AZO and whether it’s truly effective for treating UTIs or not (spoiler alert: yes it is!).

What Is Azo?

First things first: what exactly is AZO? It’s an over-the-counter medication that contains phenazopyridine hydrochloride, which works by numbing the bladder so as to reduce the pain associated with UTIs.

How Does Azo Work?

As mentioned earlier, AZO works by desensitizing your bladder walls. This means less pressure on your painful urethra during urination resulting in reduced burning and urgency symptomology .

However: Yes but… while taking Azo will help decrease signs, patients should still come in for testing at a laboratory facility!

## Who Should Use Azo?

Generally speaking anyone who experiences symptoms of pain or discomfort when passing urine could give AZO products some attention after consulting with their doctor.
Nonetheless; those suffering kidney ailments,yellow skin mucous membranes & acute porphyria (disease causing stomach/skin/nervous tissue disorders) are advised against usage!

So if none apply – You’re golden! Head on down ◕‿◕

And be sure to check expiration dates folks!

How Effective Is Azo At Treating UTIs?

It won’t necessarily cure an infection but aims relieve symptoms until women receive antibiotics / anti-microbial treatment (on behalf of Healthcare Provider.) Many regard administering OTC analgesics like Azo as a form of relief – at least temporarily.

Some claims highlight ammonia breakdown leading to UTI infections – chiefly connected to lack of hydration or introduction from foreign bacteria strains e.g incubation times (did sister-in-law forget washing her hands properly, while cooking?)
It’s best practice regardless to stay alert and monitor symptoms following usage.

How To Use AZO For UTIs?

A package of the medication usually comes with instructions enclosed & available in drugstores!
Here are some basic tips for consuming the medication:

  • Graciously swallow any tablets whole, avoid taking chewing on em’!
  • Many patients begin by popping one pill thrice per day
  • Should the accompanying fever persists seek medical attention (you don’t want things getting outta hand)
    Burning sensations will likely decrease within 24 hours once consumed

Reminder Points/tips when using AZO

Be careful about pee suddenly changing color upon consumption!

This should not be mistaken for blood and is only a result of excess phenazopyridine disposal in urine flow.

Water intake is also important especially during phase prior diagnosis / waiting period forbearance till healthcare providers jump into action! If anything seems off then check in with an expert health specialist ASAP.

Disadvantages/ complexities Of Using Azo

  1. Red Urine Coloration; As aforementioned earlier azo turns your pee bright orange / red . This happens as long as it’s being passed through urethra.
  2. Hepatic Symptoms ; In extremely rare scenarios severe liver reaction can occur via initial exposure & continuous administration overtime based unfamiliarity arising from individual body mechanisms !
    3.Not always Effective against Bacteria; Some studies suggest that phenazopyridine alone may not alleviate all UTI cases no matter how mild… It has proven more manageable among symptomatic alleviation – requiring follow-up professional handling.

Possible Side Effects Of Using Azo

  1. Do not exceed recommended dosage to prevent potential liver/kidney damage
  2. Dizziness
  3. Headaches
    4.IF one notices any pus or blood discharges, they should call their doctors post haste;
  4. Nausea

In the end while AZO is certainly a viable option for managing UTI symptoms that cause so much stress/immobilize us from daily life activities , it’s essential to understand its possible risks/potential complications as well!

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