Can apoquel cause pancreatitis in dogs?

Have you been using Apoquel to treat your furry friend’s itching, and now you’re worried it may cause pancreatitis? Fear not! In this article, we will explore the relationship between Apoquel and pancreatitis in dogs. We’ll give you a quick rundown of what each term means before delving into whether or not Apoquel can cause pancreatitis.

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What Is Apoquel?

First things first — what is Apoquel? It is a medication that veterinarians prescribe to prevent itching due to allergic reactions. The drug comes as tablets or injection forms which contain an active ingredient called oclacitinib maleate. Oclacitinib blocks some signals within the immune system responsible for triggering inflammation responses when exposed to allergens like mites, pollen or certain food components.

People often confuse antihistamines with immunomodulatory drugs like Agemt such as Benadryl and Claritin (antihistamines are good at reducing mild itching). These medicines work by blocking histamine receptors on cells; hence eliminating an allergic reaction’s perceived itchiness but they do not affect any deeper changes happening inside the dog’s immune system.

ApoQull® differs from antihistamines in that its modulated nature has fewer side effects than steroids at lower doses even though it still suppresses whole other parts of canine immunity

Pancreatitis: A Quick Overview

Pancreatitis refers to the inflammation of the pancreas gland caused by numerous factors including fat consumption especially fatty foods.. When it happens, dogs experience severe abdominal pain – this dissipates only after treating underlying causes successfully processed so human companions’ duty is observation ad swift treatment when need arises . Some common symptoms include:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Reduced appetite
  • Weight loss

It’s generally accepted that feeding high-fat diets to dogs is the leading cause of pancreatitis in domestic animals. Picking the right pet foods that are lower in fat can prevent or minimize this condition’s development.

However, some medications can also contribute to its onset.

Can Apoquel Cause Pancreatitis?

Currently, there isn’t sufficient scientific evidence proving a link between using Apoquel and pancreatitis. A study published by Zoetis Inc., found no significant correlation between administering oclacitinib maleate and increased incidence rates of pancreatitis chronic iting treatment side effects .

Although other studies suggest U.S Food and Drug Administration-approved case-reports show certain dogs developed gastrointestinal disturbances after taking apoqul for an extended period but these cases still not prove a direct causality relationship you may yet ask yourself “Can my dog develop pancreatitis while taking apoqel?”

The short answer is yes — any medication administered improperly or used long-term without appropriate medical evaluation could lead to pancreatic disease development over time since reduced wide-spectrum immune system functions increase opportunistic infections likelihood and impair glycemic controls mechanisms at various levels . However, such drug misrepresentations do not classify a particular medicine as causing the disorder inherently/directly.

Therefore; strictly adhere to veterinary prescription guidelines including following dosage instructions carefully\
When your furry friend develops symptoms related with digestive tract inflammation like non-specific vomiting gastroenteritis consider adequating protocol starting with dietary changes modification acccordingly which will help them heal faster especially if fat content causes recurring issues.

Other Risk Factors That May Lead To Pancreatitis

In addition to exposing Fido indiscriminately Fatty Foods known activity-linked causalities , other potential risk factors causing canine developing pancreatic injury include :


Similar trends apply across animal species when discussing elderly individuals effect on precursor conditions because immunoregulatory processes changes due aging-related stressors leads broader oxidative damage than explicable by genetics alone . As such, elderly dogs have a higher chance of developing pancreatitis than younger ones.


Pancreatic inheritance traits’ likely genetic roles come into play and generate predisposition anomalies more likely to happen in select breeds like German shepherds, Miniature Schnauzers or Cocker Spaniels where recurrent inflammation patterns arise quite regularly even over seemingly minor stimuli .


Obesity is notoriously associated with many chronic diseases seen across various animal species. For example; cardiovascular, diabetes mellitus etc.u. In this case exposure to diets high in fats increases risk factors triggering pancreatic injury progression something often experienced by diabetic patients as failed glucose levels causation reasons which end up exacerbating certain conditions like hyperlipidemia (abnormal fat metabolization).

Signs Of Pancreatitis To Look Out for

Of course noticing your fluffy companion’s particular signs related symptoms requires keen observation skills but some common pointers that should trigger veterinary attention include :

  • Discomfort around abdomen region
  • Continuously vomiting
  • Reduced appetite
    Detectable lethargy accompanying aforementioned situations discolorations on gums due dehydration..

It might seem obvious what you need to do when observing these behaviors- put the fur baby get medical help from a veterinarian ASAP without fail


Apoquel has been one of the most efficient medications used for treating itching in dogs; so far though, there isn’t any substantial evidence that it causes canine pancreatitis . Their efficacy exceeds their alleged negative consequences hence why an expert opinion needs never be ignored when discussing specific use-cases with respect to individual pet/dog health status overall..

Remember all drug usage guidelines stipulated within packets instructions follow strictly if caught between any uncertainties always consult trusted professionals . Keep feeding them low-fat fantastic dog food options avoid table scraps altogether as well! While Apoquel does not directly cause pancreatitis but there’s no harm approaching all medication usage decisions with care so next time you hear someone say that this drug causes this disease in pets, just laugh it off u/nless the pro snorts at these thoughts too loudly hehe.. !

Anyways, we hope you found our article helpful!

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