Can anxiety make you feel like crying?

Anxiety, the all-encompassing feeling of impending doom that seems to seep into every aspect of your life. It’s like having a little gremlin in your head constantly poking and prodding you with negative thoughts, making it hard to focus on anything else.

One of the many ways anxiety can manifest itself is through tears. Yep, that’s right; you could end up crying more than Adele listening to her own music if those feelings get too overwhelming. In this article, we’ll be talking about crying as a symptom of anxiety and why it happens.

What is Anxiety?

Before diving into the deep end of whether or not anxiety can make you cry enough to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool let’s first define what’s meant by “anxiety.”

Anxiety is an emotional reaction when faced with stressors such as new environments or situations where there’s uncertainty or unpredictability.

Nowadays anxiety is used generally as an umbrella term encompassing Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Specific Phobias, Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD), Panic Disorders and so much more but at its core,’s just heightened levels of stress which impair daily function

Symptoms Of Anxiety That Could Lead To Tears

There are several symptoms associated with anxiety that could lead you down the path towards tear town:


Overthinking due to anxiety often leads people spiraling into worst-case scenarios imagining everything from losing their jobs/ falling ill/ being abandoned- A process called catastrophizing- which amplifies cortisol production leading overall dysregulation ,

This constant line-up in your imagination eventually turns overwhelming leading one punch drunk against their struggles .


Hyperventilation aka rapid breathing leading even our brain oxygen-deprived -is another side effect caused by excessive worry-ing / overthinking prompting floods of negative emotion which simply burst out .

Panic attacks

As aforementioned,anxiety covers a range of disorders: Panic disorder is one such .It can often be triggered by any activity or situation where one feels trapped in leading to bodily sensations giving the feeling you may suffocate on all that air.

The Pressure Cooker Effect

Anxiety isn’t always short-lived and acute, sometimes it shows up as chronic anxiety over time which affects sleep patterns, concentration levels therefore,it ends up becoming quite distressing when we try pretending trying to hold our silly ruse.

Finally , Long-standing anxiety leads to pressure building-up like stacking veggies aboard a truck with its suspension close to its limits’

Sobbing about your anxious life

Despite ‘all these different ways people cry from’ having anxiety; not everyone will become waterfalls via tear ducts. However for several Here are some reasons why anxiety really wants you balling away:

Release A Barrel Full of Feelings

Crying releases pent-up frustration hence provides relief after a prolonged episode of tension cause here’s an interesting fact: crying releases endorphins into the body’s system (Sobotka, 2018)

Endorphins are chemicals injecting hella dopamine and serotonin straight into your bloodstream causing happiness and warmth kinda like Kelly Clarkson tunes.

But seriously though, It’s finally letting go of everything stuck inside that had nowhere else left to flow.

No Tissue Required But Preferred!

Imagine choking back emotions when your mind reminds about something painful/catastrophic at work while surrounded by cubicle comrades or sitting next on public transport ?

There might be tears forming behind lids but everyone knows how embarrassing it is to ‘wail’. So imagine when home-alone thanks post-pandemic protocols trigger some parts there’ll fly uncontrolled sobs here&there.
Therefore breaking down at times could solidify space taken never expressed leading towards a sob fest

Gaslighting Tears

A person may gas light their feelings of anxiety. Everyone ridicules the fact that we still might end-up crying when our anxiety becomes too weary for us to handle I mean what-are-we-stupid?Thus one denies oneself an emotional catharsis by implication like insisting the earth’s not round.


So there you have it kids! Anxiety is indeed able and willing to make you cry enough tears for Red Bull event, with everything from overthinking scenarios; hyperventilation caused by excessive worry & Panic attacks to pressure building up .Crying could be just what’s needed either releasing happy hormones into veins or leading into prolonged sobs.

Just remember folks_ No matter how tough life gets never forget: That everyone has a unique way of dealing with their struggles- some becoming warriors while others choosing the pillow route especially right after using fantastic oil blotting films 😉