Can an std cause hives?

Hives, also known as urticaria, is a common condition that can be caused by different factors such as medications, food allergies, insect bites or stings. However, some people may wonder if they can get hives from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). It’s understandable to be concerned about this possibility since STDs often have unpredictable symptoms and consequences on our health. In this article, we will explore the relationship between STDs and hives in human-like language but with a funny tone of voice.

What are Hives?

Before tackling the question of whether an std can cause hives or not, let’s first discuss what hives are for those who might not know.

Hive, noun – A swollen area on your skin that appears suddenly and usually disappears quickly without treatment but often recurs at random intervals in various locations

Simply put; when you have hives it means something is causing your body to produce histamine— which it releases into your bloodstream—resulting in raised red welts appearing on the surface of your skin. These welts tend to itch badly while making weird patterns all over your epidermis like spilled coffee creamer during breakfast.

What are Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

A sexually transmitted disease (STD) refers to any infection passed from one person to another via sexual contact – vaginal sex(ouch!), anal sex(wowza!) mouth-mouth sex(meh!), all other types of intercourse(fancy!). The most common ones include gonorrhea(yikes), chlamydia(ewww), herpes(aah!), syphilis(I feel queasy), trichomoniasis(get me outta here) hepatitis B(thank you vaccines).

Contrary to popular opinion(STD myths circulating online these days fella cough cough) having unprotected sex even once(everyone chant ‘just say no’) could lead to contracting any of the aforementioned diseases.

Unprotected sex, noun – an act in which at least one person engaging in sexual activity is not protected through the use of a physical or chemical barrier such as condoms, dental dams or contraceptives.

How are Hives and STDs related?

Okay, let’s get to the main question—can an STD cause hives? Mediocrity(whoops!), Medicine from physicians has shown that there is no direct correlation between having an STD and getting hives. However, although it’s medically unlikely for an std to be responsible for hives(biological mischief-makers unite!) since most sexually transmitted infections would instead affect various parts of your reproductive system like burning sensation while peeing(Ouch!my eyes), foul smell (I think I smelled it when just reading this out loud) rash on your genitals(I think keeping it covered).

It’s important to note that some STIs may cause symptoms very similar(cue dramatic music) to those seen with urticaria (Ding! Ding! Ding!). Such conditions include HPV(Human papillomavirus)-an std causing genital warts(yup,warts under my belt ain’t cute)similar red bumps often appear during outbreaks. Syphilis(the disease famous for mercury treatment)-yes,you guessed right again,(the drug addiction recovery industry must hate syphilis,this chap reuses his stage name each time,nice branding Mr.syph!)syphilis causes rashes all over your body,turquoise(turkey noise here)lesions(sorry alcoholics anonymous group).

Apart from these two uncommon illnesses,multiple allergies could result in the development of a hive-like rash including food allergies,hay fever(vacation-planning alert!),latex allergies(fashion choices,Kylie Jenner stop wearing latex dress,because allergy gang wants you(or do they))kissing bugs(just when I thought it couldn’t get any grosser).

Allergy, noun – an immune response to a substance, food or others that your body recognizes as foreign.

  • At one point in history before humans evolved(Thanks Charles Darwin!),it was almost life-threatening having hives on the skin because of all possible allergies. Here is lovely chart showing some causes:
Source Reaction
Food Urticaria(angry-hive-cells) and/or angioedema(swelling on face, lips,tongue).
Medication Urticaria but can also develop into more serious allergic reactions like anaphylaxis(a condition where organs shuts down suddenly),angioedema etc.
Insect bites Experience redness(and become angry for being interrupted by our coexist partied with these annoying intruders),swelling,and itching around the affected area.

As you’ve seen, there are many different conditions that can cause symptoms similar to those of hives yet aren’t fully linked to STDs.

How To Tell if You Have Hives?

Wondering if you actually have hives? Let’s find out through these subtle indicators(crossing fingers for humor).

  • The rash disappeared last time-It might be urticaria
  • Itchy splotches emerge abruptly when intimately interacting with partners(Sexy-time) et al.-possible sexually transmitted infection brewing (also consider changing partner).
  • Pale Centers which occur due excessive mast cell degranulation say what now?! Okay essentially there would be pale center surrounded by red circle at places right.(explainer falls off chair laughing while attempting jargons)

If after reading this section you still suspect that you may have contracted an STI(don’t panic!keep calm!) even though your breakout resembles hives,a visit to The Doc is always the best option.

Visit to The Doc, verb – an action taken by individuals after examination of symptoms or developing concerns related to their health in which they seek professional medical advice, diagnosis and treatment from a trained healthcare provider or physician nurse practitioner etc.

Hives Treatment

Thankfully, hives can be treated with a few complementary treatments as follows;

  1. Over-The-Counter Medications: Thanks to around-the-clock pharmacies nearby our neighborhood(Yay!),an individual can get antihistamine medications like diphenhydramine or loratadine without any prescription(pretty convenient huh?). These drugs block histamine release, hence reducing itching/swellings on your body parts.(music applause!)
  2. Avoid Possible Triggers:Do away with possible triggers(Wow its sounds easy said than done),that way you reduce chances of reoccurring similar breakouts.
  3. Cold Compresses:Ashamed to ask if this works?No,you shouldn’t.Dip in cold water for at least 10minutes,take it out wrap it up(in towels of course)then place it on affected area.Snacks,Friends TV show epi/YouTube Ted Talks.Something!

You’ll remember earlier that some STIs may cause rashes almost identical to those seen with urticaria(angry-hive-cells). Although,in such circumstances medicaments and exclusive explanation should be given by qualified physicians.Basically,it varies depending on STD type(My monologue whispers-benefits of using condoms).

To end We Hope Our Entertaining Post Answered Your Question(about whether stds can cause hives)…Well sorta(The Benefits Of Mermaid Gaming In Open Sea will remain unanswered forever!).Remember,some diseases have identical rash patterns(hmm Could Karma exist?)so don’t rely only on visual inspection.In case you suspect anything funny happening (Audience giggle!), Just visit The Doc for proper examination so you can get the right diagnosis(while maybe also collecting a lollipop(because I don’t know,kids receive one after doctor appointments).

As we always say in these parts,stay safe,take care and practice good hygiene practices.

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