Can an inflamed appendix heal itself?

If you are reading this, chances are that your gut is stormy waters and you’re wondering if surgery can be avoided. I get it – surgery is expensive, and who doesn’t love a good mystery abdominal pain? But before we dive into whether an inflamed appendix can fix itself or not, let’s first understand what the organ does in our body.

What Does the Appendix Do?

Before we proceed any further with our discussion about appendicitis (oh yeah, we’ll get there), let’s talk about the unsung hero in our abdomen- The Appendix. It sits right at the bottom of your small intestine where it meets up with your large intestine/colon but serves no significant known function in humans (let’s face it; by now you’ve undoubtedly googled “What does my appendix do”).

Appendicitis 101

Appendicitis occurs when this little buddy gets inflamed because of blockage caused by stool or bacterial infection — thanks for nothing bacteria). Once blocked/offended out of existence, poop builds to explosive levels and can cause severe stomach cramps, nausea/vomiting , fever..not cool.

So here comes your question: “Can appendicitis go away on its own?” Let me give it to you straight:

How Likely Is Self-Healing?

While occasionally an acute case may resolve spontaneously (if luck falls upon us), delaying treatment beyond 48 hours from symptom onset increases risk/fatality rates two-fold (Not so fun fact time folks). Our bodies possess modern-day superpowers only seen on sci-fi movies like regrowing neurons/cracked skin restoration/immune response made possible through specialised immune cells travelling throughout each vein channeling power directly from your red blood cells so never underestimate human resilience but don’t bank on these abilities helping out.

In some cases– rare ones at that- the inflamed appendix can open up on its own, allowing the pressure to resolve itself (yay?), but this can lead to dangerous infection and peritonitis if not seen by a doctor. Therefore, it is always best beforehand to consult your physician.

Factors Affecting Healing

Let’s suppose you’re a lucky cat & made it past discretion time without detection of inflammation– never fear TMI, as bowel movements are proven necessary for overcoming appendicitis (Trust us we’re medical professionals) . Now what? Some factors like age or immunocompromised state due to disease/disorder may predict chance of spontaneous healing rates yielding lower success/favorable outcomes. Bottomline: Know when conservative treatment isn’t an option & head straight towards surgery.

If seeking comfort in numbers: Approximately 7% out of all confirmed Appendicitis cases have been found on mere observation with conservatively treated symptoms requiring no additional intervention procedures(handful we know).

Alternative Medical Treatments

Now hear me out before painting potentially helpful remedies labeled ‘quackery’. If conventional allergy drugs fail being utilized alongside other monitored treatments homoeopathy/acupuncture has shown promise aiding symptom-relieving effects minimizing inflammation caused by contracted tissue resulting in blockages such as hair/food finding their way into vessels present within mesentery layer encompassing small intestine.

However..these alternative solutions lack research studies affirming these findings so interpret this technique cautiously.


Let’s be honest here; Your road trip took an involuntary getaway at nausea junction where each bump further surmounts pain levels mounting exhaustion reaching then-desired life crossing thresholds nightfall had nothing compared hence scheduling surgery scheduled completely falls under choice-prioritising patient safety marked highest among importance (We’re proud life servicers – Can ya tell) Moving forward: possible signs indicating future occurrences incline predisposed genetics/hereditary background/or long-term frustration over bowel intestine.

Stay safe out there and don’t let inflamed organs throw a wrench in your plans, folks.

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