Can alopecia be reversed naturally?

Alopecia is a condition that can leave you feeling exposed, vulnerable, and like you’re constantly in the spotlight. With hair loss causing bald spots or even total hair loss, it’s no wonder people are searching for answers to turn back time and get their locks back.

But with so many different treatments on the market promising instant results, it’s hard to know where to start without spending a fortune on products that may or may not work. So could alopecia be reversed naturally? Let’s dive into the hairy truth about this follicle predicament.

What exactly is alopecia?

Before we delve into the potential cures for alopecia, let’s first address what we’re actually dealing with here.

Essentially alopecia is autoimmunity gone wild – your immune system goes rogue and starts attacking healthy cells of your body (in this case – hair follicles), leaving behind smooth patches…not unlike trying to shave your cat after watching too many Youtube videos.

There are several types of Alopecias depending on which part of hair growth cycle gets affected; from Androgenic Alopecia (patterned baldness) to Diffuse Alopecias affecting entire scalp uniformly. Most frustratingly: age and genetics certainly have nothing better do than exacerbating things!

With all these causes at play- there simply isn’t one solution fits all when addressing possible way outs:

Topical Remedies

Sure if movies as old as ‘American Psycho’ told us anything it was patting desperately towards various over-the-counter remedies promising [Insert-your-wildest-hair-color] growth 😉

However come out already Mr Pink-ish skin tone!! It’s cheap but ineffective solutions such Minoxidil simply don’t cut it().

That said , some “natural” methods require far less patient combativeness :

Shea Butter

Shea shea butter, derived from nuts of the Shea tree, is commonly used in Africa for remedies. It contains Vitamin E and A both known for their restorative effect on hair.

Onion Juice

Whilst sulfur laden onion juice would not be first choice to spray in one’s yodels (Cringe😖) science tells us it works well as an antiseptic & growth promoter. Plus you get that lovely smell 👃.

Food – Settling The Stomach Whilst Thickening Locks

Now we’re cooking! (no literally…), rather than coating your locks with oil from previously mentioned horses’ a# @(# Ugh 🙄 , feeding yourself correctly might surprisingly impact exterior positively!

Let’s touch upon certain foods which aren’t just stomach-pleasers but also provide incredible benefits to our tresses:

1) Marine Proteins Sources

‘The only way to save yourself from drowning is by Climbing aboard another sinking ship’; similarly when hair starts shedding hold onto healthy sources like salmon and oysters high in marine protein content – trust us they’ll help battle impending baldness !(!)

2) Eggs Are Your Hair’s Best Friend

This versatile type of food ticks many boxes: amino acids, biotin,vitamins such as B12 all combined together helps combat weak roots- So stock them up folks🐓!!

3 ) Spinach Popeye Will Be Bonkers About!

It turns out that myth about spinach making us bionic were baseless : however nothing debatable over stark health benefits embedded within this leafy green. Not directly aiding alopecia but nonetheless helping overall scalp condition 🙂 🥗.

Oh there are several other options too namely legumes(beans/ lentils), Nuts(almonds,walnuts et al). Is it unreasonable wanting glowing healthier appearance at large? NOPE-y!

                                              ##### Ahoy! But wait , there is disappointment too (!)

1) Sweet Tooth Sobs

It feels like just yesterday we mentioned Almond smoothies as no brainer Alopecia smash hit.

Well, hold our horses or in this case Smoothie glasses because sugar found in abundance within such lustrous drinks could parallel the effects of cigarettes on your hair health!!

Say it ain’t so Jack !
We are not saying stop gorging but… sighs; moderation guys!

#### Summary Ya’ll:-

In brief? The examples above can lend a helping hand for Hair growth- sustainably mitigating possible loss ; though nothing truly foolproof which means – Proactively changing habits better than stressing over ideal panacea !!

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