Can alcohol trigger psoriasis?

Are you a fan of hitting the bar after a long day at work? Or perhaps, an occasional glass or two to top off your weekend? Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but alcohol is one of the culprits identified as triggers for psoriasis (I know! As if living with it were not enough already!).

What’s psoriasis exactly?

As much as it sounds like an exotic skin condition, unfortunately, it isn’t. Psoriasis is actually caused by an overactive immune system and affects about 1-3% people worldwide. It shows up in different forms including raised red patches on the skin that are covered with white scales (image of “scalpy-red-patches” cue’d), silvery scales from legs to arms or mouth lesions.

Enough gobbledegook for now. Let’s dive right into our question – “Can alcohol trigger psoriasis?”

The relationship between Psoriasis & Alcohol

While there is yet no concrete evidence to prove that alcohol directly causes psoriasis (neither does coming from Mercury cause idiocy…those flat-Earth men won’t agree though!), studies have shown that indulging in drinks could lead to outbreaks in existing conditions.

Why does this happen though?

Researchers believe that alcohol causes inflammation all around the body hence making existing symptoms worse. On top of this result derived from gut-microbes interacting with ethanol would produce substances which leads on set/improvement; depending on many factors e.g gene modification (nope, before you ask me where those genes ever existed!)

So while there might not be anything wrong with your pre-game warming up per se (well technically – yes) , getting tipsy too often might upset existing conditions if you have ‘P’.

But how “too often” exactly do we mean?

Severity depends on quantity

As far as drug confessions go: The amount you consume will reflect on the side effects and there is no exception with alcohol. Researchers have found that heavy drinking leads to a higher risk of psoriasis. Not to burst your bubble, but what entails as “heavy” depends on some overlooked factors including

  • age
  • sex
  • smoking history

Effects of Drinking Too Much

With all this talk about drinking in moderation (yeah right) , what does actually happen when we cross that ‘just for fun’ line ?

Psoriasis flare-ups are not the only thing you should worry about!

Other harmful effects include decreased liver function – which really sucks (more than ordering extra ketchup and getting none!) And finally stroke (turns out those two free shots from your bartender could cost way more than we thought).

The common train thought rounds up at storing these choices somewhere between “I don’t wanna hear it” & everyone’s favorite “YOLO”; if we’re honest with ourselves though, indulging sparingly would spare us (pun intended).

Drinking responsibly ain’t so bad after all….

But enough lecture time.. let’s talk solutions!

What alternatives do I have?

Giving up alcohol altogether might seem too daunting a feat; especially since ol’ Jack’s been a close pal for ages now (I mean how else will you get over introducing yourself to strangers?!) . So instead, turn him into merely an acquaintance by trying out ‘healthier’ alcoholic drink options:

  1. Wine – moderately

2.Gin&Tonic or Vodka&cranberry juice Just watch those serving sizes!

3.Light beers

And hey presto!, now ol’ jack won’t be placing stress on my P-condition anymore, physically or mentally!

Now before running off closing bar tabs left and right; remember that different contexts breathe different outcomes depending upon interaction(s). As much as staying aware of your limits, it’s more important to listen to your body (bar-hopping that causes sensitivity becomes less fun afterwards) and making sure one tries ‘healthier’ tips.

That said let’s go on….

Final Thoughts

Back in the day, all these health talks may have been considered ‘hippie talk’ or even “buzzkills” for some. But with research and a wider acceptance in the public sphere (plus almost everyone now carrying antibodies).. safety is not far fetched from our daily conversations.

In as much as there isn’t an assured cure for psoriasis pretty much like so many tendencies around us; we can try managing it through introspective initiatives like limiting alcohol consumption. And who says cheating every once in a while doesn’t always come with its own incentives?

So whether you’re swiping right at happy hour or just celebrating another TGIF off-work hours… Remember :

“Drink responsibly & Stay mindful!”

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