Can a pregnant woman use zandu balm?

Whether you are pregnant or not, muscle pain is quite common. You have spent hours sitting in the office, and now your back hurts. Or you worked out too hard at the gym and soreness has set in. And sometimes, all it takes is awkward sleeping positions to cause stiffness that lasts for days.

To help manage such minor aches and pains, many people reach for balms like Zandu Balm. However, if you’re pregnant, the question arises: Is Zandu balm safe? Let’s find out!

What is Zandu Balm?

Zandu Balm is an Ayurvedic balm with essential oils of mentha (peppermint), eucalyptus and Gaultheria fragrantissima (wintergreen) as its key ingredients. It provides relief from muscular ache & pain, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica and neuralgia. Despite being papaya-scented for maximum effectiveness, some users may find the smell repulsive.

So… Can Pregnant Women Use It?

Pregnancy can be tough on your body; backaches are just one of several discomforts that come along with it. Although various medications provide quick relief from these ailments during pregnancy; there’s always concern about the baby’s health.

However, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like Brufen or combiflam should generally be avoided during pregnancy since they might affect normal constriction/dilation of blood vessels to organs like lungs/heart/kidneys/liver regarding Oxygen/nutrient exchange leading to multi organ failure/fetal death/preterm labor/low birth weight etc.,

Why Not Just Be Cautious And Avoid Ointments Altogether?

That could work if you live under consistent care by your partner who will massage some aromatic oil on your neck until three times daily till the end of pregnancy. Plus, they would be working out some natural stress with little massaging on your bag and feet.

The only problem is that you can add four pounds of water weight from just sitting down and looking at a bloated canister of ice cream in one day. Yeah… It’s hard to keep up with it.

Doctors usually recommend gentle exercises like walking or prenatal yoga but If massages are too much effort for your partner/you cannot convince anybody else/your own balance impedes easing tension; then You may have considered using a pain-relieving balm such as Zandu balm.

Is Zandu Balm Safe For Pregnant Women?

Yes, pregnant women use Zandu balm topically — that means externally applied to an area where needed— without doctors’ issues falling into place

Although rare reports suggest allergies due to remedies or skin condition type reactions repeated applications every 4 hours if might fix relieve muscle aches around neck shoulders, back knees.

Please note reassessing doses after overusing and consulting personal medical practitioner regarding its effects alongside other medicines or infections sounding like smart options!

Also there are those who fear topical salves increase chances edema-swelling./ lead towards preeclampsia (hypertension/lower platelet counts) . Additionally usage near eyes/nose/mouth should be avoided due extreme cooling sensation leading nausea/fainting/breathing difficulties especially during last stages.


In summary, you need not worry about using topical balms such as Zandu when pregnant so long as precautions against allergic reactions/hypersensitivity are taken care of appropriately followed by consultation with healthcare providers.

Organic choices including physical therapy/advised women health-oriented regimens posing least risk gaining control discomfort additionally avoiding hormonal harms linked medication; sometimes proving more efficient for wellness overall treating underlying causes rather than symptoms show promise.