Can a narcissist ever apologize?

Let’s face it – we’ve all met people who just can’t seem to say “I’m sorry.” You know the type – they’re always right, and everyone else is wrong. Even when they mess up big time, they’ll still find a way to shift the blame onto someone else.

These people are called narcissists. They have an inflated sense of self-importance and think that the world revolves around them. But what happens when a narcissist does something wrong? Can they ever bring themselves to apologize?

Understanding Narcissism

To understand whether or not a narcissist can apologize, we first need to take a closer look at what exactly constitutes narcissism. Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is characterized by grandiosity, lack of empathy for others, and excessive admiration for oneself.

People with NPD often believe that they are superior to others in every way possible. They expect special treatment from those around them and will become enraged if their expectations aren’t met.

One hallmark trait of NPD is that individuals with this condition struggle with admitting fault or taking responsibility for their actions. In fact, many may deny any wrongdoing entirely – even if evidence suggests otherwise!

Why It’s So Hard For A Narcissist To Say Sorry

Now let’s get into why it’s so difficult for narcissists to utter those two little words: “I’m sorry.”

Lack Of Empathy

Firstly,many skeptics argue that because emotions run shallow in sufferers of NPD,they struggleto experience these kinds offeelings.Combinedwiththeir desiretobe seen asperfectand immunefrom mistakesthe averagenarc isn’t goingto be too fussed about how anyone else feels about it– evenifit was genuinely hurtful!

Simply put,narc’sdo not care unless it influencesthem negatively.

Apologizing Is Seen As Weak

Another reason why narcissists can’t apologize is because they see it as a sign of weakness. Admitting fault means acknowledging that someone else was right, and in their minds, no one is smarter or more capable than them.

To avoid appearing vulnerable, many narcissists will go to great lengths to protect their ego:

  • They’ll blame others for any wrongdoing
  • Downplay the extent of damage caused
  • Reframe thingsto reflect a better image

Ultimatelythey feel embarrassed by displaying signs offault so use deflection tactics istead

The Need To Control the Narrative

Narcissist’s have an almost obsessive needfor control,and they aren’t content with just ruling overtheir own lives – they desire tolordover everyone aroundthem too.

Whenthingsstartgoing wrong,narcissists will instinctively beginmanipulating circumstancesand all involved,to helpensuretheevent unfoldsin their favor.Likehow people program robots!

Forthis same threadofthinking,Crying’Uncle’ after having made big errors would automatically put them ina positionof lesser power/control! Thisis tough pilltote swallow forsomeone who prefers callingalltheshots and runningtheshow!

Can A Narcissist Learn To Say Sorry?

Understandably then,a quick answer may be NO.However,this isn’t really sufficient,since NPDfolks don’t usually seek therapy on account of this condition. Thereforeit follows that if itwas before you’vesaid somethingor taken some action,youmay tryothermethods.Foreverythingelse,BYOB.Bring your owndamnbandaid .

Jokes apart,mwe’ll let you in onwhat experts say:while apologies from genuine empathy are rare amongst thosewith NPD,itstill seemsto be possible.

In summary,Narc’sneed to work through:

Recognizing That There’s A Problem

The first step to getting a narcissist to apologize is for them to realize that there’s an issue in the first place. If they’re not aware that their behaviour has caused harm,time spent convincingthem this would be reasonable

Accepting Responsibility

Once you’ve convinced the narcissist of your intentions, it will then be crucial which requiresaccepting responsibilityfor what they did wrong.Caution must be employed when making any effort towards negotiating accountability with someone dealingwith NPD;thisisbecausetheyhashtag dolifeontheirownterms.

It couldbe helpfulto leverage clear & concise communication stating outthatwhen specificbehaviour b triggered,it cuts critically at one’s soulas much as(not “more than!”)doesphysically hurt.Avoid emotive statements..“You always…” can raise defensivemechanisms.Discloseathetickequipment calibrator!

How To Get A Narcissist To Apologize

While challenging said individuals may seem insurmountable,youmay attempt nudging such persons through these techniques:

Stay Calm and Firm

As stated earlier Narc’s have defsense mechanisms but more likely won’t get defensive rightaway.This meansthefeelingsofbetrayal/failure may not come up initially;iftheydo,treadcarefully.In those instances remaining calm may justprevent escalations.Use assertively phrased sentences .This are comfortable enough because we know#sarcasmwaitforthepunch (Am I doin’ thisright?)

Use Non-Threatening Language

Avoid personal attacks or accusatory language,and try using “I feel”statementsinstead.“I’m feeling unappreciatedrecently” – removes a direct attackstatement also allowingthemto come downtograpplewithpotentialerrorsin judgment themselves,majesticallyand seeminglymostlybythemselves.

Set Boundaries

It is easy to understand how and why it is almost insurmountable for narcissistic people to apologize,however; their personality quirks should not ensnare everyone’s lifeopportunities (pun intended).

For instance,you may acknowledge the dubious position the individual holds
actingsuitedtotheirpersonality.Theycanmaintain own perspective but must give roomforthe consideration of alternate views


In conclusion,it’s not impossible to get a narcissist to apologize – but it certainly won’t be easy. It will take patience, empathy, and an awareness of what makes these individuals tick. With enough effort(nuclear), you may be able to convince them that saying sorry isn’t such a bad thing after all(can I #ROFL now?).

So there –we hope this guide has helped.Just remember-when dealing with those dealingwith NPD,it always BYOB…and wewritethis neither from apoliticalnortherapeuticperspective.#Happynarcissists,happy world !

Some Quick Tips That Can Safeguard Your Mindset While Dealing With Narcissists:

1) Keep your distance;
2) Use your Rightbrain more – go creative artsy;
3)Read up onNPD therapy techniques for the hardest hit:Avoid experimentingonyour own well-being;
4)Draw boundaries;
5)) Take deep breaths +count 102…101..(We knowa joke counting usually goes backwards!)

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