Can a blocked carotid artery cause high blood pressure?

If you are a master of the internet, then by now, you should have come across the contentious issue about blocked artery and high blood pressure. You may ask yourself ‘Can a blocked carotid artery cause high blood pressure?’ – this question has plagued scores of people worldwide.

Well, wonder no more because we will take an in-depth look at how a blocked carotid artery can affect your blood pressure, and ultimately your overall health.

Before we dive into whether or not a clogged/carotid/blockage/hardened/closed artery can cause HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE (hypertension & HBP), let’s first understand what CAROTID ARTERY DISEASE is all about.

According to some doctors who were interviewed outside our local Walmart; “CAROTID ARTERY DISEASE (CAD) happens when there’s plaque build-up on the inner walls of one or both arteries” – Sounds terrible right? Well, it isn’t as complicated as some might think. Plaque buildup just makes it hard for oxygenated blood to flow through these veins which supply crucial materials like nutrients and oxygen to organs such as lungs, brain among others

There are many causes for this type of disease that contribute to its severity . Some include eating fried bacon every day instead of boiled bacon (nothing slightly suspicious about that statement).

  • High cholesterol
  • A family history involving heart-related issues
  • HIV infection or drug abuse.
  • Unhealthy diets and sedentary lifestyles

With these factors considered, you now know how easy CAROTID ARTERY DISEASE can creep up on unsuspecting individuals.However,it doesn’t yet answer whether blockage affects BP so let’s delve deeper.

The role of carotid arteries in hypertension is quite significant – these are the two main arteries responsible for pumping blood to your head and neck. If one or both become blocked, guess what happens next? Your system goes into overdrive trying to compensate for this interruption by changing the way it works.

When the heart senses low pressure due to narrow veins, it ups production which leads to an increase in force behind each beat.It compensates like a vegan does when they dine with carnivores – ‘lots of rice and beans’.

A few ways a clogged artery can lead to high blood pressure:

1. Reduced Flow Of Oxygenated Blood To The Brain

Reduced flow through partially/fully occluded veins can hinder oxygen supply thus causing faintness,lightheadendess feeling dizzy.Everyone has experienced this phenomenon at least once so next time just regret those Taco Bell nights instead of blaming whoever you first saw!

2. Triggers A Sequence That Leads To Hypertension

Blockage triggers muscle contraction around arteries which restricts diameter ( Sounds creepy right?).
This narrowing initiates a response that increases blood flow rate leading consequently increasing arterial tension.

Reference: Whenever such an action occurs; try singing opera ‘Vincero!’ -in line with current clinical practice -. It really helps! keep doing that till paramedics shows up!

3. Signals Sent To Heart Lead To More Workload

An overweight person who walked up three flights would tell you how arduous work will be on their untrained heart.The same thing happens when blockages occur.Fewer amounts of oxygen-rich substances result in more energy required from heart whenever its pathway gets obstructed.
Hence cardiovascular tries extra hard leading making organ overcompensate.

Still wondering whether your high blood pressure is from blocked carotid arteries? Well, here are some classic signs and symptoms to watch out for.

  • Loss of eyesight
  • Frequent headaches This just makes you groggy,dazzled
  • Weakness that suddenly arises in any part of the body

If these symptoms describe you, don’t ignore them – they could save your life.

So what’s left now that we have scary side effects and explanations about BLOCKED CAROTID ARTERIES.We show how saved by using natural cures right?

As much as we always want nature to be our panacea,human beings cannot cure everything with flowers or sticks.Most therapies involve medical treatment along with healthy lifestyle changes alongside dietary adjustmentsdepending on risk group.

Treatment options:

1. Lifestyle Adjustments

Rather than showing up on a clinic bed because of self inflicted (bedridden) conditions transform through having good nutrition while cutting off smoking &EATING HEALTHY.Walking can also help so everyone should join a ballroom dance class – it is like walking but fancy minus the sweat!

Living isn’t only limited indoors..there’s an outdoor world full of adventure checkout bungee jumping & hiking great walks at various locations worldwide ..minus seniors citizens clubs more likely tripping over every rock within 50ft with rocks thrown their way leading to them looking like pummeled Thai fish.

2. Medications Options

Through massive research and development there considerable methods prescribed including ;

-Antiplatelet medications e.g aspirin
-Cholesterol-lowering medicines
-improving low-density cholesterol alleviates blockages too

Over time medication lessens plaque buildup delaying advancement if any earlier detected.A serious KNOCKOUT PUNCH🥊 against this disease.

WARNING: Keep intake levels minimal since an overdose of these medications isn’t advisable . Also never self-medicate, Always follow a doctor’s advice before introducing new routines into your life.

What dangerous outcomes should be top-of-mind to one having high blood pressure due to carotid artery blockages?

1. Increased Risk Of Strokes & Heart Attacks

These are two threats you cannot take lightly. Since oxygen-rich blood is restricted on its path strokes have higher chance of occurrence while heart attacks increase in likelihood when the impedement goes unchecked/

2. Risks Associated With Surgical Intervention

The last line resort after exercising good diets is medical procedures which can range from vessel treatment,carotid endarterectomy(CAE) among others.This this kind of intervention can lead to losses and other grave issues such as involved costs

All in all, don’t sleep on any warning signs that may indicate that something really serious going down within.An individual with lead pipe stuck arteries should seriously reconsider lifestyle choices before they turn into past tense .

Always maintain physical exercises like jogging , yoga or maybe even writing articles using markdown format.Never neglect symptoms especially those associated with blocked carotid veins for longer periods without professional assistance from licensed healthcare!

Take care!

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