Can a bladder infection cause you to miss your period?

Not usually: While theoretically any infection or illness can affect a woman’s period, in reality it is quite uncommon for an uncomplicated bladder infection to cause a missed or delayed period. A more serious kidney infection (fever, chills, feeling ill) would be more likely to have an effect.

Can a UTI cause you to miss your period? Any chronic disease, especially a chronic diseases left untreated, can cause a build-up of stress that affects your period. It is possible, though unlikely, for a UTI to stress you out to a point where you miss your period. This guest post is from our friends at Uqora, the UTI Prevention Company.

How does your menstrual cycle affect your UTI? Ironically, it may be that your menstrual cycle is affecting the timing of your UTI, not the other way around. The reason for this is lowered estrogen levels. Estrogen has anti-inflammatory properties. When estrogen levels are high, you may be less susceptible to developing a UTI.

Can a kidney infection interrupt your menstrual cycle? A lot of times, when a woman has a kidney infection and is put on antibiotics, her menstrual cycle can be interrupted. Personally, I suffer from frequent kidney infections, and every time an antibiotic is prescribed, my cycle is thrown completely off.

What to do if your period is two days late? My period is two days late. Could the bladder infection delay my period?? Loading… It could delay your period if it is causing you stress (and I am assuming that it would). Drink lots of water/cranberry juice, and get to the doctor as soon as you can Loading… The bladder infection did not start until today.

Can you have a UTI at the time of your period?

Can you have a UTI at the time of your period? Having a late period or an irregular cycle can be disorienting, even more so if you’re experiencing a UTI around the time of your period. We know UTIs aren’t the direct cause of your late or missed period, but stress is something both UTIs and periods have in common.

Can a menstrual cycle cause an urinary tract infection? Issues that arise more frequently that link menstrual cycles and urinary tract infections together involve the fact that, when a woman is menstruating, she is more likely to develop a UTI. This is because the menstrual blood and fluids can carry bacteria that may get into the urethra.

Can a UTI cause worsening of menstrual cramps? Other ways in which a UTI might seem to be the culprit behind changes to a woman’s menstrual cycle are: Worsening menstrual cramps. Because most women already have menstrual cramps, adding a UTI on top of that, which causes pain in the rest of the pelvis, could be excruciating.

Can a medical condition cause you to miss your period? Illness or an underlying medical condition. PCOS can cause you to miss your period, or on the other end of the spectrum, it can cause extremely heavy and irregular periods. Other symptoms include excessive weight gain, facial hair, acne, and insulin resistance.