Brits Across The Pond: A Guide to Meeting British Guys in America

Are you tired of dating the same type of guys over and over again? Have you ever considered going for someone with a different accent, culture, or worldview from yours?

If yes, then this guide on meeting British guys in America is for you!

Whether you’re a fan of tea and crumpets or fish and chips, there’s no denying that British men have a certain charm about them. They’re witty, well-mannered, stylish and put an emphasis on romance.

So if the idea of dating a dashing gentleman from across the pond tickles your fancy – keep reading.

Why Do You Want to Date a British Guy?

Before we dive into where to meet them- let’s talk about why do you want to date one. It might be tempting to think that all you need is an encyclopedic knowledge of “Doctor Who” or how obsessive watching “The Crown” will seal the deal when it comes time for first-date banter – buuuttt reality check: these are only superficial reasons.

True connection goes beyond interests like TV shows – so ask yourself what attracts you most about Brits:

  • Their sense of humor?
  • Their unique accent?
  • Their love for history?
  • Something entirely different?

Although everybody has their own preferences – remember not everyone will fit every stereotype.

Where Can I Meet These Britannia Blokes?

Now we’ve covered some ground rules. Let’s move onto finding where they hang out. We know trying something new can be scary but luckily since they hail from Great Britain they speak English (phew!). Here are our best ideas on encountering blokes carrying Union Jacks unitedly:

1. Online Dating

Dating apps aren’t just limited to specific countries anymore; thanks to technology being globally connected it’s possible nowadays to match with someone halfway around the world – like your British knight in shining armor.

Here are some worthy platforms to check out:

  • – Established as one of the oldest dating sites, and has UK members who want to travel.
  • EliteSingles – Ensures an intelligent match amongst those searching for partners from various professions.
  • Hinge – Known for attracting more sophisticated personae compared to other swipe-focused apps.

2. British Pubs

The only known weakness British people have aside from queueing is a good pub. And guess what? There are plenty of pubs owned and run by Brits where you can meet authentic gentlemen who could potentially be just what you’re looking for (or at least great company over a pint!).

Central spots include:

Name City State
The Churchill Arms Manhattan Beach, CA California
The Shakespeare Pub & Grille  San Diego, CA; Houston TX; Katy TX                        
Bangers Sausage House Beer Garden & Live Music †‡§ƒˆ¥¡¢“ † Austin,TX

Just remember that it’s not about being aggressive or insistent if you spot someone appealing—unless he’s dressed up as Mr.Darcy there’s no need to pressure anyone into anything they aren’t comfortable with…

3. Cultural Events

One way of doing something different and meeting people is through cultural events or clubs that feature aspects of Britain like food, traditions or music concerts. Attendees may have shared interests making it easier to start burgeoning relationships with blokes attending.

Here are a few ideas on where tickets might sell fast:

_ Commemoration Days — Some sections across the US celebrate cinematically remembrance days relating to famous battles such as Lexington-Concord day in Massachusetts.

_ Theatre shows – Certain British productions have traveled across the Atlantic; it’s a perfect opportunity to take in culture and simultaneously find “The One”.

_ Sport Venues — While watching sports might not seem like an obviously prime spot for romance, you’ll never know where love strikes!

4. Expat events

British expats often organize their own events so keeping your ear close and discovering these opportunities could be precisely what leads you straight to meeting a handsome man with an accent from across the pond.

Some mini-suggestions:

_ Facebook Groups: Looking up UK expat groups on social media is quick do get connected with other ladies who can recommend meet-ups and places of interest.

_ Tastings / Food Festivals — Taste the United Kingdom’s best flavors at food festivals such as Britain Meets Brushwood or organise a whiskey celidh hosted by members of St Andrews Society.

At this point – we’re sure some people thinking ‘there’s no way’ they’re ever bumping into someone that fits this description – but there are still more ways!

Tips For Meeting Brits With Ease

Although tantalizing ideas keep coming, sometimes the reality sets in when it comes time to execute them. So here our best tips so ensuring success:

1. Relax & Be Yourself!

It may appear daunting once you reach venues like paying tribute services or witty pubs brimming with blokes but remember just relax and be yourself – he wants someone genuine not fake!

We understand that meeting new people (especially potential partners) can lead to anxiety – don’t let slight nerves deter you as everyone goes through moments of self doubt- including British men!!

2. Don’t Set Your Hopes Too High

While hoping high is essential, avoiding setting specific expectations lets things develop naturally without added pressure putting both parties off guard.

Keep conversation easygoing and light-hearted (not forced) which allows organic chemistry between two individuals instead of scrutinizing it from every angle.

3. Dress sensibly

Wearing attire that makes you comfortable and confident in your skin on first dates puts a positive influence on interactions with British men. If clothes can make the man, it’s no different for ladies either!

Don’t dress like a time traveler from the 18th century if that isn’t how you usually go out! You should feel at ease both mentally and physically — leaving nothing to worry about.

4. Learn About Their Culture

Attracting not just any Brits but men who are highly sophisticated requires broadening horizons when learning about their culture.

Here are some things novices seeking Britannia Blokes might study beforehand:

  • Royal Family Traditions
  • English Premier League Teams
  • History of Great Britain & Richard III


With all these approaches covered there’s practically no excuse left not to find an eligible beau across the pond – people often forget outside our backgarden lies immense geological wealth hiding cultural connections waiting to be exhumed!

So whether you’re hunting through dating apps or attending Anglophile events, remember that meeting someone special takes courage and risk-taking.

Disclaimer: Although everyone is unique in their own right let us know what tactics worked best when searching for British blokes? Tell us below!

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