Boss the Bro Code: How to be a Big Brother

Being a brother is one of the greatest privileges life can offer. Not only do you get to annoy, tease and irritate your sibling, but you also get to be their supporter, confidant and friend. It’s a role that comes with endless opportunities for mischief-making and irreplaceable memories. But being an older brother – or ‘Big bro’ as it’s so often referred to in Bro-speak- is an even greater responsibility.

As THE boss of your family’s inter-brotherhood network, it’s your job to ensure that both you and your little bro stay in line whilst maintaining maximum laughs and good times along the way. So if you’re lacking some tips on how best to rock this important role then look no further than our step-by-step guide below!

Step 1: Establish Boundaries (aka Invisible lines of doom)

One key thing every big bro needs when trying to maintain good vibes is clear boundaries. Your younger sibling needs to understand what they can and cannot get away with around you from day one.

Boundary Explanation
Personal Space Rules Establish personal space rules early on such as not raiding each other’s closets without permission which will save future arguments later down the line!
Prank Limits There should always be limits set on potential pranks for safety reasons – don’t push things too far or result in injury!

Step 2: Instil them with Skills

A Big Bro isn’t just there for movie nights and watching sports together; we have more responsibilities than that which would make any parent proud. From life skills like cooking a decent meal right through teaching him how not lose at Fortnite Royale arena! Here are two skills he may find useful:

1) Time Management – Develops organisational skills by helping them prioritise tasks.

2) Self Defence – Teach them basic self-defence like boxing, martial arts from your experience of learning where to hit and how best to cause catastrophic pain.

Step 3: Patience Grasshopper

This one probably goes without saying but patience is a virtue in all aspects of life, not just the big bro business. You’re bound to get frustrated with your younger sibling whether he gets it loud after that awesome party you held last night or even if he publishes private pictures on Instagram accounts while appearing online for a world record amount of time being grounded forever – this when patience is key! The Bro Code rules dictate we keep our cool at all times which means there’s no shouting or getting too punishing too quickly.

Step 4: A Fearless Approach Breed’s Courage!

As the elder brother, it’s imperative that you lead by example and encourage your lil’ bro to stand up against what they believe in helping him build courage along the way.

Activity Explanation
Tackling their Fears Make sure they know fear isn’t real; perhaps introduce bungee-jumping for instance so as to help them push boundaries, test their limits and learn more about themselves in result!
Imperfection Perfectionism approach Encourage his creative side by keeping art pieces around related to projects he tries out showing imperfect art can still be appreciated.

Step 5: Keep It Honest

Being honest will inevitably earn loyalty and respect from those yourself trust most i.e., family members inclusive Your little bro may pick up certain habits or do things that are undesirable, but honesty remains paramount here since deceiving only leads downhill gradually ruining bonds collected over time until meaningless arguments ensue unexpectedly.

In conclusion,

The tips above should serve as the perfect starting point for anyone looking to improve upon their Bro Code knowledge. Remember, being a Big Bro isn’t just about teaching life skills or establishing boundaries. It’s also about creating unforgettable memories and building unbreakable bonds.

And ultimately remember that a bro for all seasons is a boss by one’s side through thick and thin – so make sure you take your role as an older brother seriously while still having plenty of laughs along the way!

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