Best of taekwondo kicks?

Are you looking to take your taekwondo game up a notch? Want to impress your friends with some killer kicks that are sure to wow any audience? Look no further, my friend. We’ve got the inside scoop on the best taekwondo kicks guaranteed to knock anyone’s socks off (though we don’t endorse violence, so please keep your socks safely on).

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out in the world of martial arts, these kicks will make you feel like a true ninja. So without further ado, let’s get kicking!

The Roundhouse Kick: A Classic Move That Never Goes Outta Style

Ah, the roundhouse kick. It’s been used in movies and TV shows for decades now and for good reason—it always looks awesome.

To perform this kick, start with your rear foot forward and pivot it 90 degrees while keeping your front foot pointing towards your target. As you bring up your kicking leg, rotate it across your body before unleashing it onto your target.

One key tip is lifting your knee as high as possible before pivoting and releasing power into the strike. This delivers harder impact along with greater speed making this almost an unstoppable technique when perfected.

The Axe Kick: Bringing Down Hard From Above

Looking for something more dramatic than the standard head-level roundhouse? Try out the axe kick–also known as “Naeryeo Chagi”- which drops from above rather than arcing through space horizontally like its classic counterpart..

Start by raising one leg straight up into the air then execute downward force aiming at top of opponent’s shoulders or collar bone using hinged knee position aided with huge hip rotation added at execution moment allowing ultimate return pressure created by gravity itself! Properly executed can destroy defenses designed to combat regular attacks which makes such advanced techniques crucial at higher levels of martial arts combat.

Just take care not to bring the kick down onto a solid surface like a table or hanger, unless you’re looking for some new furniture.

The Jumping Front Kick: High Flyin’ Fun

If you want to add some flair and showmanship (tell me who doesn’t!) into your kicks, try out the jumping front kick! To do it, You start with hopping forward from one leg then immediately kicking straight in front just after taking off on main foot before re-landing again..

This move takes practice but once you get it right, airborne movement combined with powerful follow-through can cause serious concussion effects on unintended targets making this technique another handy tool in arsenal of well-rounded taekwondo practitioners.

The Spin Hook Kick: Surprising Your Opponent With A Whirlwind Attack!

Think of yourself as dizzy enough reason for enemies to make mistakes because that will help. Start by turning around 180 degrees while bringing your leg up to whip your heel towards their head. Your kicking foot should be aiming across their body but still maintain high control over own strike’s trajectory upon contact .

It may look complicated; however when executed perfectly demands far less energy compared fast movements locking enemy within srike’s capability which means more chance of success especially against tricky opponents employing Matrix style evasion tactics.

The Reverse-Turning/Back Hook Kick : Catch them Off guard and Striking Like lightning!

The lesser-known reverse-turning/back hook kick combines elements of both the spinning back kick and the roundhouse kick—making it an effective surprise attack that is difficult for opponents to see coming because momentum shifts so many times!

Stand sideways with legs shoulder-width apart , Pivot rear foot counterclockwise direction swiftly until other side is completely turned targeting across opposite target’s jaw-line area.. Then complete execution process hitting same point only jump turning instead giving impression motion unique combination of blend of back-spinning reverse roundhouse action, creating lightning-fast attacks that can quickly disable attackers especially when aiming for your adversary’s sensitive areas.

The Side Kick: A Move For Distance and Precision

As a linear movement style Taekwondo places emphasis on distance meaning accuracy is everything. Face towards opponent sideways one foot in front of the other then execute powerful thrust perpendicular to body by extending leg straight to side with bodies torso pivoted maintain optimal balance targeting multiple medium placed targets depending on need keeping up power consistently.

This move isn’t just about brute force–it requires precision timing to catch an enemy off guard at precise moment, but When correctly done allows tumbling or staggering enemies allowing precious time for making the decision what next.

The Hooking Kick: Making Your Opponents “Hooked” On Your Moves!

Love how wrestlers use hooks during fights? So do we!, Thankfully taekwondists have devised their version – Using entire body quick flexible movements direct pressure kick across opposing fighter’s chin with loads of momentum courtesy hip and waist twists/hinges generates rapid high-powered follow through extra damage while keeping crucial center weight shifts under control, because maintaining proper equilibrium even amidst repeated kicking motions essential if planning advance as combat artist. This practicate technique nearly comparable level spinning hook while offering staying vertical benefits easier immediate retaliation against overly aggressive opponents seeking take advantage more disjointed moves teammates might struggle defending against alone.

Jump Turning Axe kick : Bringing down the weapons from sky

If you’re looking to add some spice (and height) into your axe kicks , Why not make it airborne via jump turning tho start slower before building speed gaining strength over time., giving you greater height rogetting ugher force onto unsuspecting foes

To perform this amazing trick first face forward like usual then put weight behind main leg After executing perfect hop turn once elevation was achieved drop hence appearing cloud nonetheless ensuring legs stay instep with one another try to make axis travels as vertical as possible until final stop dropping hammered heel strongly down opposition.

The Crescent Kick: Making Your Opponent See Stars

The crescent kick also known as “Bandal Chagi” is perfect for attacking enemies’ head or neck – a great maneuver that’s best executed using the element of surprise giving them less time react. Start out like a front kick by extending one let forward keeping leg positioned higher than normally doned then when reached pinnacle position start swinging leg in semicircular fashion towards your opponents head striking with side outer edge wall of foot sometimes resulting in dizzying sensation.

It’s good tactic because any adaptable enemy seeking fight back will be shocked allowing full opportunity tor making immediate follow-up move before opponent can fully recover.

Flying Sidekick : A Move That Takes Wispy Form And Unlashing Devastating Strike

If you’re looking for an awe-inspiring attack, look no further than the flying sidekick! It’ strikes powerful from heights, and courtesy of gravity even greater impact upon landing. Begin by advancing at angle jump high up while twisting simultaneously both waist torso along axed ankle swing opposite leg extended taking all pressure caused through airborne formation aiming its force at relevant target depending situation.

This technique requires plenty training beforehand to prepare candidates properly – after learning basics such principles jumps, twists steps it ultimately depends extent willingness candidate willing go exceed beyond boundaries set ensure success thus putting his own body physics work have successful execution. This doesn’t mean it should be underestimated though since if calculated appropriately provides unarguable results during combat situations where aerial dominance matters most

Skipping Roundhouse: Fast-paced agility Attack

Feel like breaking routine? A skipping roundhouse emphasizes on speed , miniaturization yet packing same amount damage generating ability into strike itself

Instead of standard positioning takes movement backwards few secure preparatory skips into action hence longer delay intervals between hits they become much harder dodge due explosive target-locking nature. Demanding continuous power live up its full potential, so naturally getting bulky pumps (bulkier doesn’t mean stronger FYI!) off the body automatically puts more weight behind kicks vastly improving overall execution quality.

Reverse Side Kick: A Move For Knockdowns

If you’re up against a particularly stubborn opponent, look to the reverse side kick(Waero Bakkat Chagi) – as one of most powerful slamming-down techniques available in arsenal.

It can be used effectively for grappling throws, sweep moves and other applications well outside pure striking scenarios proving it’s all around truly versatile technique which means delivering unexpected sweeping maneuvers suddenly upon unsuspecting foes taking them by surprise knocking down or incapacitating .

Starting off as a standard previous kick with traditional sideways position maintain visualization extreme thrust multiple times impact including further adjustment angles standing broader increasing depth needed easier combinations assistance proper breathing guard positioning vital especially when challenging grave opponent

Twist Kick : A Superb Finisher Material

Imagine leaning back on both feet before whipping your leg outwards fast using waist joint hooking kick dynamic balance key twist jab precision strengthens foot speed momentum lengthening strikes way going over inner barriers. This is what is fondly referred to as the “Twist Kick”. Essentially this tactic involves manoeuvring knee into familiar pivot motion space then twisting hips upwards plus simultaneously dropping heel angle downwards many times allowing massive force concentrations penetrate through opponents who deceive themselves with split-second inaccuracies along their defenses..

This move requires practice patience and posture ensuring weaker might not survive however it will definitely have effects leaving hard-hitting damage that could last an entire competition.

Jump Spinning Hook/Back Spin Hook : Surprise Your Opponent With The Ultimate Trick!

You’ve heard of spinning kicks , but have you ever tried pulling one off while jumping? That’s where the jumping spinning hook -also called back spin hook- comes in play!.

By jumping up and spinning your body while tucking in legs to gain more speed, execute a speedy strike with one leg using swift pivot twist then hail down kicking power from an angle topward upon contact by returning folding-rubbery joints back towards chest creating maximum separation difference necessary overall impact intensity.

With higher-reaching trajectory ‘landing’ on anyone above average height offerings vast opportunities inserting into complex strategies as decoy maneuvers or knockout techniques especially after stunned confusion other opening gory details often result from misreading opponent’s actual movement intentions.

Inside/Out Crescent Kick: A Unique Defensive Weapon

It may look like one of those comedic dance moves you see in the Fresh Prince but make no mistake – this kick is anything but funny.

This Inside-out Crescent Kick technique combined upward foot-pointing angles plus inward body rising creates impressive distance closings or subduing movements allowing disabled foe lying defenseless bottom giving precious seconds preparation next victory scoring.
But it is specially strong defensively when timed correctly ,as well – for example, incorporating the move effectively can help shut down low-or midsized kicks directed at your center line.

The Double Roundhouse : Two-in-One Damage dealer!

If you’re looking for a little extra firepower (Who doesn’t?), then trying out double roundhouse might be just what doctor ordered! Start with both feet nicely grounded ensuring solid base plant pivoting off your front before immediately launching rear side hit sweeping through opponents’ outstretched arm impacting second kick soon arrives ready pummel away!!

Not only does it cover twice the ground and deal twice the damage of a standard roundhouse, executing quickly enough that enemy will still think first has yet even finished providing window opportunity take advantage should arise


Well, there you have it folks—the Best Taekwondo Kicks around town to add arsenal any martial artist seeking improve his ranged attacks game so try them all today making sure not miss single chance where each impressive strike can land home!

With enough practice, any of these moves can be executed to perfection, and when combined with poomsae forms , strength training or agility/conditioning drills also used as powerful body exercise workouts.. Having a strong legs means moving faster jumping higher and sidestepping more confidently. And remember: whether you’re just kicking it for fun or going toe-to-toe in the ring, always aim high—because that’s what being a ninja is really all about.

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