Best ab workouts to do at the gym?

Are you tired of having a flabby belly? Do you want rock-hard abs that will make people softly whisper “absolutely shredded” behind your back? Look no further! We’ve got you covered on everything from the best ab exercises to unique equipment to improve results.

First things first, Master Your Mindset

Before we dive into which workouts are going to get us those killer abs, we need to address our mindset. Half the battle when it comes to getting physically fit is being mentally tough. Having a strong mental outlook will help ensure that we don’t give up halfway through an exercise session.

Here are some tips for building mental toughness:

  • Set achievable goals
  • Use positive affirmations
  • Speak with conviction (You got this!)

Now onto what’s really important:

5 Of The Most Effective Ab Workouts Ever

When it comes down to starting off, there is nothing better than focusing on fundamental core strength-building exercises. In these exercises, remember quality over quantity – so control and slow movements!

1) Planks – One of simplest yet most effective ways of strengthening your core muscles.

2) Russian Twists – This workout targets all abdominal muscle areas by twisting side-to-side while holding a dumbbell or medicine ball.

3) Bicycle Crunches – Like riding bikes outside but without gears and wheels involved in any way shape or form… unless somehow cycling on your back works too?

4) V-Ups- While lying flat on your back raise both legs straight in front simultaneously increasing torso upward until hands reach toes – just like touching our toes.. right?

5) Ball Blaster- No not THAT kind of ball blaster… Using an exercise ball take position laying backward with arms outstretched above head grasping ball follow by legs extended parallel surface feet together; simultaneously bring both limbs towards ceiling arms holding ball while meeting feet.

Not excited yet? Just wait, it gets better.

Resistance Band and Stability Ball Workouts

You heard us right, adding a resistance band or stability ball to your arsenal not only adds variety but also intensifies the effect of each workout! Here are two excellent examples:

Stability Ball Pass

  • Begin with lying flat on cushioned surface- generally yoga mat is preferred.
  • Hold stability either by foot or leg in raised position.
  • Slowly bring downward legs up towards hands exchanging hold halfway through the motion.

Kneeling Cable Rotation

  • Secure rope attachment from low pulley cable machine into waist height steel frame.
  • Knelling upon padded surface bar initially around chest’s distance from your face; torso pivoting in movement turn side-to-side pulling back handle.

Pilates-Inspired Workouts: The Game Changer

Whether you’re just starting out, an avid gym-goer or craving for something new yet effective… We have one word for ya – “Pilates“! Originating in Germany this exercise involves precision movements developing core strength simultaneously improving balance flexibility breathing exercise coordination. So if you’ve never done pilates before, why not dive straight headfirst with these foundational exercises?

1) Double Leg Stretch – Lying flat raise both legs upwards at forty five degree while bringing shoulder blades raised off ground initiating by curling neck forward.

2) Criss-Cross Exercise- Lie down placing fingertips behind ears then take alternate elbow towards opposite knee twisting trunk until targeting musculature eyesore area body part we call abs!

3) Roll Up Exercise- While laying arms extended overhead and heels planted moved sequentially involve chin raising shoulders of floor.

Exercises Steps Involved
Double Leg Stretch Raise both legs upwards making a 45-degree angle while bringing shoulder blades elevated off-ground utilizing abdominal muscles to curl neck forward
Criss-Cross Exercise While lying down and placing fingertips behind ears, take alternate elbow towards opposite knee twisting trunk until targeting musculature eyesore area body part we call abs!
Roll-Up Exercise Lying with arms extended over our head and heels planted gradually lift each vertebrae torso off the ground while exhaling simultaneously.


There you have it folks, a few of the best ab exercises out there to get you started on your way to chiseled abs! Incorporating these into your gym routine will provide fantastic results, especially when combining them with cardio or as an addition following traditional weightlifting workout. Remember that consistency is key, so try something new today & stay motivated throughout journey every step of way… Who knows? The world may need one less dad-bod rockin’ their “Dads against dads bods” shirts by end summer!