Befriend Your Foe’s Foe: The Ultimate Friend-Making Strategy!

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your enemy has an even bigger enemy? Well, fret no more! Befriending your foe’s foe is the latest and greatest friend-making strategy that is sweeping the nation. Say goodbye to awkward small talk and hello to instant friendship.

The Theory Behind It

The theory behind this revolutionary approach to making friends is simple. Your enemy’s enemy is almost guaranteed to have at least some shared interests, values or motivations with you. When two people have a shared perspective or goal, they are more likely to bond over it than over any trivial difference they might have.

A Brief History Lesson

The “enemy of my enemy” concept dates back centuries ago when different tribes and empires would ally themselves against common enemies. In modern times, this idea has been seen in politics where countries form alliances against larger adversaries.

How It Works

So how does it work for everyday people like us? Say there is someone at work who always tries to undermine you despite your efforts of goodwill towards them – Jim. Now imagine that there’s another colleague Sarah who also can’t stand Jim because he never takes responsibility for his mistakes put simply; she hates him too although her reasons may differ from yours.
That means Sarah will be easier for you to connect with since Jim gets on both of your nerves so much (a perfect case study!)

By befriending Sarah because she dislikes Jim as much as we do,you set up an instant connection which will only grow stronger every time either one complains about their mutual nemesis! And before you know it – POOF- new-found relations!

Why It Works

Developing relationships between individuals who share adversarial experiences was supported by research studies conducted close substantial findings:

“Participants were asked why they thought their rival picked fights with them but most had no clue. Yet, it turned out that the vast majority of rivals shared many traits like competitiveness and jealousy”- (Jaillet & Fultz 2019).

Instant Bond

One key aspect of this strategy is that it creates an instant bond as you and your new friend already have a common enemy in Jim. This will give you both something to talk about and bond over right from the start.

Stronger Connection

As time goes on, this connection is likely to get stronger due to further negative experiences with Jim which now provide more room for bonding through shared empathy towards each other’s issues!

How To Implement It

Now comes the fun part- implementing this ground-breaking idea! Here are some steps to help you befriend your foe’s foe:

  1. Identify your adversary – whether at work or in any environment
  2. Look around for people who also seem displeased by his/her behavior.
  3. Initiate a conversation with common words such as “I really can’t stand their obsession with efficiency”
  4. Keep complaining until they inevitably agree
  5. Follow up later on by discussing more specific topics they hate about him e.g His loud laugh during serious talks
    6-Find ways to hang out together outside of the office, like grabbing lunch or coffee
    7- If all goes well –Bingo! New friends.

But remember not everyone reflects openness when it comes to befriending so don’t force anything if it’s just not there; move onto another ally instead!

It may take time before seeing results but consistent effort yields outcomes (effort + persistence = fruition)

Advantages Of Befriending Your Enemy’s Enemy

There are countless advantages associated with taking advantage of ennemy enemies connections here are three;

Access To Information

When you become comfortable enough conversations become open-ended discussions which might amplify information exchanges(tips, tricks, solutions) hence increasing skills and knowledge.


Forcing a friendship with your enemy may not always work; the acquaintance of your foe’s nemesis is more organic thus leading to an authentic chemistry as you are genuinely united in thoughts.

Allies In Different Circles

When each other’s social groups intermingle remarkable sharing can happen since new friends= meeting their circle of great people creating opportunities for stronger easy-breezy bonds!

The Flipside Of Befriending Your Enemy’s Nemesis

Everything has pros and cons venturing into this model too might cause it to backfire which could lead to unwanted drama- use caution when befriending enemies’ foes!

One possible problem that we see sometimes happening: There may be a point where the original plan kicks in thus making one person isolated from any help since there’s dissension among that group too or simultaneous friendships ending forevermore (unfortunate but true!).

BUT don’t despair! If you sense things going awry try maintaining humorous vibes while addressing concerns using phrases like “Hey I noticed our chats haven’t been just about Jim lately” subtly signaling the need for diverse conversations to protect relationships


In conclusion, no man is an island! Trying out different alternatives never hurt anyone. With these simple steps, even sworn enemies’ connections can yield fruitful outcomes via shared purpose ala antagonizing mutually despised characters It worked out swimmingly during WW1 and WWII egging on nations unite against Hitler & Co use this tactic accordingly at your own discretion who knows ? These days allies galore are everywhere!

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