Battle of the H2Os: Alkaline Water vs Distilled Water

Welcome to the ultimate showdown between two of the most popular types of water out there. In one corner, we have alkaline water, with its pH levels sky-high and claims of curing everything from acid reflux to gout. And in the other corner, we have distilled water, stripped down to its purest form and often touted as the cleanest option available.

So what’s really going on here? Is alkaline water worth all the hype? Is distilled water truly superior? Let’s dive into this battle of epic proportions and see who comes out on top.

Round 1: What is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water has been taking over health stores everywhere, but what exactly does it mean for a substance to be “alkaline”? Essentially, pH levels range from 0 (very acidic) to 14 (very alkaline), with a neutral level coming in at 7. For reference, battery acid typically falls around a 0 while bleach sits around a 13 or so.

But back to alkaline waters – these products boast elevated pH levels thanks to added minerals like calcium, silica, potassium and magnesium. The idea behind drinking high-alkalinity liquids is that your body becomes less acidic overall; proponents claim that removing some acidity from your system can give you more energy throughout the day while reducing inflammation too!

Or so they say…

Round Two: The Benefits Of Drinking Alkalized Liquids

If only everything were as simple as adding some extra minerals into our drinks! Unfortunately (sadly shakes head in dismay) when it comes right down professionals are split on how helpful these enhanced elixirs actually are – some research suggests ‘positive’ effects such as improved digestion or lowered blood pressure levels whereas others suggest there is no difference noted whatsoever.

Ultimatelye, whether their benefits stem from the minerals alkaline water contains, or simply just drinking more fluids, still remains unknown. That being said – there is something to be said for the fact that many athletes or high performing individuals swear by the stuff as an excellent hangover cure – although we’re not exactly sure why!

Round Three: What on earth is Distilled Water?

While alkaline waters have made a huge splash (or drip-drop) in today’s health world; there aren’t many people out harking and heralding distilled liquids in quite the same way.

But let’s think about it for a second, if you remove every dissolved mineral we’ve ever known (calcium, magnesium etc.) then what do you get? PURE H2O MY FRIEND!

Table 1: Pros of Drinking Distilled Water

Gives an overall purer liquid
You know precisely what’s inside – gain peace of mind!

So while this “stripped-down” option doesn’t have all bells & whistles included with some other types of drinks; it does have its advantages. For example:

- Some people prefer it because they can taste less impurities.

- It also has applications within scientific fields too where obtaining ‘pure’ solutions free from external trace chemicals are important.

Round Four: Is Distilled The Purest Of Them All?

There’s no doubt about it – distilled water can boast some pretty impressive purity levels! By boiling regular tap water and recapturing steam before it re-condenses into any form of solution again (science); developers create one extremely clean alternative indeed.

In fact, when things like viruses or bacteria hit this ultra-clear concoction even those nasties won’t last long at all because they need certain bonding components otherwise commonly found in normal (unchanged) variations.

However, despite distillation providing the most mineral and contaminant free base possible, should these levels be entirely removed from an otherwise healthy body? After all – we’ve evolved to our current stage over millions of years – was it wise to create a ‘pure’ liquid (devoid of minerals)?

Round Five: A Fair Battle?

Despite searching high and low…no one answer exists simply because when it comes to preference in beverages just like food everyone has their individual tastes.

One element cannot exceed another purely as this depends on personal circumstances & which flavour(s) make you happy….!

As always YMMV(Your Mileage May Vary)!

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