Avocado mayo hair treatment?

Are you tired of using chemical-ridden hair treatments that leave your locks looking lackluster? Look no further, as the answer to all of your hair woes lies in a simple fridge staple – avocado mayo! That’s right, this unconventional yet magical combination can provide your tresses with much-needed nourishment and hydration. Get ready to say goodbye to bad hair days because after reading this article, you’ll be rushing straight to the kitchen.

What is Avocado Mayo?

Before we delve into its benefits for our hair, let’s discuss what exactly avocado mayo is. As the name suggests, it’s merely a mixture of ripe avocados and mayonnaise. Though it may sound like an odd pairing at first glance, both ingredients come together seamlessly 🙂

The creamy texture of avocados combined with the tanginess of mayo provides an unparalleled taste that will make any sandwich or burger 10x better. Not only is it delicious but also rich in healthy fats and vitamins that offer various benefits for overall health.

How Does It Benefit Our Hair?

Now that we know what avocado mayo consists of let us talk about how it can benefit our crowning glory!

Hydrates Dry Scalp

Is dandruff giving you anxiety attacks? Fear not! Avocado helps moisturize the scalp while eliminating dryness- thus reducing itchiness & flakes. Meanwhile, mayo includes vinegar which boosts pH balance- relieving inflammation & redness on scalp.

Repairs Split Ends

Split ends are typically considered irreversible damage; however don’t lose hope just yet! Mayo contains protein-rich eggs which strengthen limp strands by fortifying weak follicles from within- preventing further breakage. On top of its strengthening qualities, Avocado oil penetrates deeply into hair shafts thus adding moisture where needed – noticeably reducing split ends & breakage.

Promotes Hair growth

Want long luscious locks? THIS IS THE SOLUTION! Vitamin E in Avocado stimulates hair follicles – encouraging them to grow. It also prevents hair loss thus facilitating the growth process- check out those inches in NO time! Meanwhile, mayo contains L-cysteine which helps to improve length, thickness and shine of strands by promoting healthy scalp blood flow.

Adds Shine

Organic mayonnaise contains a considerable amount of olive oil which imparts an instant natural shine making your crowning glory look healthier than ever before. While abounding in fatty acids, avocado coats each strand with hydration that gives you salon-like sleekness

How Do You Make This Miracle Treatment?

This treatment is incredibly easy to make; no one can go wrong with just 2 ingredients!

  1. Cut open ripe avocados and discard the fruit pit.
  2. Scoop out the avo’s flesh into a bowl.
  3. Add half a cup of organic mayo along with two tablespoons of avocado oil (if available)
  4. Mix it all up until smooth.

Your very own homemade miracle treatment – ready for application!

How To Apply The Treatment

The fun part begins once you’re done mixing because now its time for application –

Step 1: Wash Your Hair

Wash your hair thoroughly as per your normal routine – this will ensure there is no dirt or product residue left on scalp.

Step 2: Apply The Mixture

Part your wet hair so that it shows your scalp underneath and apply the mixture on exposed areas from top to bottom (roots-details). Massage gently so that it gets distributed throughout coverage area desired.

Step 3: Leave On For At Least Half An Hour.

Cover with shower cap/ wrap head towel around leaving some room for air exposure OR better yet both! And let sit for about half an hour.

Step 4: Rinse!

Finally, rinse your hair with cold water to lock in moisture and voila! You are left with shiny, healthy-looking hair that smells absolutely delicious!


Avocado mayo treatment may sound unconventional at first but its benefits on our crown glory make it irresistible – you never know what kitchen wonder might end up saving the world next? 😉 DIY away for luscious locks without ever having to leave home.