Avocado green mattress where to buy?

Are you in the market for a new mattress? Look no further than the Avocado green mattress. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it’s also comfy as a cloud. But where can you purchase this gem of a mattress? Fear not, because we have compiled a guide on where to buy an avocado green mattress.

Why choose an avocado green mattress?

Before diving into where to buy an avocado green mattress, let’s first discuss why anyone would want one. Well, for starters, it is made with natural and organic materials like latex foam and wool. So say goodbye to any harsh chemicals or toxins that could be lingering in your current sleep setup. Plus, these materials are biodegradable so you won’t feel guilty about tossing your old mattress away.

But what about comfort? We’re happy to report that the avocado green mattresses are soft yet supportive thanks for its zoned coil system and plush euro pillow top layer. You’ll wake up feeling rested and refreshed after sleeping on one of these babies.

If environmental friendliness and comfort didn’t convince you enough, maybe knowing that these mattresses come with a 25-year warranty will seal the deal.

Online Retailers

Now let’s talk about where exactly you can purchase one of these eco-friendly wonders starting with online retailers:


Well isn’t this obvious? The official website of Avocado Green Mattress offers every style available plus exclusive products such as pillows or foundations.
You can rest easy knowing when purchasing from their site that all policies (shipping/returns/trials etc) are guaranteed by them — start here if buying directly from AGM themselves makes sense.


Ah yes…the mecca of online shopping – Amazon! They carry everything under the sun including bedding essentials like our beloved AGM baby! With many sizes included in Prime guarantee shipping you may be able skip over manufacturer shipping time and save cash:

Pro-tip: During Amazon Prime Day or Black Friday, you’re bound to find amazing discounts that’ll make an already reasonable cost even a sweeter deal.

Other Online Outlets

For those who stay away from mass marketplaces like Amazon but want online shopping convenience, good news! Avocado is offered at sites such as Macy’s and Wayfair too.

Brick & Mortar Retailers

Maybe online shopping isn’t your cup of tea? No problem! Check out these brick and mortar locations that carry the avocado green mattress:

Mattress Firm

This famous chain has everything one needs for their sleeping kingdom. AGM is available both online on-site via walk ins if you’re fortunate enough – dependent on local stock in-stores. With over 2,500 stores nationwide there’s sure to be one nearby which makes purchasing as easy-peasy just like hopping into bed!

Raymour & Flannigan

Raymour&Flan with its reputation (and its frequently made up spelling!) Is second only to some puns ZzZzzz…But did y’all know they sell duvets??? Every store carries mattresses so don’t miss checking it out along with AGM selection when attending a furniture excursion.

Independent Dealership Stores

Independent dealership stores give us this sense of community support while small mom and pops business contribute positively in local geographies. That being said what many people often forget about these dealerships:
They offer expert customer service.
Many come fully knowledgeable of area demographics/health concerns/temperature trends because oftentimes reps work directly within city limits where temperature minimums drop faster than chips stocked next to the guac bowl.
Thus they supply beds try all varieties from dollar pillows up through luxurious king size mattresses like The Avocado Green Mattress.

Comparing Prices

Okay now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: price. We won’t beat around the bush, AGM isn’t exactly cheap but it is affordable considering its lasting value and added eco-friendliness.


Prices for a twin vary depending on where you purchase:

  • Amazon – $899
  • Avocado Mattress Website -$999
  • Independent Mattress Stores -$990-$1100


As with any bed worth investing in most people upgrade to queen size, which t ages ago was known as king sized mattress size.

Below are prices you can expect to spend obtain your King’s cousin bed:

  • Amazon -$1,499
  • AvocadoMattress.com – $1,699
  • Macy’s -$2,200 (shipping available)
    Remember while possibly more expensive than competitors it’s highly unlikely they’ll offer same quality…

California King

Taller of sleeping types may need a wider or longer option like the Californian style which is becoming increasingly popular over time.
Price offered differ slightly but check out different stores and compare when purchasing:
(you never know if an armed guard store discount varies by location unless actively scoping one outside)


At this point our work is done. From avocado green mattresses being made out of organic materials to finding them at independent stores closer to your own community via online retailers such as Amazon or even Raymour&Flan we think each unique customer will find their perfect match.No matter which option preferred though remember that it guarantees premium sleep quality helped along by expert guidance from local experts!

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