Assume the Best: My Instagram Persona Revealed

Warning: This article contains sarcasm, humor, and a lot of “good vibes only“. If you don’t like those things, please continue reading for your entertainment.

Have you ever scrolled through your Instagram feed and felt frustrated by all the “perfect” pictures of people’s exotic vacations, flawless bodies, and picture-perfect lifestyles? Do you find yourself secretly wishing that someone would post a photo of their messy room just to make you feel better about yourself?

Well, look no further because I am here to reveal my Instagram persona. Not only will this give you a breather from all the unrealistic content out there but it’ll show how important it is to assume the best intentions in social media (yes! It’s possible!).

The Genesis of ‘Assume the Best’

Let me start off with why I created ‘Assume the Best’. One day while scrolling through my own feed (just being honest), I noticed I was being so hard on myself. Everyone seemed more successful than me with their perfect jobs/careers/homes/bodies/lives (you get what I mean). And then one particular quote changed everything:

Comparison is an act of violence against oneself.

That hit home hard for me. Instead of valuing my own strengths and accomplishments as they were objectively measured in real life, I was grading them based on random external ideals – not ones that even fit into who or what mattered most to me personally.

So began my journey towards recognizing negative self-talk when it arose and intentionally replacing criticism with kindness for both myself and others.

What Does This Look Like On Social Media?

Society constantly tells us we need perfection to be happy or fulfilled –we’re bombarded every day–so naturally our feeds reflect these beliefs too…but does that have really anything do with who we are as individuals?

My feed doesn’t reflect perfection (I mean, come on…) and yours shouldn’t have to either.

My Grid

Colorful & Quirky

As soon as you land on my profile, the very first thing it’ll hit you is with its obvious colorful palette. The pictures are playful, quirky – at times can be even slightly wacky but that’s just me 🙂 . It’s a reflection of not only what I love— which happens to include vibrant clothing), but also an expression of my creative side– so much better than seeing aloof or unreachable personas.

Focuses on Others

Sure there are photos of myself here and there in different places/places/ things I’ve done- hella funky sometimes- like those funny reunions with friends. But other than that, #blessings or appreciation posts occupy more space out here! Highlighting people who inspire me/my kinships works wonders for quashing any tendencies towards comparison; after all we are only worth celebrating if our accomplishments inherently feature credible humility underlined by larger social good values such as kindness and inclusivity.

Genuine Life Moments

The segments displaying moments from real life ones hold primary focus on this Instagram page rather than just glitz and glamour stuff online. From hairstyles gone wrong (embrace ’em!) and awkward poses against the backdrop failing attempt to impress everyone to relatable posts about struggling through anxiety VS succeeding eventually /daily house chores going off-grid , these genuine peeks into daily momments truly make one smile,give them hope trust their innate abilities!

Not everything is perfect in life–but that’s okay! We should still celebrate what makes us unique no matter how clumsy/messy/risky it gets 🙂

Only Good Vibes

Can we spread positive vibes? Almost always. Whenever you’re down feeling lowly over some weak nroblem,take a quick break look up my feed to get an immediate boost of optimism! Let’s all pledge to assume the best in one another and celebrate our common good traits.

Final Thoughts

In life, it’s important to remember that no two people are the same. We all have different goals, aspirations, lives we’re living behind scenes that aren’t shared online for others’ entertainment–and that’s where true happiness is found.

So next time you scroll through Instagram, remind yourself to assume the best in everyone -include ourselves- because keeping a positive outlook will not only make you happier but also transform some stranger sufferings out there!

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