Are yumearth gummy bears vegan?

When it comes to snack time, everyone in the world has different preferences. Some might reach for a savory bag of chips, while others grab a yummy gummy bear or two (or ten). But if you’re vegan, it can be hard to decipher which snacks are safe! That’s why we’re here today- to answer one of the most pressing questions on vegans’ minds: are YumEarth gummy bears vegan? Strap yourselves in and get ready to devour all this sweet, juicy info!

The deets on YumEarth

Before diving into whether these little sweets are vegan-friendly, let’s give some background about them. Founded in 2007 by three fathers who wanted better-tasting allergy-free candy for their kids (What amazing dads!), YumEarth markets itself as an environmentally-conscious brand that cares equally about people and planet. Their sweets do not contain any high-fructose corn syrup or GMOs and use vegetarian dyes made from plants instead.

And perhaps best of all? All gelatin-based products have been removed altogether (Hip Hip Hooray!) as they want ALL families across the world able to enjoy their tasty treats

Peering under the wrapper

Now onto what really matters – those sneaky ingredients hiding inside each wrapper (cue suspicious music)! Below is a table outlining all ingredients used in these delicious little guys:

Ingredient Identity Source Type
Organic Cane Sugar Sweetener Plant-Based Vegan-Friendly
Organic Tapioca Syrup Thickener/Diluent/Flavor Enhancer Plant-Based/Potato Starch-Free Gluten Free Vegan Friendly
Citric Acid
Acid Plant-Based Vegan-Friendly
Pectin Texturizing agent/Thickener Plant-based apples and pears with no animal ingredients

Surprise! They’re all vegan! With not an iota of gelatin in sight (the crowd rejoices). But for those who aren’t aware, what exactly is gelatin? Surely it can’t be THAT bad?

What’s the beef about gelatin?

While we know that YumEarth has removed it from its products, let us give more context about why (keeping up appearances gets tiring after a while…). Gelatin is made by boiling animal skin, tendons, ligaments and/or bones in water for hours on end. The collagen extracted then becomes this almost-clear substance which helps bind things together (like gummy bears!) If you’re cruelty-free minded or simply prefer to avoid anything related to animals altogether, gelatin may not be so appetizing.

But wait – where do these “plant-based dyes” march into this equation?

Rainbow colors

As noted earlier (Perhaps some skipped ahead; shame) , the brand uses vegetarian “dyes,” but what are they? Believe it or not (Ready yourselves): Red 40 and Yellow 5 are usually made from crushed beetles! (Ew…) Thankfully though based on feedback provided by numerous customers like yourself over time, YumEarth strived towards making their sweets suitable for all – switching to plant-derived elements wherever possible- became one of them!

So now without further ado;

drums roll please


So go forth young snackers(or old ones too)and fill your bellies with these chewy gems knowing full well that everyone can enjoy them; regardless of dietary preferences or aversions!

In light of this, now that you have a better idea of what ingredients suitable for vegans are commonly used, look out for more plant-based snacks and in the words of Yum Earth “We want all our colors to burst with flavor using the finest ingredients – responsibly sourced from Mother Nature herself!”


In summary- yes! YumEarth gummy bears are vegan. With each yummy bite devoid of gelatin made by boiling animals’ skin, tendons or bones but instead packed full of organic sugar, tapioca syrup and pectin (all vegan friendly elements) ! Let’s take a moment to thank an all in one sweet product whose deliciousness saves us from the perpetual dilemma we face about whether we are consuming something ethical or not!