Are your feet connected to your organs?

Are you someone who is constantly on their feet, jumping around and moving to the beat of life? Well, if that’s the case then this might be of interest to you. You might not know it, but your feet are connected to all sorts of essential organs in your body. Yes, even those funky toes with the gnarly nails have a vital purpose besides just looking cool in flip flops. So buckle up and prepare for an informative ride as we explore whether or not your feet are indeed connected to your organs.

The Foundation Of Everything

Let’s start things off by establishing what makes up the foundation of our bodies – our bones. Our skeletal structure is made up of 206 bones roughly divided into two categories: axial and appendicular(1). But when it comes down to which bone does what job; it can get pretty tricky eight ball! For instance:

  • Did you know that there are 26 bones in each foot alone (2)? That’s like having more than enough spare change for a gumball machine.
  • Did you also know that one-quarter — 25 percent — of all the bones in your entire body are located either completely or partially just below your ankle (3)?

Pretty impressive right? Those tiny bones act as crutches supporting us day-in-day-out hence why they tend to take abuse after some time!

What Goes On Down There?

Now let’s move onto something slightly different but equally important. We’re talking about circulation here folks, blood circulation specifically dubbed the cardiovascular system Makes sense why shoes should have good arch support now right guys!? This highly critical system comprises three key components:

  • The heart: A muscular organ responsible for pumping blood throughout one’s circulatory system
  • Blood vessels: Tubes such as arteries veins capillaries dedicated transporting blood through every part of our body.
  • Blood: We know it has a red color but what else do we know? Blood contains oxygen, hormones and most importantly nutrients. The bloodstream delivers these vital building blocks to every cell in our body! (4)

That’s the necessary fuel for you right there! But ever taken note of your veins: their discoloration, swelling, or even varicose form they take at times? These changes could be as a result of poor blood flow which can lead to other crucial organ problems such as pulmonary embolism.

Feet To Heart

In an average person’s body—regardless of age or gender—the adult heart circulates about 5 quarts(liters) of blood throughout its whole system (5). All thanks to Mr. Cardiovascular System aka: that heavy-pumping thing located around your chest area.
Now here is the kicker; one essential fact hardly known by most people is alluded by Dr.David Orsborne where he deeply explains how signal through nervous systems work(6):

“The feet have representation in the brain proportionally greater than any other part of the body so much that some researchers describe prime representation on motor and sensory cortices.”

Boys and girls this simply means; since there are such numerous nerve endings on our feet – something referred to as “grounding”, when disconnected from earth through synthetic shoes beings like us store up electrons which then increase inflammation leading to additional cardiovascular problems hence directly affecting overall health!!!

Massage Those Morgans!

It’s high time we tell you exactly how massaging those puppies down there help^1!! Don’t get comfortable just because resting them feels alright though… In connection with reflexology popularized back by Eunice Ingham back in the ‘30s, she deduced new correlations between different points on our feet vs target organs internal organs citing theories:
– Stomach: On the sole of your right foot & small intestine on the left.
– Kidney and bladder systems: Inner sides of our feet near center arch.
We could go on and on but allow me to save you time by directly stating that focusing a mere 5 minutes massaging, using only fingers helps activate sensory receptors allowing free-flowing nerve pathways improving blood supply at specific body regions^2.
Mind-blowing huh?! Who knew all it took was five focused minutes for some mind-body tranquility coucou.

Pedis Just Got Interesting

Ever heard Pedi Detoxes or seen any folks with foot patches stuck to their soles? Well if not then today may be your turn to light up!!! I bet now you’re wondering exactly how those artsy-looking things work. As we discovered earlier, those tiny bony structures in our feet responsible for bearing weight called metatarsals house — representatively — different parts of our bodies; major organs including! Thus introducing such pads as Foot Detox Pads – purportedly used extensively in Chinese medicine (TCM) which make use of combinations/ blends plant extracts meddled with other natural ingredients cross-referenced via ancient herbology practices to rid one’s bodily system from toxins(7)! Such toxins include lead, arsenic yet even more obscure matter perfect example yeast infections!

The Takeaway–

The bottom line is pretty straightforward HaHa what you need to remember is that:
1. Our feet are an intricate part of who we are hence should receive enough tender loving care
2.Much as they stabilize us daily being neglected can have deep-seated effects leading back into cardiovascular problems.
3.Actually paying attention actively/seductively stimulating them reflex points alongside proper diet intake shortens rates ailments incidence occurrence lengthening lifespan plus significantly improves quality.^4 So minding your lower half overall brightens ups the health span glimmering with rejuvenated hope.

Keep jumping around folks!!!!!

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