Are tums safe to take everyday?

Tums are a widely used antacid medication that helps treat heartburn and other stomach issues. Many people use Tums daily as a way to relieve their symptoms. But, the question is, are Tums safe to take every day?

Well, before we dive into the answer let’s start by discussing what exactly Tums are.

What Are Tums and How Do They Work?

Tums are an over-the-counter medication made of calcium carbonate. It works by neutralizing stomach acid and can provide quick relief for heartburn, indigestion, upset stomachs or other similar discomforts.

The active ingredient in Tum’s is easily absorbed in the body which stimulates calcium production while also reducing acid levels thus providing relief from gastric pain.


Too Much Calcium May Not Be Good

While it is favorable to have a regular amount of minerals in our body such as calcium, excess consumption may result in hypercalcemia- where much of this mineral builds up to unhealthy levels within the bloodstream causing serious health implications including elevated kidney stones risk factors.

So it’s important not just how much you consume; but how often and at what duration.

A Check In Considered Worthy

It would also be worthy noting that regularly consuming any form of medicine should prompt anyone who intends doing so long-term productively seek medical assistance or advice

So Is It Safe To Consume Every Day?

To put it simply- no!

While taking 1 – 2 tablets occasionally will cause harm❌(most persons call this usage size)-regularly depending upon them could bring out underlying issues like gastritis(hyperacidity) thereby compounding your problems even further when there is excessive reliance on these tablets’


Several Daily Dosages Can Prove Disastrous!

Taking more than eight tummy ache aids per day raises major red flags! Over-exposing yourself to calcium through Tums and other supplements can cause hypercalcemia, a condition that causes various health issues like toxicity in the body due to too little urinary control over how much of this mineral is stored & accumulated.

The best way forward at this point asides stopping regular usage would be to seek medical attention for advice on how you could still take advantage of antacids options available without putting your health at risk


Furthermore, pregnant women must avoid taking more than six tablets per day—the buildup of high levels of minerals in their systems may harm fetuses. So now you know?

When Should You Take Antacids?

IT IS IMPORTANT TO BARE IN MIND THAT common heartburn symptoms should not be masked with any antacid;seeking proper medical help or consulting a general physician within 2 weeks duration will aid actual problem resolution.

Taking tummy ache aids healthy dosages while eradicating unhealthy digestive habits proven harmful will work magic long term.,❌

For adequate relief at times when symptoms are mild, making lifestyle changes such as avoiding trigger foods – caffeine/alcohol/smoking- maintaining balanced meals ,and ensuring not lying down immediately taking orders are some functional remedies

In conclusion… yes👍 there may be instances where Tums prove efficient tools during indigestion or related matters but long-term daily consumption ultimately poses considerable risks that it’s advisable users note and heed.

It’s important to remember: any persistent digestive disturbance necessitates getting professional counsel before using an OTC drug to handle underlying conditions instead.

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