Are solgar supplements good?

If you’re someone who has been looking for a nutritional boost or an extra dose of vitamins, then you might have stumbled upon the brand ‘Solgar’. But what are they all about? In this article, we’ll dive into their products to give you our honest opinion on whether or not Solgar supplements are good.

Who is Solgar?

Before we head onto the main topic, let’s take a quick look at what and who comprises the company behind these popular supplements. Solgar is actually one of the oldest full-service supplement manufacturers in America – founded over 60 years ago in New Jersey! With such a long-running history comes experience and trustworthiness – two qualities that attract most customers today. They offer hundreds of dietary supplements in various forms like capsules, tablets, liquids, and powders catering to different health needs – from bone support to sleep issues; gut health to beauty care- they got it covered!

What Do You Expect From A Supplement Brand?

When investing your money (and more importantly- body) for anything new- quality standards should not be compromised easily. So when choosing the right supplement brand for yourself/the whole family/a friend etc., there must be certain expectations –

  1. Quality Ingredients
  2. Accurate Storage Conditions
  3. Scientific Backup
  4. Third-party testing

Let’s see how well does Solgar fit into these!

Quality Of The Ingredients Used By Solgar

Quality revolves around sourcing natural ingredients with minimal preservatives/additives-maintaining maximum potency levels as well as having gluten-free/Non-GMO/Organic labels wherever suitable/necessary.

And here’s where bold vibes start popping up! On checking out some product labels on Amazon/Nutrition sites/Pharmacies- I found that-

1)Solgers B12 Methylcobalamin capsules are Gluten-free, Soy-free and Vegan compliant,
2)Their Vitamin D3 capsules contain only pure cholecalciferol with no other potentially harmful ingredients like sugar/artificial preservatives or additives,
3)The Omega-3 capsules are free from shellfish and peanuts’ residue making them safe for allergic individuals.

Bottom line: It’s not necessary to pick organic-only supplements as all Solgar products aren’t specified as ‘Organic’ yet they’re relatively safer choices in terms of quality.

Are The Products Stored Correctly?

Moisture/Sunlight/Oxidation -can lead to spoilage- traceability being key. Manufacturers initially store ingredient batches cautiously before refining/creating final supplements plus packaging should be air-tight/judged by international quality standards.

Upon exploring their omega-line again- found that their Flaxseed oil soft-gels come within a brown bottle packaged with an air-tight seal which suggests minimal exposure to light/moisture/air(majority regarding oxidative spoilage can happen upon the reaction of oxygen molecules on sensitive components)-ensuring longevity/purity while maintaining potency levels!

Bottom line: Solgar follows industry-recommended storage methods; hence so far- a thumbs up for them!

What Is The Scientific Backing Behind Solgar Supplements?

Research is essential-one must check company originations/product research-backed details/independent party results/public domains etc.- ensuring supplement manufacturer credibility.

But how about third-party researchers?
For optimum reliability & trustworthiness, companies indeed opt for independent third-party organizations involved prominently in regulation of drug/dietary supplements-quality certification guidelines/training resources all checked diligently through normal lab practices/tests etc.

Solgars goes through multiple stages/vetted extensively/certified achieving exemplary ratings concerning NSF International (an American-based public health organization very meticulous concerning Health/water/consumer goods testing).

Bottom line: Not many supplement brands complete third-party testing certifications, hence pointing Solgar’s strong points here.

Have They Passed Third-Party Testing?

Third-party testing is conducted independently by an accrediting institution (like NSF International) to scrutinize label claims/determine safe/non-toxic limit dosages/quality levels. Any discrepancies or inconsistencies in label claims/safety standards (heavy metals or contaminants exceeding the legally acceptable limit, for example), could lead to failed certification with such institutions – thus making it impossible for a manufacturer to sell their products under the reputable company name.

On further scouring through some of Solgar’s product labels(-this guy keeps stalking those digital shelves like no one’s business-) reveals that Omega 3 soft-gels are indeed “NSF certified-Sport” assuring purity first & foremost labeling adheres to claiming only what they contain and ensuring content minimalistic containing none banned-by-sports component!/competitors+product quality-safe supplements which won’t endanger even professional athletes

Bottom line: Profoundly comforting seeing any health-related brand taking independent verification heavily accounted-Major point clinched by them!

Final Verdict

At this moment, you probably have been waiting eagerly to see whether we’d say Yay/Nah about using Solgal supplements…

Let us begin by acknowledging that each individual has unique body systems; irrespective of how similar two persons might seem outwardly! We can’t really endorse taking all their products as without consulting your doctor once. Based on our preliminary research though-

If you’re looking for quality ingredients sourced correctly backed up with scientific justification plus passing the lab trials front but still be free from artificial flavorings/preservatives/additives/GMOs and possibly flex a Vegan flow- then You should consider trying out some of Solgars Supplements

So take these benefits into consideration before popping next pill/brew/shake/tincture –

1)High-quality ingredients used/mostly Gluten-free/non-GMO/Organic/Vegan-friendly
2)Air-tight packaging with minimal exposure to spoiler culprits
3)Third-party testers certified their label claims/overall product quality standards.

Don’t get caught up in quick-result gazes; make sure picking long term health options for yourself!