Are poached eggs on toast healthy?

If breakfast is one of your favorite meals, you’ve probably asked yourself if poached eggs on toast are a healthy option. Maybe you’re trying to lose weight or watch your cholesterol levels and want to make sure that you’re not sabotaging your efforts by indulging in this dish.

Well, look no further because we’ve got the answers for you! In this article, we’ll cover everything there is to know about poached eggs on toast: Are they healthy? What nutrients do they provide? How can I ensure that I’m getting the most out of my meal? And more!

What are Poached Eggs?

Before diving into the nutritional value of poached eggs, it’s important to understand what they are. A poached egg is an egg cooked in simmering water without its shell. The result is a delicate and velvety soft-cooked yolk surrounded by firm whites.

Poaching eggs requires patience and some practice as it takes skill to achieve just-right consistency. But once mastered, preparing a perfect poached egg will become second nature.

When paired with toast – whole grain being preferable – poached eggs create an easy yet deliciously sophisticated brunch culinary experience enjoyed worldwide!

Nutritional Value

Now let’s talk nutrition – always such an intimidating word at meal times…

Eggs contain incredible amounts of vitamins E & B12 (the latter critical for brain health), choline (beneficial for prenatal development) as well as riboflavin which plays a huge part in energy metabolism! Plus plenty other essential minerals too!

A single large boiled egg contains nutrients like folate, iron selenium and over 6 grams off high-quality protein – good news right?! In fact many dieticians recommend increasing protein intake at breakfast time given its abilities in helping subdue hunger longer into the day. Will help avoid those pesky mid-morning hunger pangs!

One fantastic health benefit of poaching is that they contain no added fat, nor sodium. Foods filled with plenty of salt retention may increase the propensity for hypertension / high blood pressure and can cause problems in many individuals – like feeling bloated or lethargic.


Every meal has a certain calorific value and it’s important to be aware of how much one consumes at any given time. However as long as eggs are consumed responsibly, eating them should not make you gain weight unless – hear us out on this… unless eaten in immoderate quantities!

Poached eggs have approximately 70-80 calories each serving being about two eggs. Pairing whole-grain bread and avocado (+ some greens) will bump that up slightly but overall, enjoy breakfast knowing your choices are healthy and satisfying.

Protein content

Protein is an essential component of every diet – our body needs adequate amounts to help stimulate new cell growth, repair tissues inside and outside plus give both skin & hair an extra boost radiance-wise!

According to nutrition studies released exclusively by Harvard Medical School: “Most government dietary guidelines recommend that people eat about half a gram per pound of bodyweight daily.” So if you’re weighing above average (which we all know isn’t necessarily justifiable!) then keep in mind protein content when cooking or choosing what’s next on your plate…

A single egg contains around 6 grams; already helpful towards reaching goals set forth re: nutrient balance throughout the day.

Health benefits

Our favorite part (dramatic drumroll)…Health benefits galore await those tucking into poached egg/toast mixes regularly check out these highlights:

  1. Reduce inflammation within the bloodstream/ circulatory system
  2. Help moderate cholesterol levels
  3. Benefit brain function (‘B’ vitamins especially)
  4. Helps maintain stable insulin levels
  5. Enhances concentration skills

All of which have documented records proving their effectiveness!

Are there any Drawbacks?

Now for the downside… and we’ll be honest folks, thankfully they aren’t many!

One possible pitfall tends to revolve around subpar ingredients accompanying poached eggs (notably white processed breads or sodium-containing food groups such as bacon). To ensure your meal remains successful / nutritionally-compliant – adhere to whole-grain based bread if available. And consume non-sodium fat-based foods like unsalted nuts, fresh fruits or vegetables in smaller portions alongside.


Poached eggs on toast are indeed healthy… Whoop whoop (and everyone rejoices!). But it comes down also understanding how you want to take advantage of that healthfulness by ensuring the right nutritional choices made surrounding them; like other selections including whole-grain toast and generous amounts of avocado sprinkled with turmeric or chili sprinkle if preferred.

And now you can go forth into brunch-land confident that poached egg/toast combo will keep bellies happy and hearts fuller longer-Guilt free goodness rocks!