Are parabens really dangerous?

Have you ever paused to inspect the ingredients of your personal care products? If you have, then I bet the buzz around parabens got your attention. There are so many questions surrounding this substance: What are parabens? Why do people use them in self-care products? And most importantly, is it safe for us humans to use them?
For our naturally curious minds, we want answers! Let’s dive deep into these questions and get to the root of whether or not parabens are really dangerous.

The Lowdown On Parabens

First things first, what exactly are parabens anyway?
Parabens are synthetic compounds mostly used as preservatives in cosmetics and other daily-use products like shampoos and even food items. They were introduced way back in 1924 for their antimicrobial properties that help prolong the shelf life of various products. This mean green fighting machine wards off bacterial growth which can be a common issue when dealing with organic substances.
Due to their efficacy as preservatives, manufacturers worldwide have incorporated paraben-based substances (like methyl-, ethyl- & propylparaben) extensively over time. In fact, if you think about it – almost all beauty brands’ ingredient labels mention at least one type of paraben.

By now you might be wondering why there’s such a fuss around something that has been widely used for decades; let us explore further.

The Ugly Side Of Preservatives

Despite being hailed as ‘holy-grail’ ingredients by many cosmetic companies – some studies conducted on lab animals indicate otherwise.
These furry creatures showed links between exposure to high amounts of parables leading up to toxicity risks including issues related to reproductive system health and hormonal imbalances.
Apart from animal testing though, there isn’t much concrete evidence available regarding adverse long-term effects on humans.

Why It Might Not Be A Cause For Concern

Research has shown that parabens, even in the highest-possible amounts found in our day-to-day products produce an effect that’s only one-tenth of what it takes to cause any harmful effects. However, this debate around their safety rages on so let’s take a closer peek at some possible side effects from usage of beauty items which contain paragons.

Various Claims Surrounding Parabens:

The internet is buzzing with numerous claims about how harmful using products containing these synthetic ingredients can be – ranging from breast cancer and other serious health issues being linked to them.
Some studies flaunt shocking data suggesting a strong correlation between underarms carrying traces of parabens and increased risks for developing breast cancer
This information was enough to turn most into paranoid hypochondriacs scrambling for natural or organic alternatives.
Furthermore, due to FDA regulations somewhere along the line almost all cosmetic company’s have transitioned away from incorporating types such as methyl-, ethyl-, & propylparaben into manufacturing processes


In conclusion, it is safe to say that there are still many unknowns when it comes down the question if PARABENS REALLY ARE DANGEROUS , we don’t know exactly how much exposure to these popular preservatives gets absorbed by human bodies and thus cannot make unfounded assumptions regarding their long-term effects on humans. But if you want peace-of-mind or just prefer being better safe than sorry then by all means do explore alternative options while picking up your beauty regimen necessities.

So go ahead beauties! Everything nasty might not always need immediate disposal but instead find ways where feel comfortable knowing you’re making informed decisions pertaining future purchases of self-care commodities ; start embracing naturally formulated options through reading labels, utilizing test-travel sized bottles first before jumping headfirst onto something new, conducting thorough research beforehand …the world (or aisles) are your oyster(s) – filled with options galore.

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