Are lip fillers bad?

Welcome to a world where Kylie Jenner’s lips have taken over. Everyone wants plump, luscious lips that make them feel confident and beautiful. However, with this desire comes the question – are lip fillers bad? Well, let’s find out.

The Basics of Lip Fillers

Before we delve into whether or not they’re bad, let’s first understand what lip fillers actually are. Essentially, lip fillers are injections of hyaluronic acid (HA) gel which are used to add volume and shape to your lips.

HA Gel

You might be wondering what HA gel is and why it’s used in these injections instead of other substances like silicone or collagen. HA is naturally found in our bodies so when injected it isn’t considered foreign material by our immune system. It also absorbs water which helps give our skin hydration leading to plumper looking appearances as seen with places like cheeks and smile lines.


The procedure usually takes around 10-15 minutes depending on the amount you want injected though this may vary from one injectable type/brand to another.

Our specialists take time discussing desired sizes even showing examples/templates which will ensure a nice outcome after filler placement here at Lips ‘n’ Dreams Clinics!

Therefore why people opt for such procedures; feelings of confidence going forward can increase tenfold! Who doesn’t love feeling good about themselves you ask? Exactly guys / gals go live your best life!

Aftercare – That Stinging Sensation!
Most patients report some soreness immediately following their treatment however if experiencing extreme pain please contact clinic imediately.
Lip balms can help keep lips hydrated during recovery period however avoid any products containing alcohol as irritation may ensue creating an almighty unpleasant experience (Note Avoid wearing lipstick or using straws until healed)

Misconceptions About Lip Fillers

There are quite a few misconceptions regarding lip fillers. Let’s discuss some of them below.

1. Lip Fillers Will Stretch Your Lips Permanently

False! Thanks to the gradual breakdown by our natural enzymes, dermal fillers typically only last from six months to up to two years (e.g., Restylane). Soo no need to worry about exessively plump lips should this be your concern guys!

2. You Can’t Feel Anything in Your Lips After the Procedure

Again FALSE, you will definitely feel filler substance however sensation does decrease with time allowing for normal function like speaking and smiling without any issues.

3. Lip Fillers Will Make Your Lips Look Fake

As long as you go through a professional clinic they’ll help make sure that doesn’t happen for instance at LCS we have artists who flair their work beautifully making clients happy and fulfilling desired looks – You’ll look stunning; I promise!

Possible Side Effects of Lip Fillers

There are potential side effects that can occur after getting lip fillers.

  • Swelling: Initially post injection patient may experience temporary swelling lasting an average of two days though rarer cases it might take longer
  • Bruising: Bruises might form around treatment areas mainly due injections –> DO NOT WORRY guys although not liked they’re still normal event occuring during/after procedure
  • Infections

    Though rare (always check before hand) an infection is possible especially If one were seeking care from unlicensed practitioners/documents/prescriptions or unsupervised settings which isn’t what we advocate for here at the clinic.

So really think twice before seeking services off anyone claiming expertise but hasn’t got license(s)/proper documentation otherwise just give us a call 😉

In conclusion,

Are lip fillers bad? The answer is: It depends on how willing one is; short lived side effects like bruising and swelling tend to occur in most scenarios however benefits long term.

If one’s goal is a boost of self confidence then go for it – but do so knowing fully informed of the process, aftercare guidelines, associated risks which should be delivered by professionals only.

Therefore if looking for optimal outcome achievable combined with excellent safety measures pay us a visit we’ll help you achieve your dreams!

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