Are hip thrusts bad for your back?

Picture this: you’re at the gym, ready to work on your glutes with some hip thrusts. You lay on the floor, place a barbell across your hips, and start lifting away. Suddenly, a thought pops into your head… are these hip thrusts bad for my back?

It’s a valid concern! After all, no one wants to end up with an injured back from trying to get stronger glutes. So let’s dive into the world of anatomy, look at the different ways that hip thrusts could potentially harm or help your spine, and come up with some solutions.

What even IS a hip thrust?

Before we go any further… for those who might not know what we’re talking about- what is a hip thrust?! First of all – hi! Welcome here! A hip thrust is an exercise where you lie down flat and lift weights (usually barbells) by impelling through mainly using feet heels while having arms resting near shoulders area.

This seemingly simple movement is hailed as one of the best exercises targeting butt-building out there!

Now that everyone’s on board…so what’s wrong with it?!

How can Hip Thrusts be dangerous for my back?

Hip thrusters sometimes complain about lower back pain after their workout sessions.”

Like many other exercises out there though – without practising proper form- it has its downsides. Let’s break them down:

Too much pressure

Performing heavy weight-bearing excercises such as deadlifts or squats already puts enough strain on our backs as they require us heavily engaged in lift line process but adding over-weighted stimuli changes how stretch occurs causing excessive tension which becomes harmful especially if not maintained properly (1). Taking another weighted supplement such as 100 Kg barbell into a lying position where support points of your body decreases! It’s like having a whole human being standing on your knee… while laid down.


When you’re executing hip thrusts, there’s potential for overextension. Essentially, you can arch or hyperextend the lower back to get more range of motion and push weights further up; which is counterintuitive as that’s kind of opposite to what we’re trying to achieve by working those glutes- but allright!

Can Hip Thrusts work without harming my back?

Surprisingly yes! (Jaw dropping sounds). Here are some simple steps you might want to consider if wanna continue withe butt exercises without injury scares:

1) Posture must be conscicously maintained

I cannot emphasize this enough: maintaining proper ergonomics is key when doing any weighted exercise – especially ones involving the spine.

  • shoulders kept in check avoiding them from rolling forward whilst keeping chest high.

Instead of just hopping onto barbell… setting yourself properly becomes essential.Make sure that it feels comfortable and secure before lifting off the ground. And always land at empty space instead on hot potato bag here (2).

2) Core activation

Not only will activating your core make you feel stronger overall..but also helps with supporting weight during lift. Imagine turning butter churn!. Except not related anyway but since imagining things seem popular these days so thought why not?

Most importantly, ensure tightening inner abdomen muscles contracting them through bringing closer towards spine area before commencing lift aiding better distribution while reducing pressure incurred around lumbars.

3) Gradual progression and scalability throughout time

Very important part less often addressed scaling otherwise consecutive muscle spasms force an early retirement.This gradual process allows flexibility between different levels meaning won’t have keep returning back step one nor throwing self into dangerous grounds unwarranted.Despite hard challenges faced –do incorporate increasing weights gradually & over time ensuring it falls into a range keeping back healthy.

4) Stretching sessions

Making stretching part of routine become crucial in attaining least resistance setup freeing oneself from having possible posterior pelvic tilt that worsens situation. It helps particularly after intense exercises opening up preventive gateways (3).

By following these easy-to-remember steps, you can work on your hip thrusts without feeling like your back is being compromised! Little by little we progress towards more wholesome health!

Wrapping things up

Doing lower-body strength-building exercises such as hip thrusts provides excellent benefits for our physical appearance, posture and potentially mental state. However, improper head knowledge creates massive loopholes that should initially be correct ( No I metatphorically referred to we still lack expertise in outer-space-related body enhancements but well who knows maybe).

That being said, with awareness and guidance surrounding proper form needed – the chances of suffering from injury fall drastically making us ready for next challenging session.Everything demands gamut of planning before implementing itself happily ever since plan surfaces to foresee results while assuming genuine utility. Until the next plannings…

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