Are dogs dangerous to humans?

Let’s face it, dogs are adorable. They wag their tails, give us big slobbery kisses and just stare at you with those puppy-dog eyes. But let’s be honest here — some dogs can also be as dangerous as a wild bear that hasn’t had its morning coffee yet.

The Right Breed Makes All the Difference

When it comes to dog breeds, there are countless options out there. Some of them have been bred specifically for guarding or fighting purposes, while others have been bred purely for their looks.

The truth is, not all dog breeds were created equal when it comes to safety around humans. Sure, your little chihuahua might look cute in his tiny sweater vest, but if you’re looking for a guard dog or one that won’t accidentally knock down your toddler with their tail – this probably isn’t the right breed for you (sorry chihuahuas!).

Here’s a short list of some of the most dangerous dog breeds out there:

  • Pit Bulls
  • Rottweilers
  • Doberman Pinschers
  • German Shepherds

Now before all you Pit Bull lovers start throwing tomatoes at me — let me explain something… It’s not entirely about how dangerous an individual breed inherently is but rather about how they’re raised by their owners.

Tip: Don’t get mad at messengers who bring bad news!

Training Your Furry Friend

You’ve chosen your furry family member; now what? Well training him would sure come in handy!

As excited as anyone can be upon owning a new pooch (especially first-timers) training is critical! In fact lots of people often overlook this aspect – which usually leads to unforeseen circumstances like aggressive behaviour.

Having behavioural issues doesn’t necessarily make ‘tough’ breeds more deadly than others /but definitely amplifies the probability/.

It is close to impossible to eliminate all inherent aggressiveness in your dog so Obedience training definitely helps! He / She will learn how to follow commands like sit and stay, which when properly utilized could save you quite a couple of scene-altering situations. And while at it, note that traditional discipline techniques have been debunked to an extent now since positive reinforcement has shown better results by far.

Tip: Treats — the way through any disobedient spell!

Interaction with Children

Kids and dogs can be best friends for life! But introducing them would require strict caution if both parties are going to live harmoniously together. Pairing unsupervised younglings with larger breeds even those that are not stereotypically violent can easily translate into accidents waiting to occur.

By nature, kids love playing rough and messing around hence might make inadequate playmates particularly where sensitive parts of the dog’s body such as ears, tails e.t.c. – more prone injury(breakages or sprains).

No matter how patient you think your canine companion is with children /constantly/ having their ear continuously pulled can one day set them off- then nobody wins.

Introducing furry friend should involve 100% adult supervision, teaching child/pet interaction protocol from time tested resources so attention-grabbing activities such as tail-pulling get avoided altogether.

Tip: Dogs are irreplaceable but toys work just fine too!

Benefits of Owning a Dog

As mentioned earlier dogs resemble bears who’ve gulped down coffee – unpredictable; yet reprieve exists for those willing enough to perform sufficient research before introducing pups into their homes.

But here is some preliminary info on benefits related with owning man’s best friend (sorry cats!)… they include:

  1. In case our mothers still advise us against judging books by their covers i.e appearances; studies reveal being near friendly Fidos positively enhances human moods resulting in lowered stress levels.

  2. Dogs are an indispensible buddy especially for singles, elderly and disabled people since canine love provides emotional support that cannot be substituted by any other external stimuli!

  3. Woofers can double as security systems; they alert owners if strangers are lurking around your home – a thief’s worst nightmare

Ultimately despite the aforementioned challenges of welcoming pups into our space /baby-proofing might have gone out of fashion/ owning dogs genuinely comes with more advantages than disadvantages – from being loyal companions to one-of-a-kind stress relievers, you name it!


Dogs may be man’s best friend but like all organisms –not perfect- they must never get underestimated especially while trying to evaluate their danger potential on humans.

When scouting for pets know the breed temperament beforehand via various unbiased online guides or previous owner reviews instead of solely settling on outward appearance alone (#StopBreedingForAppearance).

Remember pet ownership is less of good intentions but rather putting them into practice e.g proper training etcetera and we guarantee your furry friends’ days won’t end up numbered!

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